Chapter 32: Brother Fan, how about your integrity?

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Mu Ningxue listened and his eyebrows locked.

“My adopted son Yu Ang is about the same age as you, so let him compete with you!” Mu Zhuoyun said.
“Still…” What else did Mu Ningxue want to say.
Mu Zhuoyun didn’t give Mu Ningxue much opportunity at all. He said to Deng Kai, “Deng Kai, I know you like to take care of younger people, but you’ve heard this kid speak rudely to me. I’ve already stepped back and asked him to compete with my adopted son, Yu Ang. If you lose, let this kid kowtow to me and apologize until you’re satisfied. If you win, I’ll compensate him for it. I didn’t really take the broken thing three years ago into my heart!”
Upon hearing this, Mu Bai and Mu He suddenly smiled.
Yuang, let Yuang take action!
It’s still Mu Zhuoyun who has a city government. Guessing that Mu Ningxue will suddenly stand up, it’s probably because he wants to help this guy get away with it.
“How could Mu Zhuoyun lightly forgive Mo Fan? Even if Mu Ningxue was intent on helping him resolve it, he could never swallow this tone.”.
Yu Ang is a cultivation maniac in the entire Mu family. Everyone can’t help but feel a chill when they mention this person. If Yu Ang takes the initiative, I promise to let Mo Fan die tragically enough!
“The Magic Association stipulates that both parties to a magical duel must be at least 18 years old. Therefore, I, Deng Kai, will be the notary in this matter. Mo Fan and Yu Ang will conduct a magical duel on the day when they are 18 years old!” Deng Kai said seriously.
Mu Zhuoyun gave a cold snort and agreed.
Mo Fan nodded and said, “Let me duel with a girl, but I still can’t do it. It’s better to change a man, even if his father doesn’t know him!”
Mu Zhuoyun heard that Mo Fan was still there with a glib tongue, and he blew his beard angrily.
Wait and see, the magic duel of eighteen years old won’t let you lose your skin and dignity!
The Wizardry Association, the Hunter Alliance, and the Wizardry School are all organizations that unconditionally protect magic students, but as long as they are over the age of 18, adult magicians should be truly responsible for their actions.
“Mu Zhuoyun doesn’t need to get to know a 16 year old slut now. In another two years, when he reaches adulthood, he won’t be allowed to die or die again?”?

Mu Zhuoyun had already left in anger, and the principal and several other leaders naturally accompanied him.
Mu Ningxue took a meaningful look at Mo Fan as she left, but she didn’t know what to say.
Mo Fan knows that Mu Ningxue is helping himself.
“It’s much lighter for her to solve the problem than for Mu Zhuoyun. If Mu Zhuoyun does this, it will cause a devastating blow to Mo Fan and his family.”.
Unfortunately, her idea was spotted by her father, Mu Zhuoyun.
Mu Zhuoyun knew that Mu Ningxue would be merciless, so he directly changed a person and asked Yu Ang, the most famous cultivation lunatic of Mu’s, to deal with Mo Fan. Mu Yu Ang was obedient to Mu Zhuoyun. Even if Yu Ang directly killed Mo Fan, Yu Ang wouldn’t hesitate a bit!
Mu Zhuoyun has no reason to be merciful to a little guy who dares to scold himself like this. Let him spend two years in school for now. Once he graduates, he will have a good looking face. Being against Mu’s family makes him impatient to live!
A storm finally calmed down.
The whole class looked at Mo Fan, who had changed his mind in a second, and then remembered his previous move. They didn’t know what to say.
This Mo Fan is simply crazy!
Fighting with the Mu family, other people’s magic families, big families, randomly pull out one that is also crushing Tianlan Magic High School
The most straightforward thing is that Mu Bai, a top student in Natural Magic High School, is just a sideline child in their family!

“Your performance today, Mo Fan, surprised everyone, but the problem is that it doesn’t mean you have the capital to provoke the Mu family of giants.”.
Alas, it would have been possible to leap over the Dragon’s Gate in one fell swoop, but it’s no different from being destroyed.
Who doesn’t know that the Mu family in Bo City is the largest and has offended the Mu family. How can I continue to live in Bo City in the future.
In school, I barely have a sacred place like school to protect me. When I leave society, I will definitely be punished horribly!
Willful ah, why should we be so willful ah, how many people look forward to the opportunity, so Mo Fan gave willful away, erected such a great enemy.
“Brother Fan, you’re too handsome. We’re all scared to death of Master Zhuoyun. You’ve scolded the old bastard in front of him more than once. Hahaha, actually, many of us curse him in our hearts.” Zhang Xiaohou is shy in his own personality, but he especially admires Mo Fan, the eldest brother.
Mo Fan, as the child king in this urban area, was absolutely responsive before. Zhao Kunsan used to hang out with Mo Fan, but after that incident, Zhao Kunsan turned to Mu Bai, and many people dared not play with Mo Fan anymore.
Zhang Xiaohou is Mo Fan’s sworn loyalty. Regardless of what Mo Fan does out of line, everyone agrees with both feet!
Zhang Xiaohou knew about the incident three years ago, and now seeing Mo Fan’s fearless counterattack is even more admirable. He has never had the courage of Brother Fan in his life!
“So do you think Mu Ningxue has been fascinated by me?” Mo Fan raised his eyebrows intoxicated.
“Er… it’s hard to say, the old bastard is her father after all,” said Zhang Xiaohou.
“Alas, I’m in a good mood today. I’ll go to the cafeteria and ask for an extra fried egg later.” Mo Fan took Zhang Xiaohou’s shoulder and walked proudly to the cafeteria.

“Haha, if you had seen the faces of Mu Bai and Zhao Kunsan just now, you would have been happier.” Zhang Xiaohou felt a mouthful of malice vomit out.

Zhao Kunsan’s dog leg is really swollen in the face. I never dreamed that Mo Fan Xiu was not a level higher than him.
And Mu Bai, not to mention, is always the best criminal in the world. As a result, he was killed by the wise and powerful Brother Fan.
Forget it. Mu Bai is really trying to please Mu He like a son. I hope Mu He can help him enter the Mu clan and cultivate with his core disciples
As a result, the old bastard didn’t even look at him a few times, but instead took a fancy to Mo Fan. The most stumbling thing was that Mo Fan directly threw away what Mu Bai had dreamed of as garbage, and even beat the old bastard’s face together. It was so refreshing, so refreshing!
I don’t understand what Mu Zhuoyun’s old bastard thinks. Three years ago, the old bastard should have learned about Mo Fan’s poisonous snakes and violent temper. Today, he was deluded to appease his previous grievances and was directly scolded by Mo Fan, who didn’t follow the routine.
I guess Mu Zhuoyun’s blood pressure today is much higher than his height!
“But Brother Fan, if the old bastard really would pack the little princess with a dowry and give it to you to beg for admission to the Mu family, would you really refuse?” Zhang Xiaohou asked weakly.
“Of course I promise!”
“F*** me, Brother Fan, where are you?”
“Eh, what you said seems quite reasonable.” Mo Fan suddenly touched his chin and began to think.
“Do you feel like you don’t have integrity?”
“On the other hand, I mean, it’s useless for the old bastard to apologize. Instead, let him pack Mu Ningxue’s dowry and give it to me!” Mo Fan said.

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