Chapter 33 Stardust Magic Weapon

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“Brother Fan, you’d better not daydream. Yuang is such a pervert. You don’t even know if you can see the sunshine the next day when you’re 18, so don’t expect to marry the little princess.”

“Yuang? Humph, let’s see if I don’t beat him all over the place looking for teeth!”
In the past, Mo Fan would also consider whether he could defeat the Mu family. Now, Mo Fan is even afraid of their younger brother for a lifetime?
The left hand blazed with fire, burning them with scorch on the outside and tender on the inside; Right hand thunder imprint, blow them apart!
The final result of the annual assessment came out. When Mo Fan ranked first on the blackboard with his best performance, I don’t know how many people were there rubbing their eyes wildly.
This Mo Fan, who is sacred? His exam results are so excellent, surpassing Xu Zhaoting of the Lei Department and Mu Bai of the Ice Department Aristocratic Family?
The performance issue has surprised countless people, and Mo Fan publicly scolded Mu Zhuoyun and fought against Mu’s children in the presence of the school’s directors, which quickly spread in the school. So before long, Mo Fan became famous in the school. In addition to being a legendary figure who transformed the school into a god of learning in one second, he was also the most deadly student in the history of Bo City!
As anyone with some experience now knows, Tianlan Magic High School is set up for ordinary magicians. Among the 1500 students here, some are more powerful, but compared with some higher level magic high schools and those with rich heritage, it is completely different. For example, if any magician comes out of the Hunter Alliance, Magic Association, big family, or big family, the results are enough to crush them.
School is indeed the best choice for the grass roots to leap into the Dragon’s Gate, but that doesn’t mean you can fight against the second generation of the Dharma and the second generation of the Devil!
Mo Fan is completely indifferent to the school’s six eyed flying fish. In addition to meditation and practicing release, it is time to eat and sleep.
It is worth mentioning that Mo Fan was assigned to the top class.
There are a total of 100 students in the top class, all of whom take classes in large classrooms and practice on large training grounds.
Those who will be in the top class have basically mastered 7 stars, but they are still not particularly skilled at releasing them.

So, when it comes to practical classes, it’s time for top students from all departments to show their respective abilities!
The practice class is still taught by Tang Yue, who is said to have surpassed any other practice teacher in the school. Even if she has only been at school for less than half a year, she should also teach the practice class of the top class.
The head teacher of the top class is still Xue Musheng.
There are two S-level students in his class. Who else is the top student’s head teacher besides him?
Thanks to Mo Fan, Xue Musheng also gained a lot of attention from the school leaders. Of course, the school leaders have urged Xue Musheng to enlighten Mo Fan’s rebellious personality.
Xue Musheng also has a headache about this matter. He feels that whether Mo Fan is a scum learner or a god learner, Nima is a Buddha and is not easy to serve.
I didn’t realize that the new semester had passed another month.
Head teacher Xue Musheng stood in the big classroom of the top class, coughing heavily, signaling the entire class to control their excitement.
Why are the students excited today?
Today is the day when the school allocates the Star Dust Magic Weapon. As a top class student, besides the best teachers, there is certainly an important benefit.
The reason why those big magic organizations and wizarding aristocratic families are so ahead of ordinary magicians is that they not only have a richer knowledge, know-how, and experience, but also have Stardust Magic Tools.
Let’s put it this way. If experience, knowledge, know-how, and instruction are all software, then Stardust Magic is the hardware of the lever!

“Other people have a great family, complete software, and advanced technology. Even if common mages can learn from schools, the hardware cannot be compared to them.”.
Stardust Magic Ware is a high-level device that can nourish the soul and cultivate, allowing cultivators to quickly alleviate the fatigue caused by meditation and continue cultivating. To put it more generally, it is a radiator, which is used to reduce meditation CDs.
No way, Mo Fan is not a RMB player, so he naturally needs to obtain the cultivation resources he needs through school.
The competition among schools is quite fierce, and it’s like a big wave scouring the sand!
Fortunately, this time, I have firmly occupied the first position, and the magic resources I have received from the school should not be less. I can practice with peace of mind.
“We will allocate the use time of Stardust Magic Ware according to your annual assessment ranking. The higher the ranking, the longer the time it can be used. Of course, our school is very humanized, and we will conduct a test every quarter, and then conduct a new ranking. The allocation of Stardust Magic Ware will also change with the new assessment… It is worth mentioning that although you are now top class students, you have advantages that other ordinary classes do not have “Potential, but don’t feel like the next two years will be enough for Gao Zheng to have no worries.”. “During the quarterly assessment, the last 10 students in the class will be directly demoted to the regular class, and then the top 10 students in the regular class will be demoted to the top class, so your competitive pressure is even greater!” Xue Musheng said.
This set is no different from the scientific world, and Mo Fan doesn’t think so.
Many people don’t like schools, let alone the college entrance exam, but there is a saying that is also true: Without schools and college entrance exams, how can you compete against the rich generation?
The resources of a school may not be inferior to those of a large family, but the difference lies in the fact that the school is a big wave scouring the sand.
I also applied for the sentence: “It is gold that can eventually force lightning!”!
“Mo Fan, as the first in your class, you should have owned the Stardust Magic Weapon first and used it for the longest time. However, due to your disrespectful behavior in the annual assessment, your usage time will change from one month to 10 days. This is your punishment!” Xue Musheng said solemnly.

“Oh, one month becomes ten days, which is too expensive. At that time, I couldn’t bear to be reckless. This one month is enough to attract many other people.” Some students have already discussed.
“If he simply lowers his head and agrees to join Mu Shi, he may get more!”
“Yes, why do you have such backbone in life?”
Xue Musheng glared and made the students quiet.
“Mo Fan, do you have any objection to this punishment?” Xue Musheng said.
“No,” Mo Fan replied.
Mo Fan is in great need of the Star Dust Magic Weapon. He has been cultivating it for a long time. With the Star Dust Magic Weapon, he can achieve twice the result with half the effort.
However, this is a long-term ownership situation, which does achieve twice the result with half the effort. If you only hold something for a month or so, it would be a bit too much for Mo Fan.
“Green Tea Man, let me ask you a question.” Mo Fan leaned over to the table next to Mu Bai and said solemnly.
“What the hell did you call me?” Mu Bai suddenly became angry.
“Well, Mubai, let me ask you a question.”

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