Chapter 35 Growth Star Dust Magic Tool

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No, no.

I have explored with my mind before, and a loach falling is a pool of stagnant water. Why has it turned into a hot spring that nourishes the soul today?
Also, the stardust magic weapon given by the school that should have worked has failed instead??
“My grass, it can’t be a loach falling that sucked the energy from the Star Magic Weapon given by the school!!” Mo Fan suddenly made such an amazing guess.
Mo Fan immediately concentrated his thoughts again, and this time he quickly explored between the two magic weapons.
Sure enough!
Mo Fan can feel that there is actually a trace of energy hidden in the deepest part of the Stardust Magic Tool given by the school, but this trace of energy is being transferred
To be precise, that damned loach pendant is like taking a straw and sucking the energy from the Star Magic Weapon given by the school. If it hadn’t been discovered earlier, I probably wouldn’t have found any evidence.
“I’ll go, little loach. So you still have this ability, I can’t see it. After hiding it for so long, I finally exposed the fox’s tail.” Mo Fan grabbed the loach and cursed loudly.
Little loach, dead loach!
You quickly compensate me for my Stardust Magic Weapon. You have absorbed all the energy. How can I cultivate it
No, it seems that the loach pendant just released energy to nourish me. What I need to worry about is how to explain this Stardust Demon with only an empty shell to the school!
Also, this little loach pendant that I have been scolding myself all day… seems like… it seems like Nima is really a Star Dust Magic Tool!!!
Mo Fan feels that his brain is suddenly not enough!!
This information is too explosive!!!
Calm down, calm down, calm down.
We need to get this matter straightened out quickly.

Mo Fan continued his research and found that the little loach pendant he was carrying seemed to really have the function of a Stardust Magic Weapon. Mo Fan tried to let the little loach pendant return energy to the Stardust Magic Weapon, but the little loach pendant didn’t respond at all.
Mo Fan couldn’t laugh or cry.
The good thing about Tianda is that I found out that the Little Loach Pendant is actually a magical tool of Stardust that is coaxed by Niu B. I have been doing stupid things like sitting on the Golden Mountain begging for food.
Tragically, the Star Dust Magic weapon given by the school was abandoned. There is no energy at all, and the entire area is a pebble that can be picked up by the river.
The school has given him 10 days to return the Stardust Magic Weapon intact after 10 days. He cannot tell Xue Musheng on that day that he was bored and changed the Stardust Magic Weapon into a loach shape. He also doesn’t know what expression Xue Musheng would have when he saw the little loach fall on his face.
“Teacher Tang Yue has a lot of knowledge, and maybe she will know the reason.” Mo Fan knows that it’s no use worrying around here, so she hurries to seek help.
Teacher Tang Yue is Mo Fan’s first choice.
When Tang Yue first saw through the tricks of Mu He and Mu Bai, Mo Fan established a deep trust between teachers and students with Tang Yue.
“Teacher Tang Yue, have you slept yet?” Mo Fan called Teacher Tang Yue.
“I was just about to go to bed when I changed my pajamas. What’s the matter?” The sexy, soft and beautiful voice floated over, which made Mo Fan couldn’t help but imagine Teacher Tang Yue’s looming figure in translucent pajamas with blood spurting.
“There seems to be a small problem with my Stardust Magic Device. I don’t know what to do now, but I can only call Teacher Tang Yue.” Mo Fan pretended to be a poor student.
“Where are you?” Teacher Tang Yue seemed a bit serious when she heard it was a Star Dust Magic Weapon.
The Star Dust Magic Weapon is the treasure of the school. If something goes wrong, it’s really a big deal!
“Above the rooftop dam of Teaching Building 3.”
“Okay, give me three minutes.” Teacher Tang Yue quickly hung up the phone.

After hanging up his phone, Mo Fan was tortured in his heart: “In three minutes, how could Tang Yue possibly come from the teacher’s apartment? Even if Zhang Xiaohou had the wind track open like that, it would probably take five minutes, and Mo Fan didn’t believe that Tang Yue wouldn’t even change her pajamas.”.
Mo Fan was still daydreaming when a faint wave appeared in the entire dark and desolate rooftop.
This wave is very weak, and Mo Fan will ignore it if he doesn’t carefully detect it. It doesn’t seem like air waves, nor does it seem like any element energy is fluctuating, making people feel a bit creepy and silent.
“Mo Fan?”
Finally, a soft and beautiful voice floated out.
“Is it Teacher Tang Yue?” Mo Fan was startled and hurriedly looked at the entire outdoor terrace from the dam location.
Only the moonlight fell on the old terrace where the water pipes crisscrossed, while the shadow of half of the dark clouds just separated the entire terrace into a bright and dark line
In Mo Fan’s eyes, a vague shadow appeared from the area where the light and darkness separated. Then, Mo Fan saw a teacher Tang Yue wearing a long women’s knitted windbreaker walk from the dark cloud shadow to the place where the moonlight shone.
The feeling was like Teacher Tang Yue walking out of another door, amazed to the extreme!
“What ability is this?” Mo Fan couldn’t help but take a breath.
I didn’t even hear footsteps in the corridor. How did this teacher Tang Yue get to the rooftop all of a sudden, and still just walk out of the shadows like that??
“What’s wrong with your Star Dust Magic Device?” Teacher Tang Yue jumped up and jumped onto the dam.
The moonlight shines brightly on Teacher Tang Yue’s proud posture, making Mo Fan feel a surge of emotion.
“I don’t know, I did what Teacher Xue Musheng said, but I don’t know why the energy of the Stardust Magic Weapon suddenly disappeared, and then…”
“And what happened?”

Mo Fan is hesitant to tell Tang Yue about his little loach’s fall.
But I still have too many strangers to this world. If I don’t tell the truth, Miss Tang Yue may not believe me.
“Then, the energy transferred to my pendant.” Mo Fan took out the little loach pendant.
Anyway, I should be honest with the female teacher. On the one hand, I may be directly identified by Tang Yue, and on the other hand, I can’t explain this to the school.
I scolded Mu Zhuoyun and the school turned a blind eye.
“But by breaking the Stardust Magic Weapon, Mu He had ample reason to kick himself out of Tianlan Magic High School.”.
“Do you mean… the energy of the Stardust Magic Tool given to you by the school was transferred to your own pendant?” Tang Yue widened her bright eyes, revealing some disbelief.
“That’s right.” Mo Fan nodded.
“Where did you get this pendant?” Tang Yue’s expression changed significantly.
“Ancestral,” Mo Fan replied.
Tang Yue suddenly fell silent and looked at Mo Fan with her intelligent eyes, as well as at Mo Fan’s pendant.
“Have you mentioned this to anyone else?” Tang Yue said to Mo Fan with a solemn expression.
Mo Fan was stunned. It seems like a classic dialogue from TV and movies about killing people and stealing goods. Look around and look at the weather. The moon is dark and the wind is high. A student can’t stand the pressure of learning magic and jumps off the rooftop. Everything must conform to the script?

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