Chapter 36 Sending a WeChat Location

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“Not yet… not yet.” Mo Fan replied.

Let it be. If you have such a poor judgment ability, you should choose a reliable teacher Tang Yue to help you answer this question!
“Your pendant is also a Star Dust Magic Weapon.” Finally, Teacher Tang Yue spoke up.
“Hmm.” Mo Fan listened carefully.
“However, it is different from the normal Stardust Magic Weapon we have seen. It is a growth type Stardust Magic Weapon,” said Tang Yue with a sharp gaze.
“Growing Star Dust Magic Tool??” Mo Fan has never heard of this concept. If you want to say that inlaying gemstones with attributes, he can understand it quite well. He has played so many online games
“This kind of Stardust Magic Weapon can be the world’s top quality, because it can not only have the same efficacy as other Stardust Magic Weapons, but also have the ability to grow. It can absorb the power of demons and souls within other Stardust Magic Weapons, carry out self improvement, and absorb enough energy from other Stardust Magic Weapons, it may grow to spiritual level!” Teacher Tang Yue said to Mo Fan very seriously every word.
After hearing these words, Mo Fan’s heart suddenly became turbulent!!
A Star Dust Magic Tool that Can Grow???
A very common and ordinary Stardust Magic Weapon is regarded as a treasure by schools and aristocratic families. Even extremely outstanding students have to take turns using it, which is sufficient to illustrate its preciousness and rarity.
The spirit level Star Dust Magic Weapon has twice the effectiveness of the ordinary level Star Dust Magic Weapon. Mu Bai also said that the entire Bo City can’t find a few, and the only known one is Mu Ningxue.
I don’t need to guess. It’s probably the treasure of the entire Mu family!
My little loach pendant has the ability to grow into a treasure of that level.
This… this

Mo Fan roughly guessed that it might be something from Niu B, but he didn’t expect it to be so noisy!!!!
be finished!
be finished!
If such a treasure were to be replaced by a person with a good mind, he might be so jealous that he would kill others and steal goods.
Listen to those people, it’s normal for magicians to fight for treasures!
“I’m still just a little magician now. If Teacher Tang Yue’s heart wanders… tomorrow’s news is really” A gifted student from Natural Magic High School jumps off the rooftop under excessive pressure. “
“Teacher Tang Yue, I don’t think I can control such a valuable thing as a little magician, so I’d better send it to Teacher Tang Yue for research…” Mo Fan was not a fool, and immediately said solemnly.
Although Tang Yue seems to be a very decent teacher, human nature is too difficult to say. Mo Fan is not naive enough to think that if Tang Yue is so beautiful, he must not be a bad person.
“Puxi~” Tang Yue was suddenly amused by Mo Fan’s words, laughing brilliantly and beautifully.
Mo Fan looked stunned and didn’t know where she had made Tang Yue’s beautiful woman smile like this.
“Mo Fan, on the day of the annual assessment, you attacked Mu Zhuoyun, who bullied your small family with such righteous words. I thought you were a man with iron bones. Just now, I also thought about whether to confiscate this special treasure of yours. After all, it’s not something that your little mage can control, but I didn’t expect you to hand it over yourself with such a lack of backbone. It really impressed the teacher 180 times.” Teacher Tang Yue smiled like a peach blossom.
Mo Fan smiled awkwardly.
“How much money is this thing worth? My life is very important.”.

Blame Mu Zhuoyun, but Mo Fan knows what the consequences will be.
In this society, you can’t be so naive and foolish. The scientific society is, and so is the magical society.
What’s wrong with precocious puberty!
“Teacher Tang Yue, what are you going to do with this?” Mo Fan asked.
“Alright, I know you’re not willing to give up. It’s also good that you told me about this. If any other teacher, for their future glory over thousands of people, might really do something bad for you.” Tang Yue stopped smiling and said seriously.
Mo Fan’s eyes lit up, and it seemed that he was floating right this time. This Tang Yue teacher was indeed different from those magic teachers who looked upright but actually didn’t know what it was behind their backs.
“First of all, it’s a growth star dust magic weapon. Don’t tell anyone… Well, with your intelligence, I don’t think I’ll ever tell anyone again. Secondly, it’s not that I’m not interested in your growth star dust magic weapon, but that your growth star dust magic weapon is somewhat special and seems to have an unbreakable spiritual connection with you.” Teacher Tang Yue earnestly warned Mo Fan.
What, is this item still a bundled piece of equipment?
Mo Fan is really a bit surprised. No wonder every time he wants to take off the little loach pendant, he will experience an inexplicable resistance.
“Finally, the growth of a growth magic weapon comes at the expense of soul and other stardust magic tools. It is now just a common stardust magic tool. Although it has the ability to grow a stardust magic tool, it is unclear whether it can truly grow, or if the resources required for growth are larger than those of a spirit level stardust magic tool, then your ancestral treasure is no different from a waste one.” Tang Yue said.
Mo Fan nodded and thought for a moment and said, “Teacher Tang Yue, what is the spirit?”

“At the moment of the demon’s death, the soul will leave the body. This kind of soul that leaves the body is actually the soul after the death of life. If the soul still stays in its body for a while after the demon’s death, and emits special soul light, then this kind of soul after death will be refined dozens of times more than ordinary soul, and it is called essence. Essence is the most important material for refining Star Dust Demon artifacts.” Tang Yue is indeed a teacher, The fluent and leisurely answer almost made Mo Fan feel the urge to take notes.

“In other words, the best way I want it to grow is to collect spirit… Yoshi, I have to quickly improve my strength, kill more demons, and collect spirit!” Mo Fan said energetically.
“Hmm.” Tang Yue nodded and continued lightly, “Just go collect it. Remember to send me a WeChat location before you die, and I will go to the demon’s belly to collect your bones and this growth magic weapon.”
Mo Fan’s mouth twitched and he didn’t know how to answer the question.
“Give me the Star Dust Magic Weapon that you abandoned in school, and I’ll help you settle this matter. This is my personal help, just as if you owe me a favor.” Teacher Tang Yue stopped joking with Mo Fan and said seriously.
“Thank you very much, Mr. Tang Yue. If you need anything in the future, just let me know!” Mo Fan said.
Sure enough, there was no mistake in calling Teacher Tang Yue. She helped solve her biggest headache and headache.
It’s good that you won’t be expelled from school, and… and the little loach pendant has gained the ability to use Stardust Magic, which means you can hold it forever!
This is sour and refreshing!
Other people such as Mu Bai and Xu Zhaoting can only use the Star Magic Weapon for a month at most, including Yu Ang, who has to duel with himself, for more than half a year, while he uses it all year round. Why is Xiu not just throwing them away!!!!
Can’t help but feel like kissing a little loach!

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