Chapter 37 Field Experience

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“I guess after you taste the benefits of this Star Dust Demon Tool, you will still not give up on collecting spirit. Just in time, after your cultivation this quarter is over, you will be taken outside the city for two months of experience. When you see the real demon, you will completely dispel this idea.” Tang Yue said.

“Experience?” Mo Fan has never heard of this, is it the legendary high school military training?
“Every magician needs to go through this day. Cultivating magicians is not for the sake of pampering others, nor for you to compete against each other. Rather, you should confront demons at critical times. Experience is a major test of your students’ minds,” said Tang Yue.
“I will take it seriously.”
“No,” Tang Yue said, “Experience is not a so-called assessment. I only hope that you and other students can calm down a bit and think about how to survive when faced with situations.” Tang Yue said meaningfully.
After saying these words, Teacher Tang Yue turned and left. Mo Fan wanted to inquire about the truth, but he found that Tang Yue’s concave and convex body slowly merged into a place where the moonlight could not shine, and then he could no longer find Tang Yue.
Mo Fan saw it very clearly this time.
She really melted into the darkness like that, completely disappearing, as if she had never appeared before.
Mo Fan hurriedly jumped down from the dam and poked his head out of the roof railing.
To Mo Fan’s surprise, Tang Yue, who was just on the rooftop of the eighth floor high teaching building, was already below, walking slowly towards the teacher’s apartment. The dim moonlight lengthened her figure, looking like a lonely and proud night elf.
As Teacher Tang Yue buried himself in a messy shadow of the tree shadow, the teacher Tang Yue, who was already in Mo Fan’s sight, suddenly disappeared, and the mysterious female teacher could no longer be found in the entire desolate night.
What exactly is this skill?
Of all the departments Mo Fan knows, only the Wind Department can use the wind track to quickly move. This is already very remarkable in Mo Fan’s view, but Tang Yue doesn’t know what magic is being used, and seems to be able to escape into the shadow and quickly traverse.

It’s so cool without friends. When can I learn it myself?
After all, this Tang Yue teacher seems to be quite unusual.
It is said that the second department can only be awakened after cultivating to the middle level magician level, which means that Tang Yue is at least a middle level magician.
No wonder so many senior practical teachers in the school have been brushed off by Tang Yue. A middle level magician has already reached the highest level in the eyes of many people!
It seems that Teacher Tang Yue is a very thick thigh… I need to hold it tight!
“Did you hear that this quarter’s cultivation is over, and we are about to start our mage training.”
“What is a mage’s experience like?”
“Just go out into the wild.”
“No, I’ve heard since I was young that there are monsters in the wild. Those who eat people raw, I don’t want to go.”
“I can’t help but go. This experience is related to our college entrance examination and is equivalent to a very important subject.”
“There’s nothing to be afraid of as an experienced person. We are magicians. Even if we encounter a demon, it’s also an ice vine that freezes him into an ice sculpture.”

“However, I heard that monsters are very powerful. Didn’t the teacher in the Demon Class always emphasize that we should never face them alone?”
As Teacher Tang Yue said, after the end of this cultivation season, there will soon be a brutal outdoor experience, and if there are no accidents, you will likely encounter real demons.
Demon classes have always been available, and teachers have talked in everyone’s ear about monsters for many years. However, none of the students have ever seen real monsters. Even secretly watching videos of monsters online is no different from watching American Gozilla blockbusters.
This time, the students are finally about to see the real demon. Once the news is released, it can be said that the whole school is discussing this matter.
The training will begin with the top class.
After the annual assessment, the top class has basically mastered seven stars, and now that more than half a year has passed, everyone should be able to skillfully control their own skills.
Only students who master magic skills can be allowed to experience it. Ordinary people have no strength to fight back when encountering monsters.
Time passed quickly, and Mo Fan, with his little loach ring, had already cultivated his Thunder Star and Fire Star Dust to five or six times the original level.
Whether it’s Lei Yin or Huozi, he can be released skillfully.
Due to the fact that Huozi can be openly trained in school, Mo Fan can now release Huozi more quickly, completing the entire release in about 3 seconds. Lei Yin’s words, however, require approximately 4 seconds.

Now, students in the entire top class need about 5 to 10 seconds to successfully release their magic skills once, and Mo Fan is absolutely ahead in releasing them.

The top class has a total of 100 students and will be divided into 5 groups, with approximately 20 students in each group.
The team will be followed by a teacher and led by two instructors.
Each group has its own bus, so five school buses carry a group of young magicians heading out of the city.
The route has also been roughly determined this time, and we will go to Xuefeng Mountain Post Station.
The Xuefeng Mountain Post Station is an important small village where hunters in the Hunter Alliance communicate with Bo City’s supplies. The entire village is built in the valley.
“Did you remember that I told you that the post stations around each city are the boundaries of the security area, and the areas outside the post stations belong to places where demons may haunt, so before you don’t have enough ability to deal with demons, you must step out of the post station security area, otherwise you will only have a pile of bones left!” said Zhang Jianguo, the demon lesson teacher.
“Yes, in the area within the post station, our Hunter Alliance, Magic Association, and other major magic aristocratic families will send people to patrol and set up a guard every day. We will never allow any demon to enter our human living area. However, our magician’s power is limited, and the area that can be protected is only within the border of the post station. Outside the post station, we can do nothing, after all, in forests, valleys, wild forests, and mountains “The terrain is complex, and even if we have powerful magicians, we may not be able to eradicate all those demons hiding in caves and underground.” “Luo Yunbo, the leader of the three groups of hunters, said.”.
Luo Yunbo is a handsome man with dark skin. Several young girls in the group all have sparkling eyes when they see this Luo Yunbo captain, just like young girls adore and infatuate handsome instructors during military training.
Luo Yunbo is the instructor who led the team this time.
The assistant instructor is a woman named Pan Lijun, who belongs to the tough type with very dark skin. There is still a big difference between her and the young magicians who are still on campus.

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