Chapter 38 Xuefeng Mountain Post Station

Get on the bus and cross a vast expanse of wasteland outside the city. Soon, mountains and forests will appear in everyone’s sight.
The mountain forest is very green and deep, with luxuriant foliage and overgrown weeds nearby, with scattered peaks and dense clouds in the distance.
“See, that solitary mountain is Xuefeng Mountain, which is also the boundary point of our Bo City. Xuefeng Mountain Post Station is in the valley between Xuefeng Mountain and the thunderstorm mountain screen.” Luo Yunbo began to introduce to the students.
“Our Bo City still belongs to a medium-sized city. If it were a first-tier city such as the Great Demon City, the Great Emperor City, and the Great Demon City, their security boundary would not be called a post station or a small village.” said Pan Lijun, a Fu instructor with only long index fingers and hair.
“Say, since you often deal with demons, you must be middle level wizards?” Wang Sanfat asked.
“Middle class?” Pan Lijun glanced at Wang Sanpang and said coldly, “How could a middle class mage come to take you kids?”
“Wang Sanpang was not happy to hear this, and muttered, ‘So you’re just beginners, and there’s nothing to drag.'”
Wang Sanpang is typically outspoken. After this speech was uttered, the two instructors instead looked at each other and smiled, apparently feeling that Wang Sanpang’s words were too childish.
The bus drove all the way into the mountains, and it also drove for most of the day.
Mo Fan has not been idle for most of the day. He has been meditating at the end of the bus.
He had a predestined relationship with the bus, and the last time Lei Yin completed the seven stars, it was on the bus.
This time, Mo Fan felt as if his fire system had touched something.
The Little Loach Pendant is equivalent to a Stardust Magic Weapon, which has greatly improved Mo Fan’s cultivation time. A year has passed since the annual assessment. Mo Fan found that in this year, in addition to the overall brightness and bulkiness of Stardust, it seems that there have been some significant changes in the Stardust within the Fire System.
In the past, if it had been said that the brightness of these stars was sometimes bright and sometimes dark, now these stars are very stable lights.
It is said that once the Xingzi undergoes a significant transformation of brilliance, the magic power that can be transmitted will become even larger, and the effect and power of the skill will also increase!
I spent a whole second year in high school promoting this.
I don’t know what power a stronger level of Huozi will have. I’m really looking forward to it!
The Xuefeng Mountain Post Station has finally arrived.
Saying it’s a small village, this is not a simple village or something.
On both sides of the small post station stronghold, there are steep cliffs, which are as high as 100 meters. Only when you fully raise your head can you see the sky.
The cliffs on both sides form a natural barrier, and the front and rear of this valley road are locked by two huge stone gates. The entire post station village is completely a fortress town stuck in the valley.
“This is Xuefeng Mountain Stronghold. It is said that except for those flying demons or high level demons with strong climbing ability, this Xuefeng Mountain Fortress Town is sufficient to block the vast majority of evil obstacles that cause mischief from the security sector. Moreover, since the establishment of Xuefeng Mountain Posthouse, we have not heard thrilling reports of demons hurting people in the security sector for several years.” Zhang Jianguo stepped out of the bus, Looking at the huge guard stone gate, I couldn’t help but express my emotion.
“Teacher, I heard that this Guarding Stone Gate was created by Zhang Yuheng, a famous earth magician and builder in Bo City, and no magic below the middle level can shake it?” asked Zhou Min, a female school bully who was eager to learn.
“Yes, the Shimen looks a bit old, but in fact, it’s as strong as steel.” Zhang Jianguo walked ahead, holding a flag in three groups, just like a guide taking a group of students around the ancient city.
Before long, buses from the other four groups arrived one after another, and a hundred top students from Tianlan Magic High School were all under the massive stone gate.
There are sentries on both sides of the stone gate, and one of the uniformed military mages is leisurely playing with a cluster of flames between his palms. The small flames, like obedient pets, float flexibly around his fingertips, occasionally flying around him, looking elegant and wonderful.
Mo Fan noticed this and was secretly surprised.
From the other side’s small skills in playing with fire, it is obvious that they are much more skilled than themselves, and I don’t know if the uniformed military elder brother will have a stronger fire power.
“Hey, Chief Chopper, why did you come here on duty today?” Luo Yunbo looked up and said with a smile to the fire mage who was playing with flames.
“I have nothing to do. I heard that a group of young girls who will enter high school today are coming to have a look.” The man named Zhankong also doesn’t hide his nature at all, and says with a smile.
Zhou Min frowned on the side, as she already felt the mage named Chopping the Sky staring at her.
“How handsome.”
“Yeah, yeah, there’s nothing like those little farts in our school. They’re so manly.”
“And he’s particularly honest.”
A few amateurs in the class suddenly lost control and chattered there.
“Little sister, don’t frown at our leader, who is one of the few strong men here.” Pan Lijun, a female vice captain who doesn’t seem to be too fond of dragging students, said, her words also revealing her admiration for the leader with a small beard.
“Zhang Jianguo immediately looked up and said in a high voice, ‘I’ve heard of that, isn’t it the Fire Mage who has the highest number of demon slaying demons at the Xuefeng Mountain Post Station?'”
“Didn’t you just kill a few monsters? What a deal,” said Wang Sanfat.
“It’s really nothing great. At first, Deng Kai asked you students to come here for internships, which I refused…” said the handsome Hu Ju.
“The warning time of a year ago has passed, and nothing will happen now. As a magician, it is necessary to have this training after all. It cannot be delayed because of the warning time of a year ago.” Zhang Jianguo said.
“I don’t care anymore. I just want the students to stop wandering around. I don’t want to see such a delicate and tender little beauty being eaten into blood and flesh by a one-eyed demon wolf,” said Zhankong with a smile.
Zhang Jianguo smiled awkwardly.
Others are real masters, and even if they flirt with girls, they can’t help being a teacher.
The alert a year ago?
Mo Fan has heard about this matter from her sister-in-law Mo Qing, but she spends most of her time in the ivory tower of the school, and very few people know what terrible things have happened outside.

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