Chapter 39 Xuefeng Mountain Post Station

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The entry and exit orders for the gate were apparently also in the hands of the man named Zuo Shukong. After giving birth to the car, 100 top men all entered the Xuefeng Mountain stronghold.

The small village is very simple, just a main road, with many shops and stalls on the main road. It looks like a market in a town.
However, what is sold here is not just chicken, duck, fish, and meat, but all the things that magicians need to fight and cultivate.
“Come on, come on, good magic walking gear, let me tell you something. This is a good thing. What’s the fastest running demon? Do you know… Yes, it’s Ben demon. This is made of the skin on the back limb of Ben demon. Enchanted with a wind track pattern and a pure wind stone to provide energy, it runs… absolutely let the one-eyed demon wolf stare there. If you want to buy it, give it to you cheaply. It seems that you have a affinity with this treasure.”
“Er Baldy, don’t blow it. Can you call that thing a magic tool? Any pair of Nike is easier to wear than that one.”
“Fart, this is a running demon that we sacrificed two people to kill. What I got was the skin of the back leg. It’s absolutely authentic magic gear!” Er Bald suddenly argued with the person who mocked him.
Further ahead, there is a stall where colorful magic stones are placed.
The magic stone is a very simple thing. It is a special stone that is bred due to the rich elements of fire, wind, thunder, and earth. It contains energy similar to the magic energy in the magician’s stardust. Although it cannot be directly provided to the magician for use, it can be embedded in many magic tools and tools to provide a continuous stream of energy.
The teacher has spoken about all this knowledge in class, and Mo Fan has listened carefully.
It is said that many times, completely refined magic stones can be used as currency.
The consumption of magic stones is very large, in fact equivalent to the energy in the scientific world.
At first, Mo Fan thought that Nima, such as mobile phones, computers, and household appliances, should also use electricity. Later, he learned that the power plant here is not powered by water conservancy, nor by windmills. Instead, it uses Lei series magic stones.
There is no way. The fact that the originator of the light system was Edison cannot be accepted. In addition, Watt, who invented the steam engine to bring the world into the industrial revolution… Yes, he is a fire magician. The principle of the steam engine is a fire magic diagram, which uses fire magic stones to drive it.
So, there is no oil, water, wind, or electricity in this world. It is these magic stones that rely on for survival!
And where does the magic stone come from?

Nature, of course!
Crucially, demons also need magic stones very much. On the one hand, magic stones are important food for them, but also important energy for their strength to become stronger.
Therefore, the biggest obstacle for humans in the process of collecting, searching, and excavating magic stones is not the harsh nature, but these demons who also rely on magic stones to survive.
Demons have an instinctive hostility towards humans.
Just think about how many magical technology devices the entire city has, and these things are simply the food for demons, including humans themselves, which are also their delicacies. Therefore, the confrontation between human magicians and demons has never stopped.
Perhaps this is the biggest difference between the original world and the magical world.
In the original world, humans occupy a dominant position and want to sweep away any missile.
But in the magical world, thermal weapons do not exist, only magicians.
Perhaps it is precisely the impossibility of thermal weapons that has led demons to occupy more territory.
Most humans can only live in cities, which require the protection of magicians.
This is also why magicians are always higher than ordinary people, not only because they control powerful forces themselves, but also because their mission is sacred!
“Brother Fan, we need to perform well in this training. I heard that the evaluation result of the training will directly affect our college entrance examination. It accounts for 20% of the total!” Zhang Xiaohou said next to Mo Fan.
Mo Fan nodded.
Xue Musheng, the head teacher, said this very early.

Training is actually one of the subjects in the “college entrance examination”, because this score is determined by the military, which is the chief instructor of this training.
The chief instructor’s assessment of whether it is C or A will directly determine whether the magician will go to a key sorcery university or an ordinary sorcery university!
Like the Imperial College where Mu Ningxue is now, when they enroll students, their experience score must be at least A.
Mo Fan is not willing to live in a small place like Bo City, and higher level magic can only be learned in large places and universities.
Through this training, he also hopes to obtain an A or above score, so that he has the confidence to enter a university at the level of Imperial College!
“These instructors were all managed by the school, and even if you hang around here for a month or two, you’ll still get at least a B or C, so there’s nothing to worry about.” Wang Sanpang leaned over and said with a smile.
“Yes, it has always been like this.” Another student who knew the inside also nodded.
“Yes, the school definitely hopes that the instructors will give them high marks.”
“Gather at the square.”
“Assemble, assemble!”
After Luo Yunbo shouted loudly, all the students quickly gathered on the central square of the Xuefeng Mountain small village.
The number of people is not small, there are a total of 100 people wearing the uniforms of Tianlan Magic High School.
After 100 people stood up neatly, they quickly attracted the idle mages from the post station, each with an interesting look and a strange sneer on their faces.

“Look, the new generation of interns is here. Hahaha, you can watch all kinds of clowns again,” said a man with a sharp mouse face.
“Isn’t it true that during the internship period, the post station has been the busiest. Guess how many people in this class will be scared to pee in their pants?” said a magnificent man who looked like a leader of a hunter team, sticking his head out.
“I guess at least 30!”
“The remaining 70 people just fainted?”
The students lined up in the square, but they soon heard the voices of the old birds at the crowded post station.
Most of them appear to be gloating, and even more so, they make no secret of their mockery of their students.
The top 100 students are divided into five groups with 20 students in each group. Standing in front of them are the two instructors and a practice teacher.
“Chief Instructor!”
“The Chief Instructor is here!”
Before long, a group of uniformed military mages walked neatly in front of the students, and the majesty could be felt from the breath that emanated from them.
The person in charge is actually the same Uncle Sehu slag who was playing with flames on the sentry just now – Chopping the Sky.
“Chopping the air is still like a leisurely and leisurely person, but as a general instructor, his carelessness is somewhat surprising.”.

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