Chapter 40 Mission Impossible!

“Hello, I am the Chief Instructor of your training this time – Zhankong. You should be very lucky, because you are the first trainees I have brought since I took office here.” said the Chief Instructor, Zhankong.
The students stood upright, and no one dared to speak.
In the past, I have been in contact with teachers, who are rich in knowledge, but always impart knowledge to everyone. However, military mages have a certain aura after fighting with demons, which makes them a group of students who have never seen anything in the world dare not make mistakes, even if the chief instructor named Chopping the Sky seems quite gentle.
“Don’t worry, since you are my first training student, I will give you a preferential treatment in order to enable you to successfully pass the training assessment related to your college entrance examination!” Zhang Kong said loudly.
“Failure to pass the training assessment, or a low assessment, will have a significant impact on their performance, and their fate may change dramatically due to this training assessment.”.
“I know that you are all the best young mages in Bo City, and I believe that you have sufficient strength to cope with this training examination… Therefore, this big training is very, very simple.” The chief instructor chopped the air and smiled innocuously.
Luo Yunbo and Pan Lijun both frown at this moment, and every time their heads show this smile, it’s probably not good!
“I just received a reward here, and the difficulty is the lowest on our reward list. There are a total of 100 magic experience students in your school, right? This way, as long as any team or any one of your 100 students completes this reward, your experience evaluation will all pass and you will receive an A.” said Zhan Kong.
As soon as the sound of the words fell, the entire village became agitated!!
The first to stir is naturally the one hundred students who have trained here.
“They have heard a lot from their seniors and sisters about practicing this matter. They all said that as long as they hang around in this post station and don’t collide with the instructor, they can basically pass. If they perform well, they can get a B and get an A.”.
Have you ever heard of any reward to be completed??
“Reward offering is a special task that only adult mage teams will accept for high rewards!”!!
And outside the square, those hunters who have been haunting the post station for a long time cannot calm down!!
What about Nima.
Let this class complete the reward task???
“Neuropathic, even a mature hunter mage team like them may not be able to complete those bounty tasks. These fledgling students can complete a knitting thread??”???
“What if none of us can complete the reward offer?” asked Xu Zhaoting, who stood in front of the comparison.
“Then all of them are unqualified,” replied Zhankong calmly.
All the students and teachers couldn’t calm down with these words.
“Chief Instructor, why don’t you directly disqualify us all?” At this time, Zhou Min, the monitor of the top class, couldn’t bear to stand up.
“Yes, what’s the difference between directly judging us all unqualified!”
The expressions on the faces of teachers such as Zhang Jianguo, Xue Musheng, Tang Yue, Chen Weiliang, and others couldn’t be stopped.
What kind of situation is this? Didn’t it be agreed that this place has already been dealt with? Why is this chief instructor so not playing cards according to the routine?
Offering a reward, is this something students can do??
“What’s wrong? You can find your school director Deng Kai. Anyway, it’s not easy to get a high score from me. Since Tianlan Magic High School is the best public high school in Bo City, you shouldn’t bring a bunch of garbage here to practice. For those who are fooling around, it’s better to go back to school and read some magic books and use the magic that you don’t have to use to polish the puppet. There’s no need to come to this dangerous post station!” The sound of the words suddenly became heavy, and the smile on his face just now suddenly turned into a ferocious guy.
Bring a bunch of trash to practice??
This remark can be described as ruthlessly stabbing into the hearts of all students!
“Chief Instructor, the assessment you gave is too challenging. As far as I know, any reward offered generally requires a mature team that has honed in the field for three to five years to successfully complete it…” Zhang Jianguo said with insufficient confidence.
“There are a hundred of you, and if you can’t even complete a reward offer, it can only be said that the one hundred losers taught by your mediocre teachers have disappointed me too much, and they are also top students?” said the Chief Instructor without hesitation.
Upon hearing this, Zhang Jianguo’s face turned blue and white.
The chief instructor, is there something wrong with his brain? He assigned an impossible task without saying it, and cursed all the teachers and students at Tianlan Magic High School.
“Of course, for groups and individuals who have completed the reward offer, I will personally present a reward. This award is a defense magic tool.” Chopper continued with a raised voice.
At the mention of defensive magic tools, all the old hunters outside the square were excited!
“My grass, reward the defense magic tool??”
“Don’t go, boss. This opportunity is for us. We promise to complete the task properly and properly.”
“Yes, we just need a defensive magic tool, and this life-saving thing must be given to us anyway.”
“Let’s compete fairly with this group of students, and we also want magic tools to kill the boss!”
For a moment, all the hunter teams who were watching outside the square shouted loudly.
Magic gear!!
A magic weapon is a device that is connected to the soul and can quickly conjure up real objects by stimulating thoughts to help combat.
Like the magic walking gear sold by the two bald peddlers just now, it means that when you wear it and activate it, your speed will greatly increase. If you encounter a demon that cannot be defeated, this magic walking gear will save your life.
Moreover, during the battle, the increase in their own speed will greatly enhance the combat effectiveness of the mages.
Defensive magic gear, which can be directly transformed into special equipment within shields and armor, is also a life support equipment that can withstand attacks from magic and demons at critical times.
Although the value of magic tools is not as high as that of stardust magic tools, they are truly lifesaving artifacts for hunters who often live and die in the wild. What can be more valuable than life?
“Damn it, big hand! As far as I know, a very ordinary defense magic weapon is worth hundreds of thousands of yuan!”
“No wonder those hunters are crazy. Such a valuable item should be given as an experience reward to these nascent students.”
“The question is, can those students get it?”
“To put it bluntly, it’s basically difficult to offer a reward. Old hunters can sometimes have their lives in danger.”
Mo Fan is still a bit strange to magic tools, but if magic tools are directly converted into RMB, then he knows too well!
The most common magic tool needs to cost several hundred thousand yuan. Damn it, I haven’t seen so much money in my life, okay!

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