Chapter 41 Wind Track, Flying Cliff

Ten days later
Under the lush woods, the mountain path twists and turns, and a group of 20 students wearing Tianlan Magic High School uniforms are standing by a cliff
Regardless of their complaints and grievances, they eventually embarked on the path of offering rewards and training.
In a blink of an eye, a whole ten days passed.
During these ten days, they have been cutting through thorns, wearing stars and wearing the moon, traversing mountains and jungles, suffering unbearably.
“That damned chief instructor, the truth curses him and sends us to this damned place.” Wang Sanfat sat panting on the ground, fanning the wind with his hat.
“Yes, what’s the wind? Why hasn’t it been so long for 30 kilometers? Is this our tenth day?” said Zhang Shuhua, the giraffe’s neck.
“Thirty kilometers is a straight distance. We need to climb mountains, cross valleys, and circle peaks. The total distance is not more than thirty kilometers,” said Zhang Xiaohou.
The group that Mo Fan is in has a total of 20 people. This training task was all completed by the students themselves, without a teacher leading the team or a trainer following. Instead, they were given a map to find for themselves.
Over the mountains and mountains these days, everyone is like primitive people, disheveled and sweating profusely!
“After crossing this valley, it should be not far from the Baicao Valley mentioned by the chief instructor.” Monitor Zhou Min said, holding a map.
“F*** me, how can I cross the river valley? Can I fly over it? It’s 10 meters wide anyway!” Wang Sanpang shouted first.
At this moment, in front of everyone is a cliff valley!
The opposite cliff is right in front of us, but the turbulent and surging valley below makes us tremble with fear. The roar of the river hitting those rocks can be heard clearly!
“What should we do? We can’t give up halfway.”
“Otherwise, let’s go back home. There are other groups anyway, and maybe they can finish it…” said Zhang Shuhua, the giraffe’s neck.
“You are such a spineless person, how can you expect others?” Zhou Min scolded immediately.
“What do you say? None of us can cross this cliff valley,” complained Zhang Shuhua.
“By the way, Zhang Yinglu, aren’t you a mage from the Wind Department? Can you try and jump over?” At this moment, Xu Zhaoting glanced at a girl with a ponytail tied next to her.
The girl named Zhang Yinglu suddenly turned pale and said shyly, “No… no, I won’t jump. What if I fall?”
“We have ropes, and there are trees on both sides of the cliff. As long as someone can jump directly onto the cliff opposite the river valley and tie the rope to the tree opposite, all of us can climb over the rope.” Zhou Min said with a bright eye.
“Zhang Yinglu, don’t you want to get an A? You jumped with a rope tied, and even if you didn’t jump over, we could still hold on. It’s just finishing a bungee jump,” Xu Zhaoting continued.
“I don’t want it!” Zhang Yinglu is obviously a timid girl.
“Damn it, you’re a wind mage. If you don’t stand up when you need to, why do you still be a magician?” said another water girl.
“It’s better not to impose difficulties on others,” Zhou Min said.
When everyone didn’t know what to do, Mo Fan glanced at Zhang Xiaohou next to him.
“Zhang Xiaohou is not very prominent in the top class, so everyone habitually places their hopes on Zhang Yinglu, who has the best grades in the wind department. However, Zhang Yinglu is a girl, who dares to do such potentially fatal things.”.
“Monkey, dare you?” Mo Fan asked.
“Why not dare!” Zhang Xiaohou patted his chest.
Zhang Xiaohou stood up and said to several class cadres such as Zhou Min, Xu Zhaoting, and Zhang Shuhua, “Tie the rope around me, I’ll come.”
Zhang Shuhua and Xu Zhaoting both expressed skepticism and looked up and down at Zhang Xiaohou, who was not particularly prominent in the top class.
However, it’s better to have someone stand up than to be in a hurry.
Zhou Min’s movements were fairly agile, and soon tied one end of the rope to Zhang Xiaohou’s waist.
“Get out of the way, get out of the way, give Zhang Xiaohou a run up.”
Other people immediately gave Zhang Xiaohou a thumbs up. Many people stood on the edge of the cliff and were shaken by the strong wind. Who has the courage to jump!
“Monkey, don’t worry, if you don’t jump over, I’ll pull you up.” Mo Fan tied the other end of the rope to the tree trunk here, and firmly grasped the rope with both hands!
Zhang Xiaohou gave Mo Fan a simple and honest smile.
Taking a deep breath, Zhang Xiaohou slowly closed his eyes, wondering whether he was connecting the orbit or giving himself courage!
Suddenly, Zhang Xiaohou opened his eyes, and the middle of his pupils shone with a cyan glow.
An inexplicable gust of wind swept around Zhang Xiaohou!
Under the control of Zhang Xiaohou’s thoughts, the wild weathering formed a wind path from the hillside to the extreme edge of the cliff.
This track is invisible, but the dust raised allows everyone to clearly see it as a special passage of wind!
“Wind track? Hurry!”
Zhang Xiaohou let out a shout, and the twinkling star tracks around him reached their brightest level.
A gust of wind, rustling skirts!
Zhang Xiaohou’s body turned into a vague shadow and quickly passed through the path of the wind created by himself, galloping through the path of the wind. Zhang Xiaohou’s speed became faster and faster!
The hillside was no resistance to Zhang Xiaohou. Zhang Xiaohou sprinted across and separated the weeds under his feet like water waves, rushing quickly towards the edge of the cliff!
“Jump, jump!”
Xu Zhaoting, Zhou Min, and Zhang Shuhua all stared closely at Zhang Xiaohou, and Zhang Yinglu, the girl from the wind department who dared not jump, even widened her eyes!
Zhang Xiaohou reached the edge of the cliff, and with a strong right foot, he crushed a piece of rock on the edge of the cliff while jumping up!
In the air, Zhang Xiaohou’s face was distorted by the roaring wind above the river valley.
His body drew an arc between the cliffs, gradually approaching another one.
At this moment, Mo Fan fiercely grasped the rope. Once Zhang Xiaohou’s takeoff distance is not enough, he must hold him, otherwise he may hit some rocky rocks under the cliff!
The remaining 19 people all looked up and saw Zhang Xiaohou flying over the cliff, their hearts hanging completely.
Finally, Zhang Xiaohou slipped down.
His feet heavily stepped on the extreme edge of the other cliff, and his body rolled forward in a continuous motion.
Finally, as he continued to roll, he hit the big tree on the opposite cliff, making everyone on the other side of the cliff dumbfounded.
As he was crossing his eyes, he immediately turned around and gave a simple and honest smile to the 19 people on the other side of the cliff, looking very funny.
Although his appearance was funny, Zhang Xiaohou’s image suddenly stood a bit taller in front of all his classmates.
Of the 20 people, there are about 4 in the wind department, but Zhang Xiaohou is the only one who dares to jump over.
At this time, how can other wind departments perform well?
“Monkey, that’s great!” Mo Fan shouted first.
Zhou Min, Zhang Shuhua, Wang Sanpang, and others also gave Zhang Xiaohou a thumbs up.
“Let’s go!” Xu Zhaoting was the first to climb the rope.
The remaining 19 people successfully climbed the cliff of the river valley, which is also considered to be the first test of this experience, as they have reached their destination, Baicao Valley

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