Chapter 42 Pit Students

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Three groups of 20 people had just passed the river valley, and in the woods below the cliff slope, a man in a straw hat jumped down from a tree, still holding a scoreboard in his hand!

After registering, the man quickly left the forest and headed for an empty meadow.
“All three groups passed, and the wind student named Zhang Xiaohou performed very well.” The man in a straw hat walked into a tent and said to the man in the tent.
If students are here, they will be surprised to find that their practice teachers and instructors are basically here, sitting comfortably on the grass eating snacks and drinking small drinks.
“Oh?” The Chief Instructor cut the air and raised his eyebrows.
In the impression of Chopping the Sky, the name Zhang Xiaohou does not seem to exist among the wind students with higher cultivation levels.
Alas, it’s also normal. Cultivation is only the foundation. A mage who can truly take charge of himself depends on his brain and courage!
“Write down your name and you can give a high score,” the chief instructor said to Pan Lijun, the deputy instructor next to him.
Pan Lijun nodded and quickly wrote down the name of Zhang Xiaohou.
“Haha, it’s still your post station soldiers who can play.” Zhang Jianguo said with a chuckle.

“Yes, first throw these students directly into the mountains, make it clear that there will be no rescue or assistance, then secretly follow them, and mark them on the basis of each student’s outstanding performance in completing this task… This is a great move!” Chen Weiliang also laughed.
“Well, compared to the previous days, this can obviously better reflect the psychological quality of each student.” Teacher Tang Yue also nodded.
“Those 100 students who were cursed as garbage need to know what their own teachers and instructors would have done if they had collaborated to pit them. They also don’t know the expression on their faces.”.
Of course, teachers and instructors cannot ignore this group of students, as the things they are currently learning do not have sufficient ability to survive in the wild, but it cannot achieve results without creating a most realistic environment for them. Therefore, the best way is to treat them cruelly on the surface and follow them secretly. If there is any major accident, they can immediately take action.
“Boss, I was almost deceived by you. I thought you really wanted to be so ruthless and not allow a student to pass this training,” said Deputy Instructor Pan Lijun.
“You are mistaken. Those who have no effect in training will not be allowed to pass,” said Zhankong directly.
“This… but this reward, no one can complete it.”
“Yes, I think it’s very, very amazing that they could cross that demon vine area,” said Chen Weiliang.
“Of course, none of them can complete the real reward offer, let alone them. None of our instructors here may be able to complete it,” said Zhankong with a smile.
“Instructors may not necessarily complete?? What does it mean??” Zhang Jianguo asked somewhat puzzled.
“That’s right. Since we use the Cyclops Wolf lair as the destination for students to test, we need to ensure that there are 100% Cyclops remaining inside, so we also sent a mage from the Summoning Department to guard there. The Summoning Department mage is actually the last test for all students. There are indeed no demons in the lair, but there is a summoning beast…” Luo Yunbo smiled and said.

The teachers’ group’s eyes lit up as they listened.
Chen Weiliang, the teaching director, clapped his hands and shouted “Hello!”!!
“Wonderful, wonderful, this move is really wonderful!”
Xue Musheng also nodded wildly: “Yes, it’s certainly not possible for us to let this group of students face real demons now, with heavy casualties. However, training is to train each student to be calm when dealing with demons, and not facing them will not achieve the effect of experience. Sending a mage from the summoning department to let his summoning beasts play the role of demons is really suitable, not only achieving the effect of showing students the real demons, but also ensuring their safety and security!”
“Thank you so much for coming up with such a perfect training method, and I believe the students will definitely gain a lot from this training!” Xue Musheng said with a smile.
“It should be.”
“In other words, there should be only one summoning beast. What if those students were stronger than we expected and united to defeat that summoning beast?” Teacher Tang Yue couldn’t help asking.
“Alas, Teacher Tang Yue, you’re thinking too much… We’ve been teaching at Tianlan Magic High School for more than 20 years, and we’ve never heard of several students who can completely release magic when they first face monsters. To take a step back, even if some of them can completely release magic, with these students only at level 1, it’s impossible to hurt the bones and muscles of summoning beasts.” Zhang Jianguo promised.

“Yes, among all elemental systems, the most powerful ones are Fire and Thunder. Only Xu Zhaoting of Thunder can have a slight deterrent effect on summoning beasts, while Fire? Burning can cause summoning beasts to hurt their skin and flesh at most.” Chen Weiliang said with a smile.

The teachers and instructors all burst into laughter.
Indeed, they are very clear about the strength of the students. This experience itself is an impossible task to complete. What they want is for the students to grow in the process of the task. As for the entire task, they basically know what they have experienced!
Teacher Tang Yue didn’t smile. She glanced at the valley in the distance, which was shrouded in some mist.
“Mo Fan has held the Stardust Magic Weapon for a whole year, and his Huozi has not been promoted to a higher level. If so, he should be the only student who can hurt the summoning beast. If he hurts the summoning beast, it shouldn’t be a problem to get an S.” Tang Yue muttered secretly in her heart.
Subsequently, Tang Yue shook her head again.
In the face of fierce demons, it’s great to be able to fully unleash your skills.
Tang Yue only hopes that this training of 100 top students will not ruin the entire army in the summoning beast stage, because in fact, as long as any skill is released in this stage, Slashing the Sky will give him an A score in the training section!
A is already the highest score that students have obtained from instructors in all these years of training!

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