Chapter 43: Mind everywhere!

After walking through the valley and through the tall weeds, everyone finally saw the Baicao Valley!
There should be many entrances to the Baicao Valley. To enter the valley, you have to pass through the narrow and winding valleys in front of you.
“Why are there so many vines on this road? They all grow from the top of the mountain to the ground, and they look so disgusting.” The more delicate girls immediately muttered.
Tree vines and grass vines crisscross the narrow path in front of them. Some are like a python climbing on the mountain wall from a high place, while others are intricately intertwined on the ground. It looks like they have entered a dark blue python nest. It’s scary and ferocious. No wonder some timid girls feel creepy when they look at it.
“Aren’t they just some broken vines? Afraid of laying eggs, come and follow me!” The time came for Wang Sanfat to show his bravery in front of his female classmates, when the spears and horses walked ahead.
Wang Sanpang’s bloated body pushed aside the few canes hanging in front of him with thick wrists, and he strode forward with his chest high.
“His physique is really suitable for driving this kind of road. He can pass it, and all the rest of the students can pass it.”.
“Ah!!! Sleeping slot, what a ghost! Oh, sleeping slot, help, help!!!” Suddenly, Wang Sanpang uttered a howl like an old dog being beaten half way inside!
All the students unconsciously stepped back a few steps, and Dingqing looked at them, suddenly feeling a tingle in their scalp.
Originally, those vines can move!!
These vines twisted their bodies and quickly tied Wang Sanpang up after he stepped into their territory. Wang Sanpang’s huge body was lifted upside down.
There are also thorns and thorns on the vine. When they were pulled, all of Wang Sanpang’s fat skin was cut and a lot of blood was left behind at once, making the little girls like Zhang Yinglu scream incessantly.
“Shout and scream, what else can you do except scream!” The irritable Xu Zhaoting immediately roared.
As soon as he finished speaking, Xu Zhaoting had already stood in place, and the first star appeared in an illusory image in front of Xu Zhaoting’s forehead, with the gorgeous purple color that made him look a bit fascinated.
The stars appeared one by one, all arranged under the skillful control of Xu Zhaoting!
In an instant, a star orbit formed.
“Thunder prints? Python marks!”
Xu Zhaoting’s thunder skills were developed in one fell swoop, and there suddenly appeared a series of anxious lightning arcs around him.
These lightning arcs were printed on Xu Zhaoting’s command and all rushed towards the narrow path, whipping them on the demon vines that were dragging Wang Sanfat away.
Lei Yin made many scorched black marks on the demon vines, but the demon vines of the botanical family were obviously not so afraid of lightning attacks. They just shrank slightly and brazenly entrusted Wang Sanfat to the top!
“Help, help…” Wang Sanpang cried with a crying voice, but as a cane choked his throat, Wang Sanpang even lost his strength to shout.
The students were in a mess.
Xu Zhaoting’s thunder seal doesn’t work at all. How can we stop these demon vines.
There was another scream, and it turned out that these demon vines were not satisfied with Wang Sanpang at all. They had already taken a fancy to the girls with delicate skin and flesh. The girl named Zheng Yunxia was trapped in her ankle.
Zheng Yunxia is a water system mage. The problem is that at this time, she may have forgotten what Xingchen is, let alone casting skills.
“Don’t panic, I’ll deal with them!!” Class One Leader Zhou Minjiao drank.
A fire system star orbit quickly formed around Zhou Min, and Zhou Min, who was already a bit heroic, suddenly added a bit of a fiery mania.
“Fire? Burning!”
A flame sprang up in the palm of Zhou Min’s hand, and with a wave of Zhou Min’s hand, the flame disappeared into the demon vines.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”
The burning fire suddenly sprang up among the demon vines.
Flaming tongues danced wildly, and the speed of the vine was also quite fast. In an instant, it swallowed up a large area of demon vines.
Those demon vines were very afraid of flames, and after Zhou Min’s fire fell, the demon vines scattered as quickly as they saw ghosts.
The demon vines quickly released Wang Sanpang, who was thrown down by the hanging Wang Sanpang. Fortunately, he landed with a rounded belly, otherwise his face would have collapsed.
“The monitor is awesome!!”
“It’s still a good use of the fire system, these demon vines directly scared the urine.”
“Yes, the monitor is mighty!”
A group of students saw that the demon vine had retreated for the most part and cheered one after another.
Xu Zhaoting, a proud son of the Thunder clan, stood there, his face not looking very good.
Plant organisms have a natural ability to resist lightning, which is also a matter of no choice.
Mo Fan was watching, but he didn’t use any fire skills from beginning to end.
Anyway, monitor Zhou Min can already handle these demon vines, so there is no need to take action on his own.
What’s more
Zhou Min’s Huo Zi is still at the first level, and his Huo Zi is on the day of departure for training… hehe hehe!
Little demon vine, you don’t need me to do it. It’s better to save some blue!
Zhou Min unleashed his divine power and unleashed four flames along the narrow path, driving out all those demon vines who were unfaithful to the girls… At this time, the power of the fire system was fully demonstrated, and the burning effect was much more domineering than the skills of other systems.
“Zhou Min, a girl from the Fire Department. Hmm, hmm, this girl still has a strong appetite for me.” In a tent, the Chief Instructor of Chopping Kong touched the little Hu scum and said.
“Now it should be the fastest progress in the group, with many excellent students in the group.” Zhang Jianguo asked.
“A group of fire mages are a waste material, and they cannot release their skills in the face of demon vines. Finally, the student named Mu Bai delayed freezing the demon vines, which was the fastest and most successful way to reach Baicao Valley. Soon, they will encounter the Youwolf beast! The time has come to truly test them!”
“Shouldn’t the wolf beast hurt the students?”
“Injured, that’s for sure. It’s normal to break a few bones, but our summoning mage and his wolf beast will have a sense of proportion,” Pan Lijun said.
“Otherwise, I’ll make a phone call to remind you that if students get seriously injured, it will also affect their rush to college next year.”
“There’s no signal in the valley, it’s okay. Bai Yang knows the weight,” Luo Yunbo said.
“Bai Yang? Isn’t it the light mage who said he was killed in battle?” Tang Yue was stunned for a moment.
“Zhankong smiled and said, ‘I made it up. He is the summoning mage of our Xuefeng Mountain Post Station, staying behind the old lair of the one-eyed demon wolf. However, there are blue bracelets, right in the lair.'”
Tang Yue is also speechless, and this chief instructor is always scheming!
I don’t know if these students can live well.

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