Chapter 44 Surprise Demons!

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The scenery in the valley is good, with a palm-shaped lake to the south and a raised mountain pass to the north.

The old lair of the Cyclops is located at the mountain pass. In fact, standing in the center of the Baicao Valley can be seen at a glance.
A group of team leaders is of course green tea… of course, deputy monitor Mu Bai!
During this training, Mu Bai successfully subdued everyone in the team, and the girls all admired him even more.
He really contributed a lot to being able to enter the Baicao Valley so quickly this time.
“The cave is right there, I thought it was difficult to offer a reward, but we haven’t found the destination yet!” Zhao Kun said with a chuckle.
Zhao Kunsan was also impatient, and in the last quarter, he joined the top class, successfully collaborating with Mu Bai again.
“Be careful, offering a reward can’t be that simple.” Mu Bai is from a large family and has a wide range of knowledge. He knows that offering a reward can’t be handled casually.
A team of 20 people led by Mu Bai have climbed up the steep hillside to the entrance of the lair.
Standing at the mountain pass, there is a smaller spring pool at the mountain pass, and the water in the spring pool is only about half the size.
The cave can already be seen, and the opening is very large, similar to the underground passage in the city.
Looking into the cave, it was a deep darkness, which easily led to a fear of darkness and the unknown. In addition, the wind blowing out of the cave made goose bumps spread all over the body.
“Why don’t we wait for more people to enter?” He Yu said timidly.
“I also think it’s so scary.” Zhao Kunsan doesn’t have the guts either.
God knows what’s in this cave, so he ventured in like this
If there were really demons, life would be gone.
While everyone was discussing, another group of people were coming down the mountain towards the pass.
“It seems to be in three groups, that’s great!” He Yu said happily.
Due to the relationship between Mu Bai and Xu Zhaoting, the first and third groups are the most effective among the five groups.

Seeing that the three groups of people were still much slower than themselves, Mu Bai couldn’t help but sneer. Although Xu Zhaoting and Mo Fan were both S guys in the same team in the annual assessment, what about that? In practice, I am much more powerful as a person who has been influenced by the family.
Soon, three groups and one group of people will meet, and the other three groups may not even have passed the level of Demon Rattan, or even have been eliminated from the valley.
Also, not every wind mage in the valley dares to jump.
“Let’s go, let’s go in together. The light system, you guys have finally made a difference. Turn on the light bulb!” Zhao Kunsan was emboldened by the crowd, but his cheap mouth still hasn’t changed.
The students of the Department of Optics complained one by one.
However, their initial skill nickname is indeed “mobile light bulb.”.
The students of the Department of Light used their abilities to illuminate the grotesque caves, but even deeper, there was still a vast expanse of darkness that made people’s hearts beat inexplicably faster.
“The wind system is exploring the way ahead, and you have the wind track skills. Even if you encounter situations, you can immediately evacuate.” Mu Bai is indeed from a great family, and knows how to reasonably allocate a team.
The students of the Wind Department didn’t say much either. Zhao Kunsan, Zhang Yinglu, Yang Xintian, and others have already taken the lead.
“Brother Fan, I went ahead to explore the road… What are you looking at?” Zhang Xiaohou is a member of the Wind Department, and naturally has to be responsible for exploring the road.
In the cave, it’s definitely not possible for such a large group of people to be led by no one in front. Once they encounter a situation, they will immediately become a mess. Mu Bai’s decision was indeed correct.
Mo Fan was still standing at the entrance of the mountain, but his eyes were fixed on the pool in front of the entrance.
It rained a few days ago, and it’s normal to have water in this pool.
However, Mo Fan found strange places.
“There is still a water line at the edge of the pool, which indicates that the water in the pool should have been at this location, with water marks still visible, and the water level will not fall for more than half a day… If it evaporates, the evaporation speed is not so fast…” Mo Fan said to himself.
“Could it be a group of people who filled the water?” Zhang Xiaohou said.

“We have all filled the lake with water, and there is no reason to go up to the mountain and fill it again,” Mo Fan continued.
“What do you mean…” Zhang Xiaohou rarely sees Mo Fan taking it so seriously.
“The chief instructor said that there used to be a group of one-eyed magic wolves perched here, and this pool at the entrance of the cave was not an accident. It was the basin where they drank water. The water line fell a few hours ago, and the water mark was still there.” Mo Fan thought.
“Zhang Xiaohou is not stupid. Why didn’t he guess the meaning of Mo Fan’s words? His whole face turned blue with fear.”.
“Brother Fan, don’t scare me. You mean there’s something still living in this cave, and I came out to drink some water not long ago.” Zhang Xiaohou stammered.
“The water level has dropped so much, indicating that this cargo is still particularly large, or not just one,” Mo Fan added.
Zhang Xiaohou’s teeth trembled.
“Let’s go, maybe I’m being paranoid.” Mo Fan clapped his hands and followed the procession that had already entered the cave.
Zhang Xiaohou hurriedly ran to the front of the team and told Mu Bai, Xu Zhaoting, Zhou Min, and others about Mo Fan’s discovery.
However, before Zhang Xiaohou could complete his words, suddenly a demon wind filled with a fishy smell surged out of the cave and frantically slapped 40 students in the face
The feeling was like a big wave was about to hit me, my hair and clothes were all messed up, and I could feel the spray on my face!
A fierce, two gruesome cries came from deeper in the cave.
At this moment, everyone understands what a strong wind with sticky water vapor is!
Oh my God, that’s the saliva that comes out of the demon’s mouth when he roars!!

All 40 students were stunned and stiff.
The next second, their entire face will be deformed, completely filled with fear from the bottom of their hearts.
It’s a demon!!!!
“They have to contact the topic of demons all the time in school, and have rehearsed countless times in their minds about fighting them with high spirits. However, when they truly felt that there were two green and greedy eyes shooting from the depths of the cave, their minds went blank!”!
The light of the light magicians still hovered in the air, illuminating the cave ahead.
A foot covered with green sweat suddenly stepped out of the darkness, and its sharp claws plunged into the surface of the earth
Immediately afterwards, a head slowly protruded and suddenly exposed to the area illuminated by the light!!
A row of serrated tusks suddenly appeared, and the creepy front teeth suddenly dropped from the upper jaw to the lower jaw, exposing themselves to the air and the eyeballs of these students.
The slow dripping of green saliva from these two fierce sword teeth completely indicates that this guy is hungry at the moment!
The ferocious and ferocious wolf’s head, a neck that is more powerful than ordinary coyotes, a size larger than a camel, and a body full of rock muscles, as well as the dark blue bristling hair covering like a needle tip
This demon stood in front of 40 students like that, with green eyes completely overlooking a pile of delicious food delivered, greedy and indifferent!
“Run… Run… Run!!!”
“I don’t know who’s calling with a trembling voice.”.

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