Chapter 45 The Wolf Beast

In the next second, the group of magic students all turned into frightened wild birds, crashing and crowding in a panic, and stammering towards the cave.
“Run quickly, why are you still standing there?” Zhang Xiaohou saw He Yu beside him, who was already scared to death. Without saying a word, he grabbed the girl’s arm.
“Wind… wind… wind track… damn it!”
Zhang Xiaohou tried to complete the magic, but with his heart rate racing wildly, his stars couldn’t even make it.
As usual, he can complete the orbit 100% errorless, and Zhang Xiaohou himself feels that magic has become adept. However, when a scary demon is 20 meters away, he finds that everything he learns is b*******!
The stars who are extremely obedient on weekdays are also like frightened fawns, bumping around among the stardust of these magician students. No one will ever use magic at this time, and each one is relying on their instinct to escape towards the outside of the cave.
“Brother Fan, Brother Fan, hurry up… hurry up!” Zhang Xiaohou desperately dragged He Yu, who was stunned, to run outside the cave.
Mo Fan is no different from this group of fleeing students at this time, especially when the screams, scared cries, and the sound of urinating in his pants are mixed, and he cannot fully concentrate on releasing the magic
No, I have to run myself.
Mo Fanxingzi could reach the sixth star, but when he reached the seventh star, he was roared by the demon and his thoughts suddenly dispersed. How could he cast magic.
In desperation, he grabbed Zhou Min next to him.
“Let go of me, I’ll drag this one eyed demon wolf, and the rest of you calm down quickly.” Zhou Min is really a stubborn girl who doesn’t want to die.
“Is there something wrong with your brain?” Mo Fan was fortunate enough to directly lift Zhou Min up.
Zhou Min looks fierce, but in fact, she is just a petite little girl. After Mo Fan cultivates the Thunder Department, her overall physical strength still has some. It’s not too difficult to carry Zhou Min and run.
It’s not that Mo Fan doesn’t give Zhou Min the chance to cast magic, but that even he can only make six stars in a row at such a time. A girl whose cultivation is more than one level inferior to mine can’t possibly complete it!
At this time, don’t be a his mother team leader. You can run as many as you can.
Mo Fan ran wildly with Zhou Min on his shoulder, and the cries and screams were extremely harsh in his ears.
“Damn it, it’s no wonder that the old birds in that post station want to laugh at us. It turns out that when we practice with puppet puppets in school, when we face real demons, we are just a bunch of scum. None of us has completed the magic, and the first reaction is to escape… But to escape is to be killed one by one. The mountain pass was only climbed by us with ropes, and we can escape to the mountain pass at most. There is only one rope in total, and few people can climb down.”
Mo Fan’s brain is still a bit messy, and he is trying hard to calm himself down and think, but the horror of demons is far beyond their imagination.
This feeling is like watching horror movies, and if you just look at the pictures, horror movies are not so unacceptable.
However, when you turn on the sound effect, the horror level of the movie immediately rises to more than one level.
At this point, this situation is not just a matter of watching horror movies, but rather the ghost actually emerges from the screen, not far from your eyes, and you can even clearly see the blood flowing out of his eyes
In this case, no one can calm down!
Mo Fan ran fairly fast, and after carrying Zhou Min out of the mountain pass, Zhou Min had already become so frightened that his legs could not stand steadily.
“It’s terrible, and all this is really terrible for them, ten times more terrifying than any nightmare they have ever had!”!
“Oh my God, where’s the rope!”
“No, no, I don’t want to die here!”
“What’s the matter?” Mu Bai and Xu Zhaoting were somewhat rational, but from their awkward appearance, they didn’t exert any magic.
At least ten people fainted in the cave, and more than twenty people who escaped tried to slide down the rope.
However, the rope is missing!!
Now, unless they jump straight down
“What should we do? Are we all going to die here?” Zhao Kunsan trembled with fear.
In fact, in addition to the stench of the one-eyed demon wolf breathing, there is already a strong smell of commotion pervading here, and students with wet crotches and library tubes are everywhere.
“The one-eyed demon wolf has chased me out, and I would rather fall to death than be eaten alive,” said a boy from the water department.
“Damn it, so many people fainted in the hole, why didn’t that guy go eat and chase them out?” Zhao Kunsan said.
Although Zhou Min and Xu Zhaoting were afraid, they all gave Zhao Kunsan a hard look when they heard Zhao Kunsan say such crazy things.
“Running is useless, we need to unite against it.”
“How to deal with it? I even forgot what department I studied.”
Three hundred meters from the mountain pass, there is a stone platform extending from the mountain wall.
At the location of the stone platform, Chief Instructor Zhankong, Instructor Luo Yunbo, Pan Lijun, and the summoner Bai Yang were standing there, looking at the group of students trapped at the mountain pass from a distance.
The summoner named Bai Yang was already smiling and covering his stomach, and in his eyes, he could see one of the students urinating and limping in his pants.
The chief instructor beheaded and looked at the group of students who had not performed a single spell, shaking their heads vigorously.
It’s too disappointing.
I thought that this year’s student union of Tianlan Magic High School had some skills, but who knows that up to now, there is no one who can wield magic.
It is said that students are a group of empty talk wizards, but the fact is true. Schools spend so much resources to cultivate them, but when they truly face demons, they look like this.
The three teachers, Zhang Jianguo, Xue Musheng, and Chen Weiliang, also looked embarrassed at this time.
“They all know how much students weigh. Schools generally pursue students’ accomplishments, so that their reports look good. As for practical things, most of them just pass away.”.
Practicing combat means fighting on your own. How can schools teach you?
“Hmm? Someone has released magic.” Luo Yunbo’s eyes were sharp and he noticed a white light shining at the distant mountain pass.
“It’s an ice department… that person seems to be Mu Bai!” Xue Musheng immediately smiled on his face.
Chen Weiliang and Zhang Jianguo also looked quickly, and it was Mu Bai who was the first to release the magic.
The white ice and frost atmosphere is hovering around the area where Mu Bai is located, and those ice and frost elves turn into soldiers who surge up, quickly covering the limbs of the Wolf beast that has already walked out of the cave!
“Well, take it down,” said the chief instructor, beheading the air.
“This is the son of the Mu family, who is influenced by the family and has a certain temperament as a disciple of the Mu family. His psychological quality and adaptability are much better than those of other students,” Xue Musheng said quickly.
The children of the Aristocratic Family are the children of the Aristocratic Family. Other students are still in a state of mental breakdown, and Mu Bai has already calmed down and released the magic.
Being able to unleash his ice skill – Ice Creek – in this fear, Mu Bai can already obtain the excellent A score.
Now, it’s up to the other students to calm down.

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