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At the mountain pass, Mu Bai stood in front of the Wolf Beast with a high spirit. The cold force he controlled turned into slow frost, covering the limbs of the Wolf Beast.

Mu Bai was about to show a sigh of relief, but suddenly found that the pace of the wolf beast was only slightly slower, completely without affecting its approach to them.
“Doesn’t work?” Mu Bai looked dumbfounded.
“My own ice vine can somehow freeze three or four people in place, and in Mu Bai’s opinion, it can somehow buy some time for other classmates to calm down. Who knows that the power of the limbs of this wolf beast is so powerful, and the white ice vine did not stop it.”.
Stepping on the ice and frost, the wolf beast continued to move forward.
The target of the Wolf Beast at the moment is Mu Bai. Its forelimbs are raised high in front of Mu Bai, and it is thumped hard in front of Mu Bai!!
“Boom, boom, boom, boom.”
A force of wild shock swept up flying sand and stones, and together with Mu Bai, they flew five or six meters away.
Mu Bai had no defense ability at all, and fell directly to the ground in this earthquake. After falling, he had no chance to climb up again.
“Mu Bai!”
Zhao Kun hurriedly ran over, only to find Mu Bai’s clothes were riddled with holes, and his skin was festered by the sand and stones!
After finally regaining consciousness, He Yu saw this behind the scenes, and was frightened to look like a small baby without any movement power squatting there crying incessantly.
“His cry seemed to annoy the Wolf Beast, who walked towards He Yu with proud and contemptuous steps.”.
In the eyes of the Wolf Beast, there is no such thing as pity for the fragrant and cherishing the jade. Mu Bai was shocked by the shock and was covered with blood, and I don’t know what will happen to the delicate He Yu.
“Damn it, hurry up and run!” Zhang Xiaohou was worried.
As soon as he gritted his teeth, Zhang Xiaohou ran towards He Yu again, trying to pull her out of the terrifying sight of the wolf beast.

“Monkey, you’re not going to die!” Not far away, Mo Fan couldn’t calm down anymore when he saw this behind the scenes.
In Mo Fan’s opinion, Mu Bai’s behavior just now was really stupid, and his power alone could not shake this demon, whose strength is more than one level higher than those mages. Fortunately, this Youwolf beast is not completely fond of killing, otherwise, just now that forelimb was directly shot at Mu Bai’s body, Mu Bai would definitely be bloody and vulnerable!
“Fire… fire!”
In the chaos, Zhou Min almost bit her lips before finally releasing her fire skills!
“The fire flew towards the Wolf Beast, perhaps because it was too flustered, and the fire only hit the Wolf Beast at its feet. A large cluster of inexplicable flames lit up beside the Wolf Beast, illuminating the dark blue Wolf Beast red.”.
The Wolf Beast didn’t care about the burning flame at all, and continued walking towards He Yu and Zhang Xiaohou.
“Animal, taste my thunder seal!”
Xu Zhaoting let out a loud roar, accompanied by countless electric arcs around him.
Under the command of Xu Zhaoting, these electric arcs were whipped towards the Wolf Beast!
Each purple lightning arc can cause a convulsion to the body of the wolf beast, and the wolf beast can no longer move its steps, and emits a low roar of pain!
The green eyes of the wolf beast suddenly swept towards Xu Zhaoting.
The wolf beast opened the mouth of the blood basin and roared at Xu Zhaoting.
At that moment, the wind was raging, and there were already many sand and stones at the mountain pass. These sand and stones were swept up by the roaring force and flew towards Xu Zhaoting like an earth dragon.
“Three Fat!” Xu Zhaoting shouted in a panic when he saw this scene.

That Wang Sanpang also gave a loud cry.
“Ground wave? Move!!”
Wang Sanpang’s fat body unexpectedly bent down, with both hands inserted into the ground
The ground was full of gravel, which suddenly turned into a controllable wave after Wang Sanpang’s hand sank into the ground, like ripples caused by a stone suddenly thrown into the lake water of a mirror.
This ripple appeared on the surface full of sand and stones, turning into a ground wave that quickly appeared in front of Xu Zhaoting
Xu Zhaoting could not have avoided the flying sand and flying stones that came rushing towards him, but the appearance of this underground wave made Xu Zhaoting move five or six meters away, avoiding the flying sand and flying stones that were enough to make people bloody!
Xu Zhaoting’s eyes were closed. When he opened them, he found himself moving to another place. His face was filled with joy and he gave his good friend Wang Sanpang a thumbs up.
Wang Sanpang chuckled, but he didn’t expect his ground wave to be released so well.
“Everyone need not be afraid, we have so many people, and if everyone uses magic, they can definitely defeat this one-eyed demon wolf!” Xu Zhaoting immediately became a leader and shouted to everyone after showing amazing strength.
“Everyone, quickly connect to the orbit, Lei Yin has a muscle paralysis effect, and this one-eyed demon wolf must be difficult to move now. Take this moment to fight back!” Wang Sanpang also summoned his courage and shouted.
As Wang Sanpang said, after being whipped by Lei Yin, the Youwolf beast has been fixed there and constantly twitching its muscles.
This is undoubtedly life-saving news for everyone. At one time, several calm down mages began trying to connect to the star orbit.
“Shine? Purify!”
“Ice vine? Freeze late!”

“Waters? Decompose!”

“Ground wave? Move!”
“Fire? Burning!”
At one time, seven or eight students from different departments completed their magic, which produced different effects and flew towards the wolf beast.
After being paralyzed in place, the Wolf Beast immediately received skill attacks from all directions, and immediately uttered a painful roar.
“Fire Department, hurry up, fire department, we temporarily suppressed this one-eyed demon wolf, and fire department burned him!” Xu Zhaoting has become a leader, shouting as he continued to apply the next thunder seal.
The fire system is the DPS, and the light system temporarily blinds the eyes of the wolf beast. After the ice tendrils of several ice mages were stacked, the lower limbs of the wolf beast were frozen. At this time, it is necessary to rely on the fire system to burn the wolf beast strong enough!
Zhou Min’s small mouth was biting and bleeding, and she finally released an accurate and complete fire. The fire burned on the back of the wolf beast, which could be seen crying in greater pain.
Just when everyone thought that a group attack could have an effect, the wolf beast roared twice in a row.
Two flying sand and stones were raised at the same time, one sweeping towards Xu Zhaoting and Wang Sanfat, and the other flying towards the other three who could wield magic.
These two flying sand and moving stones have caused a devastating blow to the group of students, and patches of people have been beaten to pieces
All the students who had just found a glimmer of life were suddenly defeated!

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