Chapter 58 Canteen Monster

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“Did you find anything?” Guo Caitang asked.

“I asked the person who last saw the missing girl, and she said she smelled the rotten smell of the cafeteria. It’s basically certain that there’s either a pervert female thief hiding in the cafeteria, or there’s a demon.” Mo Fan pushed his glasses that reflect the wisdom light. What did Conan say about that? Ah yes, there’s only one truth!
“Really? So tonight you guard the canteen, and we’ll go to the teaching building, the inscription park mountain, the dormitory building, and the playground to watch.” Guo Caitang said with a bit of pride.
“That… why not me guarding the dormitory building? I heard that there are still many boarding students staying at school, and their safety is still left to…” Mo Fan said.
“That’s enough for Feishi to be there.”
Mo Fan has a pain in his egg. At first glance, Feishi is the kind of strange uncle who can steal girls’ underwear. Let him look at the girls’ dormitory. Girls are even more dangerous!
At night, Mo Fanzhen was assigned to the canteen.
The canteen of the Legend Girls’ High School is very large, like a conference hall. It is considered an aristocratic school. It is reasonable for the canteen to be so spacious and luxurious. Even if it is like the canteen of Tianlan Magic High School, Nima needs to hide something inside. The aunt of the canteen blew it out with a broom.
In the dark dining hall, only some distant lights illuminate a few places, and neat tables and chairs are placed there in a cold and quiet manner. Mo Fan, squatting in a corner, imagines in his mind the images of young girls eating here in short skirts in summer, full of fragrance and infinite spring light
“Dong Dong Dong!!!”
Suddenly, a sound came from somewhere.
A lone iron spoon that had forgotten to take away shook with the shaking of the table and chair, and was slowly moving towards the corner of the table.

The iron spoon fell and hit Mo Fan on the head. Mo Fan quickly caught the small iron spoon that almost exposed his position.
Damn it, that would be boring in the evening. The criminal evidence left by eating ice cream almost exposed his whereabouts.
“This cafeteria is really strange. What’s the shock? I feel like there’s a construction team below, and it’s hard to imagine someone repairing a prison cellar below. Recently, these things are very popular around the country.” Mo Fan secretly poked his head and looked around.
“Gu Gu Gu”
Suddenly, a very strange low sound came from the position of the kitchen in the canteen.
With this sound, Mo Fan immediately smelled a rancid taste of food, such as leeks, fishy meat, and pickles.
“Grass, is there really a demon?” Mo Fan’s heart tightened.
Before joining the city demon hunting team, Mo Fan had always thought that the city was a very peaceful and peaceful world. Demons were made up by adults to scare children who didn’t sleep. It didn’t occur to him that there were really monsters lurking in the city. It seems that what his sister-in-law Mo Qing had said was not false either!
Think about it, too. A city so big, with too many unknown places, even if there are real demons that have taken their lives, the police will press over them and solve them secretly. The impact of crowd panic is far greater than what happened.
Mo Fan took out the pager and hid it in his pocket.
This pager is very simple and will give teammates a signal and location to let them know their situation!
“Goo goo goo!! goo goo!!!!”
As soon as the pager is pressed, the thing in the back kitchen of the canteen seems to sense the fluctuation of the signal. A dark blue eye mysteriously peeks out of the grille glass, directly locking in Mo Fan who sent the signal.
The pupil is the size of a basketball, and the sarcomas around the eyes not only make people crawl up with goose bumps.
With the reflected light, Mo Fan can roughly see a contour

That’s a neck.
“It’s as big as the neck of a person holding a thick tree, and it’s completely indistinguishable from the head. In short, it’s roughly the place of the head, with only a basketball sized eye and a big mouth full of rancid food!”!!
“Cao Ni Ma, do these demons come with wireless receivers? I can even detect them by sending a signal!” Mo Fan cursed in his heart.
“As soon as I press the signal, this neck and big eye monster locks itself in. Those alien creatures in the Hollywood blockbusters in the United States don’t have the ability to do so, okay?”!
“Goo goo!!”
Suddenly, the eyes of the neck monster seem to be condensing something, and you can see that its basketball pupils are contracting violently!
The energy reached the critical point, and suddenly a bloody red light shot out from the monster’s pupils!
The bloody red light first pierced the glass window on the side of Tianshui between the students and the canteen aunt, and then flew through the row of dining tables in a row, straight towards the place where Mo Fan was located!!
Mo Fan almost scared to pee.
This thing attacks itself without even calling out, and the cold and fierce look in her eyes is quite like the support of the canteen aunt who immediately turns pale when you want her to eat more meat.
Fortunately, Mo Fan is not dealing with demons for the first time. With his own reaction, he immediately turned sideways towards the entrance of the canteen!
The next second, a scorched hole appeared in the position where Mo Fan had just been. If he hadn’t avoided it, the hole would have appeared in Mo Fan’s chest.
The power of Stardust will, to a certain extent, cause changes in the magician’s physique. Although this change is not very obvious, it also prevents the magician from even being unable to evade some obvious attacks.

Mo Fan was also extremely wise. At the beginning, he chose a place closest to the door, and this tumbling made him successfully escape from the canteen.
However, everything was not as simple as Mo Fan thought, and the big eyed monster with a piercing scream rushed out from the back kitchen of the dining hall. Once again, its huge eyes had something scarlet gathering in them.
Mo Fan looked back and felt even more shocked.
The attack frequency of this cargo is so fast, I’m afraid I can’t evade it now!
Mo Fan has begun to use his mind to trigger the magical mark in his soul, calling out the Scythe Shield to help him resist.
“Water Royal – Dissolve!”
Mo Fan was just about to finish when a clear voice came from a distant basketball court position.
Immediately afterwards, Mo Fan saw a stream of water in the air, floating in front of him like a ribbon, and quickly intertwined into an arc-shaped water shield.
After the scarlet penetrating light hit the shield wrapped by the ribbon of water, it was completely decomposed, and the scarlet energy suddenly changed into countless speckled drops of water along with the scattered water defense skills, scattering at Mo Fan’s feet!
Mo Fan immediately canceled the call of Bone Sickle Shield and turned aside to see the girl named Xiaoke smiling sweetly at her, revealing two cute little tiger teeth.
Girl, you came too late and in time!!

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