Chapter 57 Danger, Passing by

Mo Fan was burning with anxiety. At this time, he wished that he had displacement skills and could quickly reach the Inscription Girls’ High School.
Sitting in a slow taxi, I killed my sister-in-law Mo Qing’s house.
Flying to my sister-in-law’s house, Mo Fan nearly ran head-on into a girl in a wheelchair as he was about to turn the corner.
“Brother Mo Fan.” Ye Xinxia smiled sweetly, both surprised and pleased.
“Xinxia, it’s okay if you’re okay. It scared me to death.” Seeing Ye Xinxia’s smile, Mo Fan’s heart immediately calmed down.
“What’s the matter?”
“Why did I call your phone and say it’s down?”
“I owe you a fee, I’m not willing to pay it.” Ye Xinxia lowered her head and said with some embarrassment.
Okay, girl just wants to save a little money.
No matter what, it’s okay, which makes Mo Fan feel relieved.
“Did your training go well?” Ye Xinxia handed Mo Fan a roll of handkerchief.
These days, there are too few girls wearing handkerchiefs. It’s not about playing with literature and art, it’s about saving handkerchiefs.
Mo Fan wiped his sweat and sniffed the fragrance on his handkerchief. Tsk, tsk, it’s still the seductive scent. The one he stole has lost its scent… Uh, accidentally exposing his lewdness.
“I heard that a girl from your school has disappeared,” Mo Fan said.
“Hmm, hmm.” Ye Xinxia nodded heavily, “It’s so scary. My sister-in-law doesn’t even let me go to school these days.”
“Tell me what happened.”
“It’s a girl from my next class. Her name is Lin Yun’er. On the day she disappeared, I was in the library, too. She also said hello to me and said to go back to the dormitory, but I haven’t seen her since then. The monitoring of various school doors hasn’t caught her leaving the school,” Ye Xinxia said in a small voice.
Seeing her pale face as she recalled this incident, Mo Fan also patted her on the shoulder.
“So, are you the last person to see her?” Mo Fan asked.
“Well, the police have asked me many times, but that’s all I know. But…” Ye Xinxia lowered her head.
“What’s the matter?” Mo Fan pursued.
“After leaving the library, I smelled a strange smell, which seemed like a rancid smell floating from somewhere in the school cafeteria. However, our library was far away from the cafeteria. At that time, my body felt a strange chill, just like… it was like something was staring at me, and I was very scared, so I hurriedly left there.” Ye Xinxia said.
Mo Fan frowned and realized that she was already very close to danger!
“Brother Mo Fan, if I don’t leave so early…” Ye Xinxia looked very disappointed.
“Yes, it’s good that you left early, otherwise you might become the missing girl.” Mo Fan secretly congratulated himself.
Ye Xinxia shook her head and scolded herself in a voice that was almost audible to her, “I think the target of that terrible thing was me at the beginning, and my hasty departure turned it to Lin Yun’er, who was alone. I… I should go find Lin Yun’er and let her leave school with me.”
After hearing Ye Xinxia’s remorse, Mo Fan didn’t know what to say for a moment.
This girl, what’s in her mind.
“If she doesn’t leave early, maybe two people will disappear together. If there is really something dirty in the school, how can the strength of the two girls resist it?”.
“How can I blame you? Even if you go and tell Lin Yun’er, she will still say that you are surprised. You have a sharper sense than others from the beginning, but you are not able to move easily. It is already a great thing to protect yourself,” Mo Fan comforted in a soft voice.
“Brother Mo Fan, do you think Lin Yun’er will have already…”
“Most likely… Oh, no, definitely not, you know, I’m now a member of the City Demon Hunting Team, and this matter will be resolved. How can I let my lovely Xin Xia stay in such a dangerous campus!” Mo Fan patted his chest and said.
This is from Mo Fan’s heart.
You should know that something like this happened in the Inscription Girl Middle School. Even if it weren’t for the City Demon Hunting Team, he would have come here. Ye Xinxia had already lost something important when she was growing up. Mo Fan could not say anything to let her spend her youth in a wheelchair and suffer any other harm.
She is so pure, beautiful, and kind. When she was a child, every time she fought with children in other districts, she was injured and afraid of being scolded by her father. Mo Fan would hide at Ye Xinxia’s house. Ye Xinxia would always carefully clean and bandage her bruises and wounds, and even blush to help her lie
From then on, Mo Fan secretly vowed to take good care of her and not let her suffer any harm.
“These days, you just stay at home and wait for us to clean up the harmful things…” Mo Fan patted Ye Xinxia’s cerebellum and said.
“Hmm, hmm.” Ye Xinxia nodded cleverly.
After learning that Mo Fan is a Lei based mage, Ye Xinxia has definitely improved a lot, and she can also feel that her brother Mo Fan is becoming stronger bit by bit.
From a very ordinary teenager to a magician at first, to a member of the city demon hunting team now, it seems that every time he sees him, he will see his changes. From this, it can be speculated that during the period when he did not see him, he must have worked very hard.
“Brother Mo Fan, are you exposed to the sun during your training?”
“No, why do you ask?”
“You’re too dark to recognize.”
After leaving her sister-in-law’s house, Mo Fan set foot towards the inscribed girls’ middle school.
Damn an egg, a city, a campus, there should be such a terrible thing, let the flowers of the motherland grow in such an environment, teachers can bear, uncle can not bear!
Beautiful girls from the Legend High School, don’t panic, don’t be afraid, your Dark Horse Prince has come to save you from fire and water!!
With a handsome kick, Mo Fan kicked open the school gate, ready to enjoy the adorable gaze of thousands of girls wearing short skirts and white flowers. Unexpectedly, the entire campus was empty at a glance. Several stray cats who were frightened in the flower bed leaned out their heads and stared at Mo Fan at the gate with disdainful eyes, as if to say, “Where did you come from? I’m scared to death!”!
Oh, oh, forget it’s still summer vacation, girls haven’t even started school.
“Hmm? You came earlier than me.” Just a moment later, a woman’s voice came from behind.
Mo Fan looked back and found that it was the extremely proud Guo Caitang.
In addition to a pair of very plump breasts and slender long legs, this woman exudes a “wicked woman” temperament all over her body!

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