Chapter 56 Missing Girl

“Alright, Fanmo, we will give you the relevant documents of the city hunter later.” Captain Xu Dahuang said.
“And documents?” Mo Fan said in some surprise.
“Of course.” Feishi explained with a smile, “This certificate has many privileges. You are now equivalent to a law enforcement officer in this Bo City!”
“You mean, I have become a glorious city manager now?” Mo Fan raised his eyebrows and said.
“Hahaha, we are the city management team.” Li Wenjie suddenly laughed and waited until the laughter stopped before continuing. “What’s different is that our city management team is not cleaning up those illegal traders and philistines, but those who don’t obey the rules and come out to make trouble at night!”
Bo City Management?
Mo Fan couldn’t help but raise a corner of his mouth. This position is quite to his liking, with a strong flavor of saving this hot and water city like Spider Man, Lightning Man, and Iron Man, and then he can also engage in mystery, bubble girl, and so on!
Mo Fan quickly integrated into the atmosphere, and Feishi, an elderly and experienced elder brother, has been introducing Mo Fan to the team and their main responsibilities.
“Hey… what, why didn’t you report to us earlier?? Are you kidding me internationally? Those policemen can handle wool!” As he was laughing, Captain Xu Dahuang was roaring at the conversation end.
Li Wenjie, Xiaoke, Feishi, and others who were joking with Mo Fan, the new team member, suddenly turned serious and stared at their captain, Xu Dahuang.
“At this moment, Feishi frowned and whispered to Mo Fan, who was still somewhat confused,” I originally wanted to invite you to have a few drinks, but I didn’t expect that we had work to do as soon as you joined the team. Not surprisingly, it should be the canteen of Mingwen Girls’ High School that shook the door. “
“The dining hall shakes the door?” Mo Fan widened his eyes.
“I have heard of car shocks, water shocks, and field shocks. For the first time, Nima has heard of canteen shocks. You urban people are really good at playing!”!
“Brother, you are too evil… not as you think, but every late night, the cafeteria of their school will experience inexplicable tremors. At first, I thought it was some engineering team nearby who was working in the middle of the night. Later, I sent someone to guard the report at night, but there was no construction team at all in the middle of the night. Therefore, there was a strange saying on the campus that the legendary inscription” The cafeteria of the Girls’ High School has become refined. “Feishi explained to Mo Fan in a low voice.
“Do you mean the Inscription Girls’ Middle School?” Mo Fan suddenly realized something and demanded.
“Yes, it’s all girls’ schools, even the teachers… tut tut, cough!” Feishi pretended to be serious.
Mo Fan is not willing to have sex anymore. Ye Xinxia is at the girls’ middle school. Recalling that she talked to Ye Xinxia on the phone about two months ago, it seems that she said that their cafeteria was terrible.
“Okay, while the students haven’t started school yet, we will solve this matter immediately!” said Captain Xu Dahuang.
Putting down the phone, Xu Dahuang had no smile on his face.
Li Wenjie, Xiao Ke, Guo Caitang, and Feishi all stared at their captain.
“Something happened, and a second girl disappeared,” Xu Dahuang said in a calm voice.
Everyone frowned.
As early as a few months ago, there was a girl missing from the Mingwen Girls’ High School. As the school authorities were unable to determine whether the girl had actually disappeared within the school, the matter had been handled by the police. After several months, there was still no clue.
There was a morning paper on this matter, but it’s easy to forget that there are at least one million people in a city, and missing persons are not a strange thing for the police.
Xu Dahuang and his team have been to Mingwen Girls’ High School once, but the school has no intention of making a big fuss about it or letting city hunters take action, so it’s over. Who knows that another girl disappeared six months later, and this time it’s true that she disappeared inside the school.
The school finally realized that there was a big problem, so it hurriedly found the city demon hunting team.
“Captain, if someone is missing, should we still find the police?” Xiaoke asked.
“A light mage found some footprints that do not belong to humans,” Xu Dahuang said solemnly.
The others were silent for a moment, but instead, Li Wenjie was all in high spirits, apparently happy to have work to do.
“It took a week to notify us of this incident. What a bunch of idiots. If we were notified immediately, we might still be able to retrieve the missing girl. After so long now, that girl is dead!”
“Some schools are like this, and everyone wants to cover up the bad things. Once they can’t cover up, they know something big will happen!” Guo Caitang snorted coldly.
After listening to everyone’s discussion, Mo Fan’s heart jumped inexplicably.
Missing for a week???
It seems that Ye Xinxia hasn’t contacted herself for a whole week!!
“I don’t have the money to buy a mobile phone yet. Mo Fan usually calls Ye Xinxia through an old phone booth and talks at least once a week.”.
I have just returned from my training and have been preoccupied with how to improve my strength. I also forgot to say peace with Ye Xinxia.
My sister-in-law, Mo Qing, lives near the Mingwen Girls’ High School. Even during the summer vacation, Ye Xinxia spends most of her time immersed in the school library, and it is extremely inconvenient for her to walk
Mo Fan became more anxious as he thought about it and hurriedly borrowed his phone from Feishi.
“The number you dialed is down.”
Mo Fan’s heart jumped.
“I’ll make it with you later!” Mo Fan said nothing and flew out of the Hunter Alliance hall.
“Hey, wait a minute. Anyway, take my phone and we can contact you!” Feishi shouted to Mo Fan.
As he shouted, Feishi threw his mobile phone to Mo Fan, who was running outside.
“Brother, it’s too dangerous for you to throw your phone like this. What if that guy doesn’t catch you?”
“It’s okay, mine is Nokia, not afraid of falling.”
“Big brother, I mean what to do if I hit the dead person!”
“Why did he suddenly look so ugly?”
“Who knows? Anyway, let’s start working.”

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