Chapter 55 City Demon Hunting Team

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“Oh, oh!” Mo Fan was secretly pleased.

It turns out that the Lei-generation mage is so popular in the Hunter Alliance.
It’s no wonder that there may not be one out of a thousand Lei based mages. In addition, the skills of Lei based mages are not inferior to those of Fire based mages in terms of their lethality, and they also have the effect of suppressing monsters such as muscle paralysis and convulsions. With the presence of Lei based mages, the difficulty of the entire Hunter Squad surrounding monsters can be greatly reduced!
Very good, I have successfully found a way to make money and improve my fighting ability!
“However, in order not to expose my natural double lineage, I still need to make a disguise. On the one hand, I don’t want to be recognized, on the other hand, I look mature, and I’m still too high school student!” Mo Fan made a decision and quickly found the black crayon.
It’s not difficult to cross dress. Mo Fan just needs to darken his face and put on a long gray cloak and sweater.
When you put on your hat, you will reveal a face with sharp black edges and corners, and the whole person’s temperament will be completely different!
I found the city demon hunting team and saw the long queue. I couldn’t help but sigh.
Nima, this is all in time to register for the civil service exam!
Line up, you can only queue up, interview first, and then take a second interview. It seems that the interviewer is still a pretty sweet looking beauty.
“What kind of goods are they? Do these fools think our city demon hunting team is a leisurely profession waiting to eat public meals!” said a burly man with gauze wrapped around his head behind the recruitment platform!
“Captain, don’t worry. With so many people hiring, there will always be good ones!” said the man with a fashionable bud hat but a rounded head.
“Actually, this is a good person, who has mastered the level 2 wind track? Flash step, which can be very good at tracking and towing monsters.” said the girl who looked very weak behind the burly man.
“I’m fine with the Wind Department, but do you need anyone else?” said the Wind Department mage, who looked very elegant with his shirt and long hair.
“These are just options to consider, but I still haven’t seen anything that satisfies me,” said the burly man wrapped in gauze.
“Otherwise, let’s just be honest, this guy is more clever. In fact, the truly powerful mage basically has his own fixed team, and rarely wanders here. In my opinion, let’s just be honest, his fire system can still give enough power to the demons.” said the elegant and long-haired Wind mage.

The captain shook his head helplessly and said, “It seems that this is the only way to go.”
As soon as the words fell, the sweet looking recruitment girl rushed over and hit the captain’s chest with her face.
“Ah… ah, I’m sorry.” The recruitment girl’s cheeks turned red and hurriedly said, “There is… a mage named Lei… who applied to join our city demon hunting team.”
“Really or not?” The burly captain refreshed himself and looked brightly into the recruitment queue.
The eyes of the other team members are all shining.
Master Lei!
Their urban demon hunting team is indeed more popular than other teams, but this does not mean that there are Lei Mages willing to join the army.
Master Lei has always been a top guest of all Hunter teams, and even some elite teams don’t mind bringing a novice Master Lei with them.
You should know that novice birds can be cultivated, but less than one thousandth of Master Lei can’t be found with a lantern on!
Too many Lei Mages are booked and easily sucked away by some big aristocratic families and organizations. The probability of picking up a wild Lei Mage is too small!!
“Is that the one?” The burly captain couldn’t sit still and walked directly out of the backstage.
“Yes… yes, captain, do you want to interview in person?” the recruitment girl stammered.
“Interview… what kind of interview?” The burly captain turned his head in doubt.
Recruiting girls and other team members are even more puzzled. If the captain doesn’t have a personal interview, why have he been there?
At this point, the captain had already walked to the recruitment desk. He glanced at Mo Fan, whose cheeks seemed a bit dark, and asked, “Are you Master Lei?”
Mo Fan glanced at the burly fierce man and slowly raised his hand. Suddenly, an electric arc passed through his fingers, turning into a crackling elf that landed in front of the table, electrocoking a small hole in the table step.
The burly captain’s face was even more flowery, and he nodded happily.

“You guys… don’t have to wait in line anymore, we’ve got someone!” The burly captain was also domineering and shouted directly at the long line.
At this shout, the Long Dragon team was not happy.
“Damn it, why haven’t we all had an interview yet?”
“Yes, I am very strong. I can complete the magic in less than 4 seconds.”
“Did you make a mistake? There are still people who use the back door to recruit wizards. The world is really unfair. I don’t want to stay in the wilderness!”
A group of people complained repeatedly, indicating that they really have great expectations for this position.
“If any of you are from the Lei department, our team leader will also make an exception and be admitted.” The burly team leader doesn’t make any sense at all, and once again he screams.
Everyone was dumbfounded.
“Lie trough, Lei tie?”
“Did you make a mistake? Lei’s family also ran out to rob us of our jobs. These days have never been passed!”
“Yes, Lei, let’s have a hair test. Go and have a look elsewhere.”
Upon hearing the thunder, everyone hung their heads like a defeated rooster.
There is no way. As the leader of the elements, Lei Series has unparalleled advantages. These people have no interest in competition.
Mo Fan turned his head and was secretly surprised to find that the queue had quickly dispersed.

When I was in school, I knew that the Lei Department was particularly valued, but I didn’t expect that in this magical society, the Lei Department should have such crushing power.

When you think about it carefully, it is indeed the thunder seal of the thunder family that can play a decisive role in facing the wolf beast. It can not only hurt the demon, but also paralyze its muscles!
“Come, come, come, little brother, welcome to join our city demon hunting team. Let me introduce our team members to you… Oh, oh, let me introduce myself first. I’m Xu Dahuang, the leader of the city demon hunting team, and a fire mage.” The burly captain introduced himself.
“Hello, my name is Xiaoke, a water system mage.” The girl who looked very weak smiled sweetly.
“Li Wenjie, wind style,” said the handsome young man with a triumphant expression, shaking his long flowing hair.
“Just call me Feishi, I’m a native,” said the man with a round face and a bud cap with a smile.
“Mo Fan looked at these mages who were obviously several years older than himself, and after a moment’s hesitation, he introduced himself, saying, ‘My name is Van Mo.'”
“Fanmo, I read your blank resume, which means that you are a young novice who has not really seen monsters, so I have to remind you, don’t think you are a Lei Clan. Be careful with your own life!” said a somewhat handsome woman.
Mo Fan glanced at the woman and felt somewhat familiar.
“Oh, this is our vice captain Caitang, Ice Department!” Captain Xu Dahuang said with a smile.
What’s up??
Damn it, it’s this woman!!
Mo Fan finally recognized that this Caitang is also related to Mu Shi. Every day, a copy of the girl is the proud and charming appearance of a princess, which is extremely difficult to get along with!
Egg pain, how can I meet people from the Mu family everywhere? It seems that I’d better enter a good magic university early and leave this city.

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