Chapter 54 Scarce of Lei Mage

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The cultivation speed is still not fast enough!

Even if Mo Fan has twice the cultivation time of others, plus a 20% cooldown reduction of the Stardust Demon Weapon and a BUFF reduction, and the time is evenly allocated to the two concubines, it is just a little more than the stupid ratio of Mu Bai.
If you don’t want to easily expose Lei’s ability in front of others, this advantage alone is not enough to compete with the RMB players of the Mu family!
The question is, how can I maximize my strength?
Very retarded to Baidu search, the answer given is: buy Star Dust Magic!
The answer is basically called a dog.
Is that nonsense? Of course, Stardust Magic Ware is a good way to maximize cultivation. The question is, can people afford Stardust Magic Ware?
In Mo Fan’s opinion, it seems that there is no better way except for the Star Dust Magic Weapon!
“What if I elevate the Little Loach Pendant to Spirit Level? Like the one Mu Ningxue carried with him…”
“The Star Dust Demon Weapon at the ordinary level only provides a 20% cultivation bonus, and if upgraded to the Spirit level, it will gain 40%. In this way, even if I combine the Thunder Department and the Fire Department at the same time, it can be much faster than most people. Mu Ningxue’s start is much higher than mine. Since she can be directly accepted by the Imperial Capital in advance, it indicates that her strength must exceed, and even have met the requirements of the university. If I continue to cultivate slowly, I will not be able to “There is enough strength to be killed by the Mu family sooner or later.” Mo Fan does not regret having erected such an enemy. Only under the oppression of the enemy can he force himself to do everything possible to improve his strength.
Currently, the only thing that can quickly improve oneself seems to be a Stardust Magic Weapon.
Tang Yue once said that his little loach pendant can be upgraded by absorbing the dead soul of the demon, which means that he must kill the demon. Fortunately, a spirit burst out, and his little loach can be upgraded to Spirit level!
This 40% cultivation bonus is like a rocket ride for a magician like Mo Fan, who is twice as fast as others!
“It seems that this is the only way.”

Now that you have made a decision, go ahead and do it boldly!
God has given himself such a good advantage that if he neglects, he will eventually be a waste of wood.
After training, there is still about a month left for this summer vacation, and Mo Fan does not hesitate to step into the Hunter Alliance Hall.
The Hunter Alliance is an organization that integrates idle hunter teams. Every day, thousands of hunter mages search the halls of the Hunter Alliance for their own suitable reward.
Mo Fan has already seen that the price of a soul in the market has reached 5 million yuan.
Hunting monsters is the only way Mo Fan can obtain money now. Whether he can make up for the 5 million yuan, let alone, at least the remaining and refined souls are obtained by hunting monsters. This path will be his only choice.
Dealing with monsters alone?
Mo Fan directly shook his head and denied that he did not have the ability to deal with demons alone, so what he had to do now was find a suitable hunter team.
Almost all of the mages who are wandering in the Hunter Alliance form a small team, and few people can hunt monsters alone.
The Hunter Hall is filled with people coming and going, which feels like a large stock hall and a job fair site.
On the wall of the Hunter Hall, there is a huge LCD screen, on which the latest reward is announced. The price of the reward is marked on the back. The lowest reward is 100000, and the highest reward can reach millions.

Mo Fan looked at those million level rewards and his mouth was watering.
After completing 5 rewards of this level, you can buy a spirit to upgrade the little loach.
Unfortunately, that’s not what ordinary people can do!
“The Hammer Squad is looking for an ice mage with over 3 years of combat experience and a sense of teamwork. The most important thing is that the ice skills are proficient, the reward has been accepted, and the average salary is 20000 yuan. It is expected to be completed within 2 months!”
“Wind mage, the team urgently needs an experienced Wind mage who can attract Cyclops. Don’t disturb other departments!”
“Fire Department, where are you, Fire Department mage? Join our Strong Wind Team, ensure efficiency, complete the reward, and sit and collect money!”
Mo Fan glanced around and found that many of the mages who came to join the team, Zhennima, were carrying resumes.
It seems that there is obvious evidence on their resume that they have been on the job for a while, how many times they have completed a reward offer, and even marked with a reward level.
Mo Fan was really dazzled and didn’t know what to choose for a moment.
It seems that newly graduated magicians are often disliked and not wanted. After all, they have too little experience in dealing with demons, and if they accidentally face them, they will die. Who dares to ask for a newly graduated magician.
While Mo Fan and Nima haven’t even graduated yet, they’re just a high school sophomore magic student. Taking such magic students with them is simply a burden and a pitfall for teammates. As can be seen from experience, it’s too difficult to find a suitable team.

“Damn it, being a mage actually requires qualifications, these days…” Mo Fan couldn’t help cursing.

Just after Mo Fan finished cursing, a person rushed past him, causing Mo Fan to swear even more.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, the City Demon Hunting Team is recruiting new players. I’ll try it quickly, I’m sorry to bump into you.” A weak young man wearing thick glasses quickly said to Mo Fan.
“City demon hunting team?” Mo Fan asked with some doubts.
“Yeah, don’t you know, it’s a team that specializes in cleaning up hidden dangers in the city and hunting some demons that may lurk in the city. The urban demon hunting team has always been the first choice of all mage hunters. After all, it can be a guardian hunter in the city. Who likes to go to the wild mountains to face the unknown life and death, and the compensation for the urban demon hunting team has always been high…” said the Glasses Young Man, pushing his glasses.
“When I say Tong Yubin, don’t waste your time. A magician like you who graduated from high school in magic has no experience or strength, and the city demon hunting team cannot take advantage of you unless you are a Lei mage,” sneered an old hunter nearby.
“I… I’ll give it a try,” said Tong Yubin, a young optician, embarrassed.
“Are they recruiting the Lei Department mage?” Mo Fan asked hastily as his eyes lit up.
The city demon hunting team, which means acting in the city, is a very suitable job for Mo Fan who is still studying at school.
In the wilderness, God knows how many days it takes to complete a reward offer.
“Lei Family has always been the most popular team in every team. The team of Lei Mages are willing to cultivate even without any experience. After all, there are too few his mother Mages in Lei Family, and their skills are also overbearing. Alas, if I wake up to Lei Family, I won’t be angry with those old birds all day long!” said the old hunter.

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