Chapter 53 Making Money, Cultivating and Marrying Tang Yue

“Forget it, I want to pass the entrance examination to a good magic university. I heard that only universities can learn higher level magic,” Mo Fan said.
The chief instructor listened for a moment.
Good boy, I am lucky to invite you into my army, but I refused!
“Take something and get out of here, don’t let me see you again,” said Zhankong unhappily.
“By the way, is there only one wolf beast left in that cave?” Mo Fan remembered something and asked before leaving.
“Just one, if there were anything else, you would have all become rations. Why, do you have any questions?” said Zhankong.
“Nothing, just ask casually.” Mo Fan nodded and glanced at the Baiyang Cult official next to him. “Your Youwolf beast can really drink.”
Bai Yang was puzzled for a moment, but he didn’t care too much.
“Get out of here, get out of here!” beheaded impatiently.
Mo Fan was kicked out of the barracks with a roar, and couldn’t help but mutter, “A high-level mage just gave him a magic tool. As for his violent temper?”?
The sickle bone shield is now on Mo Fan’s palm
The entire sickle bone shield just covered Mo Fan’s palm, and Mo Fan, who knew nothing about magic tools, was also blinded for a moment.
Is it really possible to resist the attack of monsters with this big palm of your hand? Do you really think all monsters have obsessive compulsive disorder and must play on Captain America’s shield?
After some research, Mo Fan finally knows how to use the Sickle Bone Shield.
When a magician uses his mind to probe into the sickle bone shield, the sickle bone shield will automatically connect with the magician’s soul, leaving a magical imprint in the magician’s spiritual world.
After the imprint is formed, the palm-sized shield will immediately melt into the magician’s body.
When the magician uses his mind to urge this mark, the magic tool will immediately appear in front of the user. At this time, the shield that appears will no longer be the size of a palm, but will be close to the shield wall that is as high as one person. The skill of flying sand and moving stones like the Wolf Beast can no longer harm himself!
“No wonder this thing is so valuable. If you have this sickle bone shield magic tool when dealing with the Youwolf beast, it can be very safe to unleash the magic.” Mo Fan looked at the huge bone shield with a diamond shape and a sickle pattern in front of him, and his face couldn’t help but smile.
With this magic tool, I have more capital to fight Mu’s Yuang!
“After all, I have the Thunder and Fire skills, and the Thunder Seal and Fire Zi skills are both easy to use and easy to use. However, when facing monsters, I still don’t have the power to fight.” Mo Fan couldn’t help but ponder this issue.
In fact, there are many chances to be able to kill the Wolf Beast this time. If it weren’t for shining in the cave so that I could see the stalactites deep in the cave, for the wind track of Zhang Xiaohou, and for the concerted attack of the previous students, I would have been torn to pieces by the Wolf Beast in an instant. How could I have successfully completed this reward offer.
“I have to learn skills similar to wind tracks and ground waves that can make people move quickly and change positions quickly. Otherwise, with my own slow speed, I may be killed by the demon’s slap before the star track has even achieved any success!”
After this battle, Mo Fan realized how important defensive skills and displacement skills are.
In the early stage, the only department with defensive ability is Water System. Water Resistance is the only defensive skill in the elemental early stage. In school, everyone feels that Water System is a chicken rib. In fact, in the battle with demons, Water System Mages are everyone’s reincarnated parents.
“I have a sickle bone shield in my hand, which is barely equivalent to a defensive skill. So next time I wake up, I can consider shifting a type of faction, such as the Wind Clan… or, like Tang Yue, a handsome and blown skill to move in the shadow.”
The preliminary skill wind track of the wind system actually works very well. It cannot escape the pursuit of demons, and you even have no room to release magic.
The wind system is a good choice, but Mo Fan believes that the dark system may be more suitable for him!
After understanding, Mo Fan knew that the skill Tang Yue used to move in the shadow was the ability of the Shadow Department!
At this stage, all the magic that everyone is exposed to is elemental.
In fact, in addition to “elemental magic”, there are three other categories of magic, namely, white magic, black magic, and dimensional magic!
The healing department is a branch of white magic.
The Shadow Department is one of the branches of the Dark Arts.
The summoning system controlled by Bai Yang is a branch of dimensional magic.
In the nine year compulsory magic education and high school courses, only elemental magic is learned. The three major categories of black magic, white magic, and dimensional magic are only available in universities.
Now, Mo Fan possesses the high damage skill of Fire, as well as the domineering control and power skill of Thunder. The appearance of Sickle Bone Shield has enabled him to gain a certain degree of defensive ability, but what he lacks is mobile ability.
To truly fight alone with a demon, these abilities must be possessed to have the power of a battle!
Shadow Department!
Obviously, this would be a very suitable choice for oneself.
“I have to quickly upgrade to a middle level mage, so that I can awaken another series. I hope the awakened one is the Shadow Series!” Mo Fanman said expectantly.
Beginner level mage, everyone awakens only one department.
Mo Fan is born with dual lineages, which can be said to have occupied a great advantage.
As for middle level magicians, they can not only learn middle level magic skills, but also gain a second chance to awaken and create a new Stardust!
After awakening a series again, the mage’s combat effectiveness can only be considered to have a qualitative improvement!
Like the Chief Instructor Zhankong, when Mo Fan first saw him, he was playing with fire, which shows that he is a fire mage.
But when he was in the cave, there appeared a shocking wing of the wind behind him.
Obviously, he cultivates not only the fire system but also the wind system.
Moreover, it can be inferred that the Chief Instructor should also have a department’s ability to chop the air.
“Wing of the Wind is a skill that only high-level mages can master. Medium-level mages have already possessed dual systems, but when they reach the high-level mage level, they will have a third chance to awaken and become three systems!”!!
In simple terms, beginner mages only control one series of magic.
Medium-level mages will awaken once more and master dual magic.
High level mages awaken once more and control three levels of magic.
Mo Fan was born with a dual system, and he was one step higher than others at the beginning.
Moreover, without the combination of the two skills of Thunder and Fire, Mo Fan could not have killed the Dark Wolf beast. The Chief Instructor, Zhankong, never understood why the Dark Wolf beast could not hide from the falling stalactites. That was because he never imagined that Mo Fan possessed the Star Dust of Thunder in addition to being a Fire mage, and the paralyzing effect of Thunder Seal made the Dark Wolf beast unable to move!
“I have a little loach pendant, and with my own cultivation time being twice as long as others, my accomplishments will improve much faster than others. However, just having two skills, Thunder Seal and Fire Zi, is really not enough to stand alone. I need to reach the middle level mage level as soon as possible, so I can not only have the middle level skills of Fire and Thunder, but also have one more skill series. How many skills do not weigh on me!”
Well, well, come on!
How did all the boys in Class 8 shout their slogans??
Yes, make money, cultivate, marry Tang Yue!

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