Chapter 52 Magic Tool, Sickle Bone Shield

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The chief instructor also smiled bitterly and said, “That crazy summoning beast was killed by Mo Fan.”

Several instructors and teachers, such as Xue Musheng, Zhang Jianguo, Luo Yunbo, Pan Lijun, and Bai Yang, suddenly became an O!
The most intense reaction was, of course, the summoner Bai Yang. He looked at the student who was only a sophomore in senior high school, and his chin was about to hit the ground!!
“My Dark Wolf Beast… Did you kill it?” Bai Yang asked incredulously.
“Hmm!” Mo Fan nodded.
For a moment, Bai Yang’s expression became extremely strange. It is certain that the summoner’s heart must be broken at the moment!
The Phantom Wolf Beast was killed by a student who had been practicing for the first time!!!
Damn it, if you know what the result is, Bai Yang would rather believe that his Wolf Beast crashed into the rock like a stupid rabbit, which would hurt the Wolf Beast’s self-esteem!!!!
Instructor Baiyang is completely out of his wits, so he may not be able to calm down even if he writes a stack of papers at the moment.
What a shock!
I have never encountered such a blow in my life!
“You know, their team spent a total of two months, expending countless resources and manpower to finally subdue this wolf beast. As a result, they were killed by a high school sophomore student. How embarrassing it is for them to be instructors!”!!!
The students were even more stupefied one by one.
“They can’t be more aware of how abnormal the Wolf Beast is. It was a complete unilateral massacre of them…”
And Mo Fan, like them, is a high school sophomore who killed the wolf beast with his own power!!
Give me a break; orz!!
I’m really kneeling!!
“In addition, I have a good news for you. Since Mo Fan has completed the impossible reward offer, all of your top students in this class will receive the result of Experience A!” The chief instructor said to all students.
“Really… really?”

“That’s great. If I get an A, I will definitely be able to enter a good magic university!”
“Mo Fan, you are simply my second born parent. There is no doubt that only soap is available in return!”
“Mo Fan, do you have a girlfriend?” asked a girl who had been saved with a red face and a small voice.
“Mo Fan, do you need a boyfriend?”
For a moment, Mo Fan became a hero in everyone’s minds.
After all, he not only saved everyone’s lives, but also enabled everyone to obtain the most important A-level training results!
Zhao Kunsan was used to saying a few cool words, but suddenly he was surrounded by the ferocious eyes around him, and the words were stifled.
Mu Bai’s face was still hard to see the extreme.
He was the first person to unleash magic, but it was of no use. He was directly stunned by the Wolf Beast, and finally, Mo Fan grabbed all the scenery!
“Oh, did you hear that the reward was completed by a student? It seems that the Wolf Beast of Baiyang was directly killed by the student!”
“Don’t talk nonsense, we don’t know how powerful the wolf beast is. If students can complete it, I can eat the reward LCD screen raw,” said a very strong hunter team leader.
“Then go eat now,” Pan Lijun said coldly, glancing at the big man.
“Go and see for yourself, the reward offer has been completed!”
The old birds at the post station raised their heads and found that the reward was “in the completed state”, with the words “Mo Fan, Senior 2 Student of Tianlan Magic High School!”
“Sleeping trough, sleeping trough, this young man, he is too brave!”
At this moment, the old birds in the post station were all dumbfounded!

The face of the person who said he wanted to eat a LCD screen was even more difficult to see.
Damn it! Are there really students who have completed the reward that even they may not be able to complete??
Soon, the news had spread throughout the post station.
In addition to the military mages in Bo City, most of the post stations are hunting mages wandering in the mountains. These hunting mages earn their living by offering rewards and hunting monsters. However, with the news, the old birds in this group of post stations are a bit embarrassed. At the beginning, it was their group of people who were the loudest laugh at the students.
“What about magic tools… defensive magic tools?” the peddler Er Bald quickly asked.
“The leader of the decapitation team is also having a headache now. He has not prepared magic tools at all, because everyone knows that students cannot complete them… The leader of the decapitation team is a trustworthy person, and he should buy a defense magic tool at his own expense to give to that student.” Pan Lijun said.
“That student has made a lot of money, and the heart of the decapitator is dripping blood!”
“None of us who go through life and death may be able to obtain a defense magic tool… Alas!”
“In other words, can that kid be the little master of some super aristocratic family, dressed in luxury RMB clothes, otherwise how can he defeat demons?”
“Dude, someone else is just an ordinary student. I heard that his father is just a driver who delivers goods to our post station.”
“That… that’s really a Nima pervert!”
“We have always been a team against monsters.”
In the stone house, the chief instructor chopped his hands empty and held a box, with a face of pain.
“Damn it, such a black-hearted merchant, sold me a sickle bone shield for 550000 yuan, his master!!” Chopped the air and shouted loudly.
Luo Yunbo, Pan Lijun, and Bai Yang were all silent.

Several military mages were even snickering there. Usually in this post station, it is always them who behead the leader and make them look like nothing. Who knows that beheading the leader can also lead to setbacks.

“Sickle bone shield, this thing is really not cheap, and the boss of the behemoth doesn’t know how much salary he has taken out.”. This award was promised by him, and the government will definitely not reimburse him!
“Go and call that boy, hum!” said Zhankong displeased.
“Big brother, I’ve been here all the time,” Mo Fan raised his hand and said to some of the confused beheading instructors.
Upon seeing Mo Fan, Zhankong still felt a bit angry, and even more, he couldn’t figure out how he killed the Wolf Beast!
“Take it, take it.” Chukong handed the sickle bone shield to Mo Fan.
“Chief Instructor, how about letting go?” Mo Fan said.
Cut the corners of my mouth and let go.
When Mo Fan got this treasure, the whole person jumped with joy.
This frontal confrontation with demons made it clear to Mo Fan that it is not enough to have offensive ability alone. Any mage who only knows how to attack will be instantly killed by the demon’s blow.
If you have a defense magic tool, it’s really a lifesaver before you learn defense magic!
“Boy, if you can’t find a suitable job after graduation, you can come here and report to me.” Zhang Kong said lightly.
Even though there were ten thousand reluctant to part, Chopping the Sky had to admire the young man’s courage and wit.
Many mages have lost their lives in confrontation with demons because of their fixed thinking patterns and lack of understanding how to use their limited magical skills.
Indeed, in the level of beginner mage, all mages possess only one skill, but there are many ways to use one skill. This boy has long mastered the true meaning that many old wizard may not necessarily master.

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