Chapter 51 Killed by Mo Fan

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Mo Fan was about to leave, but suddenly he felt a shadow moving nearby.

The shadow swirled around the black stone wall and appeared in front of Mo Fan. Immediately after that, Mo Fan saw a woman with a concave and convex figure slowly standing up from the shadow. The amazing scene made Mo Fan feel a bit distracted.
Damn it, what kind of skill is this? It’s so handsome!!
“Teacher Tang Yue…” Mo Fan saw clearly the woman’s face, which was a very standard melon seed face, with willow leaf eyebrows and fox eyes!
“Are you okay?” Teacher Tang Yue’s face burst into a joyful smile.
“It’s okay.”
Teacher Tang Yue’s gaze turned and soon found the wolf beast nailed there like a specimen, which suddenly seemed unable to regain consciousness.
“This… this is…” Teacher Tang Yue said in dismay.
“You have taught a very evil student. He killed the wolf beast.” The chief instructor beheaded and said.
Teacher Tang Yue opened her small mouth in surprise and looked at Mo Fan straightforwardly.
Mo Fan felt embarrassed when he was stared at, coughed and said, “Save people first, save people first…”
Outside the mountain pass, Mu Bai, Xu Zhaoting, Zhao Kunsan, Zhang Shuhua, He Yu, and others are all awake.
The other students gradually regained their consciousness and gathered like refugees near the fountain pool, their bodies still trembling.

Before long, the chief instructor and Tang Yue had led Mo Fan out of the cave.
When everyone saw that Mo Fan was still alive, everyone’s face showed a ghostly expression!
You know, they witnessed Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou being chased into the cave. In that case, even a hundred lives would be torn to pieces by that wolf beast.
“Mo Fan… Mo Fan… Are you not dead?” He Yu finally woke up and saw that both Zhang Xiaohou and Mo Fan were still alive, tears came down in a flash.
Zhou Min, the monitor, saw that they were both safe and sound, and his eyes were red.
If it hadn’t been for Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou to introduce the Wolf Beast into the cave, I don’t know how many people would have died. Anyway, they would have saved everyone!
Several other girls with some injuries on their bodies also began to cry and cry. They had never experienced such a thing since they had been studying magic at ease in school.
The boys either slumped on the ground in a daze, or kept congratulating Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou for their two heroes.
Originally, they thought that having magic would make them cry for the wind and rain, but in school, they were also arrogant one by one. In the end, when they really faced demons, they couldn’t even use their skills. If it weren’t for Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou to lead the Wolf Beast away, the consequences would be unimaginable.
“By the way, how did you two escape from the wolf’s claws, and what about the one-eyed demon wolf?” inquired Wang Sanfat and Xu Zhaoting.
“It’s needless to say that the one-eyed demon wolf must have been killed by the beheading instructor. The beheading instructor arrived in a timely manner. If you slow down a bit, maybe the two of them will be eaten.” Zhao Kunsan said.
The chief instructor glanced at Zhao Kunsan, who spoke sarcastically, and couldn’t help but laugh. As students, the gap is really not as big as usual.
“Since everyone’s lives are not in danger, then I can say something,” said the chief instructor.
Everyone is now sitting at the mountain pass, the teacher is dressing the students’ wounds, and some students are cleaning each other’s blood.

“During the process of completing this reward offer, we have been following and will score outstanding students such as Zhang Xiaohou, Zhou Min, Mu Bai, Li Yueming, etc…” said the chief instructor.
This remark immediately caused a stir among the students.
It turned out that everyone had already been under the attention of the coach during this training process, and many people began to regret why they didn’t perform better.
“When this demon appeared… why didn’t you… should we wait until we were all dead before standing up?” Mubai said angrily.
To be honest, he was almost killed by a demon before.
“If this wolf beast really wanted to kill you, you would already be dead, especially you!” The Chief Instructor snorted coldly as he beheaded the air.
Mu Bai frowned and recalled the previous scene. Indeed, if the wolf beast directly slapped its forelimbs on him, his little life would have been lost.
“Wait a minute, Chief Instructor, what do you mean by that demon, the Wolf Beast?” Zhou Min suddenly realized something and quickly asked.
“That’s right, it’s not a one-eyed demon wolf, but a wolf beast. It’s a summoning beast.” Chopping continued.
“Let me explain to you. This reward offering experience was arranged by us and the instructor, including that this summoning beast is actually the summoning beast of this Baiyang instructor. We need you to truly face a demon, but we don’t want you to be killed by the demon for this reason…” explained the class leader Ren Xuemusheng.
The words made all the students cry!
It turned out to be a drill, but should it be so realistic? They really thought they were doomed this time.

Also, the combat power of the Wolf Beast is too terrifying, and so many of them cast magic that it does not work.

“I said how did Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou survive? They turned out to be summoning beasts…” Zhao Kunsan said disdainfully.
“You’re wrong to think that way. In fact, there was an unexpected accident just now that exceeded our expectations. The Wolf Beast suddenly went berserk and became uncontrollable, and it no longer obeyed the orders of the Baiyang Summoner. Just when we thought the Wolf Beast was about to kill you, Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou introduced it into the cave, so they saved your lives,” Zhang Jianguo said
“My goodness, then we’re really lucky.” Zhang Yinglu couldn’t help but exclaim.
“What luck? It’s Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou who saved us, two brothers. If you have any orders in the future, you can go through fire and water without hesitation!”
“Thank you so much for stepping forward, you will be our boss in the future!”
Despite their arrogance, Wang Sanfat and Xu Zhaoting, two good foundation friends, couldn’t help expressing their gratitude to Mo Fan and Zhang Xiaohou at this time.
Mu Bai and Zhao Kunsan stood there, their faces turning blue and white. How could they know that the person they hated most had saved their lives.
“Teacher, you can keep an eye on this cave, if that crazy summoning beast rushes out again…” Zhou Min reminded.
“Don’t worry, the summoning beast is dead,” said Tang Yue.
“Hmm, I was killed by Mo Fan.” Zhankong nodded.
“Oh, just kill it, just kill it, this crazy summoning beast… Wait a minute, Chief Instructor, what did you say just now?” Wang Sanpang didn’t respond at once, glaring and asking.

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