Chapter 50: How about saving people first?

Tang Yue, Zhang Jianguo, and Chen Weiliang were all stunned.
The Chief Instructor, Shukong, has just flown into the cave. No matter how fast he is, he cannot be killed by Shukong.
So, how did the wolf beast die??
“After the summoner’s summoner dies, he will also suffer certain spiritual and spiritual trauma, and it seems that the Wolf Beast is really dead,” Tang Yue said.
Judging from the appearance of Bai Yang just now, it is obvious that it is a symptom of summoning the beast to die, which cannot be fake.
“Didn’t the Wolf Beast chase Mo Fan into the cave?”
“Yeah, why did you suddenly die?”
“Can it be that the cave is too dark and the wolf beast itself crashed into a rock and died?” said Chen Weiliang.
Bai Yang turned his face and his eyes had never had a poisonous resentment.
You’re the only one who was killed. Your entire family was killed.
Lao Tze’s Dark Wolf beast is not a stupid rabbit, and can be killed on wooden stakes. Dark Wolf beast has night vision ability, and its body shape is even more robust. How could it possibly be killed on rocks by itself!!
“Even if all of these 40 students can cast magic, they may not be able to kill his wolf beast, okay?!”!!!
“Let’s go and have a look,” said Tang Yue.
“Yes, yes, let’s hurry over.”
“Support will come soon and pick up these students.”
Inside the cave
Chopping Kongd remained there, unable to believe what his eyes had seen.
The student named Mo Fan is not dead. He is carrying a companion who is covered with injuries at the moment.
The crazy Wolf Beast, who should have been killed by himself, is now standing below… more accurately, it should have been nailed there by a stalactite directly through its body.
There are no signs of life anymore.
The wolf beast is dead!
The combat effectiveness of this wolf beast is no less than that of a real demon. The purpose of cutting it out of the air and releasing it is definitely not to let these students defeat it, but to let it pretend to be a demon and give these students a real experience.
Defeat this wolf beast??
This is an impossible task to complete. Even the real hunter team will be wiped out by the demons, not to mention the group of students who feel weak when they see the demons.
So when chasing me here, I only hope to kill a few students less during the period when I lose this Wolf beast.
However, he saw a scene that even he couldn’t believe himself.
The wolf beast is dead!
Nailed there by stalactites.
There can’t be such a coincidence in the world, it can’t be that the stalactite itself fell off and just hit the crazy Wolf. Moreover, in response to the Wolf, it can completely dodge before the stalactite fell off.
“You… what did you do?” Chopping Kong for a long time without regaining consciousness, and finally turned his gaze on the student named Mo Fan.
The student looked no different. He had clean short hair, a handsome face, and his body and expression showed a bit of fatigue. However, his hands were locked tightly against another skinny young man covered with blood stains, and he was planning to carry him out of the cave step by step.
Mo Fan raised his head, his eyes also full of shock.
This Chief Instructor has wings!!
“The wings of the wind, Mo Fan knew it was the wings of the wind, but never thought that the truly seen wings of the wind could shock the soul so much.”.
The figure floating in the air, and the wings of the wind like angels behind it… Damn it, it’s so cool!
“How did you do it?” Chopping Kong with a bit of disbelief.
When asked this sentence, Chopping Kong suddenly felt that he was asking too much.
From the various signs at the scene of the murder, it is this student named Mo Fan who used the fire to burn off the stalactites, which smashed through the Wolf beast.
But there are still countless doubts and surprises in Chopping Kong’s heart.
First of all, the student had to be calm enough to come up with the idea of guiding the wolf beast into the cave and using stalactites as weapons. Second, how did he make the wolf beast stand still and be pierced by falling stalactites.
In short, it was really difficult for him to accept the fact that a high school sophomore experienced student had killed a wolf beast that was somewhat stronger than a demon!
“Chopping Kong, I just found this blue bracelet in the cave. I don’t know if I have finished offering a reward. Where is my magic weapon?” Mo Fan walked up to the Chopping Kong and smiled.
Slashing the air and shaking his head violently, I suddenly realized something!
Lie in a slot!!
I have not prepared any magic tools at all, okay!
This reward offering is very difficult because the cave is guarded by a wolf beast, and the blue bracelet is symbolically placed there. It is not expected that these students will get it.
“In the expectation of annihilation, half of the students will be eliminated at the previous level, and the remaining half will definitely be completely annihilated by the Wolf Beast!”!
It never occurred to me that… a rebellious student killed the wolf beast!
What kind of demon is this!!
“Even the teachers and instructors may not be able to compete against the Youwolf beast, which was really killed by this student!!”!!!
As for magic tools?
How expensive is a magic tool? How can it be sent out by the behemoth??
But now
The student clearly completed the reward offer.
Mo Fan watched as the chief instructor, whose face became extremely strange, had already reached out for a magic tool.
“Cough… save people first, save people first!” Finally, the chief instructor said with an embarrassed face.
“Oh, oh, that’s right… I remember you said it was a defense magic weapon, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!” Mo Fan nodded in agreement.
The head instructor, who was flying handsome and flapping the wings of the wind, was so shaky that he almost missed the oncoming stalactites
Classmate, let’s save someone first!!!

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