Chapter 49 IQ Rolling

“Go to hell!”
Mo Fan roared, throwing the fire in his hand into the air.

A burning flame rose high and lit up the dark cave instantly, imprinting the shadows of fierce wolf beasts and flame teenagers below.
The Wolf Beast raised its gaze, and a hint of doubt flashed through its red and ferocious pupils.
Is this human being scared silly? Why did the flame throw towards the high place!
The wolf beast was paralyzed by thunder marks and was unable to move. In this case, Mo Fan’s fire grew? Burning Bones is really too easy to hit the Wolf beast. It’s just like learning to practice hitting puppets
However, Mo Fan made a move that made the Wolf Beast feel that it was a foolish and forced action.
Mo Fan was smiling, his mouth wide open, and the firelight could shine on his somewhat crazy smile.
Fire? The burning bone in the sky was like an inverted meteor, falling heavily on the root of a stalactite.
The bone burning flame is not helpless because it is a rock, and the internal combustion of the bone burning flame can be said to instantly burn the elongated roots of the stalactite red.
“Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck.”
In less than a second, the bone-burning flame that was enough to incinerate the bones burned the stalactites alive!
The stalactite was huge, and after the root was burned off, it immediately turned into a huge stalactite sword, which hung upside down from the highest point of the cave.
At first, the Wolf Beast was disdainful and confused, but when it found the burnt stalactite on top of its head, it finally showed a look of panic.
Slowly withdrawing his hand that threw the fire, Mo Fan gave a cold smile.
Yes, Lei Yin can only temporarily restrict your activities, and burning bones cannot completely burn you to death, but I can use IQ to crush you!
How huge is the stalactite? It’s like a big rock sword inserted into the body of the wolf beast
From the back of the wolf beast, it pierced through and directly stabbed its abdomen.
Just like that, nail it hard!
Blood gurgled out of the wolf beast’s belly and slid down some cracked stalactites, quickly forming a striking beach beneath the wolf beast.
The Wolf Beast is standing there
It couldn’t even fall down, and its red pupils gradually turned to their original green as life passed madly.

He turned his head and looked at the stalactite that had passed through his body, then at the tiny human being.
Apart from being unbelievable, there is no other emotion to see in its eyes.
The wolf beast’s pride and dignity have disappeared, and even its struggle has become futile as it grows weaker.
Life goes on like this.
By such a small magician
“Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo”
A gust of wind roared and rolled up outside the mountain pass, and the students, who were all bruised and bruised, looked up weakly, but saw a scene that was extremely shocking!
A man flew down from a high place, with a pair of huge wings condensed by the wind elves behind him occupying all their sight.
“The wind… the wings of the wind!!” Mu Bai, who finally woke up from his coma, looked up and looked at the man with a beard in disbelief.
“Yes… Chief Instructor!”
“Oh my God, what did I see, an angel!”
The whole mountain pass was in a state of shock.
They may have guessed that Chief Instructor Zhankong is a super powerful mage, but they didn’t expect him to be a high-level mage who controls the wings of the wind!
The wings of the wind!
That’s a skill that really allows people to fly like angels!!
“I took a glance at the disconcerted students who were temporarily not in danger of their lives, and then at the cave that made a loud noise.”.
“I hope that the student who released Huozi? Burning Bones is still alive.” Zhankong dared not make too many stops, and the plump wings of the wind behind him flapped fiercely, making the entire person fly towards the cave like an arrow.
The jagged rock was cleverly cut away, and the Chief Instructor cut through the long cave passage in amazement and splendor to reach the suddenly clear bottom of the cave.
“Fire? Burst!”

Suspended in a dark cavern, Chopping the Sky was almost at your fingertips, with a cloud of fire on your hand.
The fire was cut to the air and thrown into the middle of the cave, bursting like fireworks, illuminating the entire cave at once.
“Looking for it, he only hoped that the wolf beast would retain a bit of intelligence and eventually save a life for the student named Mo Fan. As long as there was a breath left, he could fly directly back to the post station and ask the healing mage to revive this excellent student.”.
Therefore, he was not stingy with his stardust magic abilities at all, and hoped to find that student as soon as possible.
The fire lit up the whole cave.
But the next second, Chopping in the air was stunned.
The chief instructor stayed there, his brown eyes filled with shock!
This… how could this be possible!!!!
On the stone platform, the summoner Bai Yang sat there with a flustered expression, praying in his heart that the leader of Chopping Kong could arrive in time.
“There were lives, there were lives…” Chen Weiliang collapsed on the ground. If any students died during this training, he would have to bear a lot of responsibility. The country attaches the most importance to these magic students, even Mu Zhuoyun, the local emperor of Bocheng, dared not do anything harmful to the students.
Tang Yue clenched her lips.
Recalling the day I joked with the student named Mo Fan that I would use WeChat to locate and retrieve his body, I didn’t expect this day to come so quickly.
Tang Yue is really interested in Mo Fan. On the one hand, she feels that this student seems to be hiding secrets beyond the growth star dust magic weapon. On the other hand, she feels that this student has great potential to see what level he can achieve
It’s a pity, it’s a pity.
“Bai Yang, what’s the matter? How can your summoning beast go crazy for no reason? Even if it burns its bones and causes it pain, there’s no reason why you can’t control it!” Luo Yunbo angrily criticized.
As a summoner, the most basic thing is to control your summoning beasts!
“I… I don’t know… Generally speaking, even if I am killed, as long as I don’t issue a killing order, it will never kill students. I really don’t know why this has happened,” said Bai Yang trembling.

All this really doesn’t make sense.
Bai Yang didn’t expect any students to release the fire? Burn bones, truly bruise your summoning beast, let alone imagine that the summoning beast will lose control as a result. There must be some other reason for this.

“You can pray now that your runaway beast hasn’t killed too many people,” Pan Lijun said coldly.
“I… I… Ah!!” Bai Yanggang wanted to explain, when suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his brain.
This kind of feeling is like the soul being chopped by a living creature, causing Bai Yang to whiten his entire face and sweat profusely in pain!
“What’s the matter?” Luo Yunbo said impatiently.
“My… my Wolf Beast… my Wolf Beast!!” Suddenly, Bai Yang and his soul were both lost, and the entire person knelt down on the ground, looking at the cave with blank eyes.
“What’s the matter?” Tang Yue frowned, wondering what the summoner Bai Yang was up to.
“My wolf beast… it… it’s dead!” Bai Yang uttered this sentence in a tone that even he couldn’t believe.

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