Chapter 60

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Xu Dahuang let out a loud cry, and the very strong flame in his hand cut through the desolate night of the school, and flew towards the giant eyed scarlet rat in a dazzling manner.
The giant eyed scarlet rat sensed the heat behind it, and the cunning animal immediately subconsciously wanted to dodge aside.
Mo Fan was slightly surprised by the behavior of the Giant Eyed Scarlet Rat, which was so sharp. Captain Xu Dahuang had released so quickly that he even noticed it.
“This fire is clearly about to fall through, and the demon is obviously not a school puppet target who will stand there and attack the mages.”.
“Is it useful?”
Xu Dahuang was full of ridicule.
The fire had already fallen to the position where the Giant Eyed Scarlet Rat had just been, and it was obvious that it had not hit the Giant Eyed Scarlet Rat.
Finally, Xu Dahuang fiercely spewed out the suffix of his skill.
At that moment, the fire that was supposed to burn lonely in the air emitted a hot flame, and immediately a small flame could be seen exploding in that place!!
A hot fire cluster presents an explosive effect, and a powerful fire wave spreads amazingly around the center of the position where the fire just fell.
A radius of three meters was completely engulfed by crimson, and a burst of flame fell on the giant eyed scarlet rat that thought it was dodging well.

There was a tremor in the air, and the exploding flame was dazzling!!
Holding the firelight in his hand, Mo Fan vaguely saw that the giant eyed scarlet rat was engulfed in crimson, and its fat body was blown up five or six meters away, hitting the wall of the canteen with its head.
The giant eyed scarlet rat struggled desperately in the corner, completely losing the ferocious spirit of the demon, and completely becoming a half wrecked trench mouse.
Seeing this behind the scenes, Mo Fan’s mouth suddenly turned into a big “O”!
The blockhouse is ready, okay!
Fire, Burst!!
The supremely powerful burst effect simply doesn’t give the flexible giant eyed scarlet rat any survival. Nima doesn’t burn or burn bones as directly and violently as the burst effect!
“Is this… a third level fire?”
Mo Fan never thought that the captain of this demon hunting team had cultivated the fire breeding skill to the third level, and the explosive effect of bombing on the giant eyed scarlet rat almost killed the harmful demon in seconds!
Grass, if you learn how to use Fire and Burst when encountering a wolf beast, one skill can kill it half way down, and you need to run and use stalactites. Isn’t there stalactites everywhere in Nima, and isn’t it possible for monsters to stand under them every time!
Shuai exploded, really blockhouse!
At this moment, Mo Fan’s heart is surging like the billowing waves of fire.
Thinking of how one’s own fire can reach this level in the future, the enthusiasm for cultivation suddenly soared.
Mo Fan believes that as long as he has mastered Huozi · Burst, that guy named Yu Ang cannot be his opponent. Mu Zhuoyun’s old bastard’s face will have to be swollen by himself!
Yoshi, no matter what, before graduating from high school, you should practice Huozi to the third level, blinding the titanium alloy dog eyes of those guys from the Mu family!

The demon hunting team seemed very cautious and sophisticated. They knew that the giant eyed scarlet rat would definitely escape under the bombardment, so both Feishi and Guo Caitang used their skills to seal the way for the giant eyed scarlet rat to escape to the canteen.
The Giant Eyed Scarlet Mouse let out a roar and, completely unexpected, rushed towards Guo Caitang’s ferocious face.
Guo Caitang was also stunned. Her ice vine skills were frozen to the point where this giant eyed scarlet rat escaped. She never imagined that this guy had the strength to make such a desperate fight.
“Xiaoke, Shuiyu, hurry up!” Captain Xu Dahuang also changed his face.
Xiaoke looked flustered and immediately connected the orbit of the water system with his thoughts.
However, Xiaoke, who was somewhat nervous, was still a bit slow, and the Water Resistance skill could not be released in a timely manner.
After all, Guo Caitang often faced this danger and jumped aside to hide.
“She can’t completely avoid the attack of the giant eyed scarlet rat, but as long as she can avoid the crucial point, losing an arm is far better than dying!”!
“Lei Yin, Python Trace!!”
When everyone secretly shouted bad, not far away, purple lightning prints appeared in sheets.
These electric arcs lashed the giant eyed scarlet rat fiercely, each time they were whipped, they could see the skin and flesh split open, and the electric marks from the python marks that continued to wrap around the giant eyed scarlet rat’s body frantically penetrated into the giant eyed scarlet rat’s muscles, making it unable to run at all.

Halfway through the sprint, the giant eyed scarlet rat collapsed and plunged into the concrete floor, rubbing and rolling over to Guo Caitang’s long legs.

Guo Caitang saw the giant eyed scarlet rat twitching all over her body, and after a slight pause, she quickly jumped back a few meters with dexterity. Then her small face looked at the dark new member Mo Fan with a somewhat incredulous expression.
“Well done, Fanmo!”
“S***, this giant eyed scarlet rat is a variant, isn’t it? How could it be more brutal than a one-eyed demon wolf? Even if it’s half disabled, it doesn’t know how to escape and even wants to attack!” Feishi said with a lingering fear on his face.
“I’ve told you many times, don’t take it lightly, don’t take it lightly!! Guo Caitang almost had an accident… Fortunately, today we recruited a Lei mage who can paralyze the demon’s muscles, otherwise how could we stop this beast from making a desperate decision just now?” Captain Xu Dahuang immediately roared.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s me… it’s my fault.” Xiaoke stammered a little.
“Apologizing is useless. If someone dies, you can’t even hear them apologizing to them at the tomb. As the only water mage in our team who has defense capabilities, all you need to do is keep vigilant all the time and keep your own orbit in your hands!!” Xu Dahuang roared at Xiaoke.
Mo Fan was somewhat surprised.
I thought the captain Xu Dahuang would only criticize a few words casually, but I didn’t expect him to directly point at such a cute girl and yell at her.
However, Captain Xu Dahuang’s roar was not wrong. Mages of different departments played completely different roles in the battle, forming a whole demon hunting team. A fatal mistake was made in a certain link, not just one person’s life, but the entire team might be destroyed. After all, demon killing is really an instantaneous matter!
Xiaoke bit her lips and dared not say more. Obviously, she also realized how serious a problem she had made.
Guo Caitang didn’t mean to blame Xiaoke, but he still looked at Mo Fan.
“Just now, she really thought her little life was in jeopardy, but unexpectedly, it was the rookie’s thunder that saved her.”

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