Chapter 61 Upgrade, Thunder Series

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“Fanmo, your reaction was quick, and the speed of your release surprised us. We thought you were the kind of new magician who would make his legs weak when he saw monsters after graduation.” Li Wenjie walked up to Mo Fan and slapped him heavily on the shoulder.

“Yes, I thought we had to take you for more than half a year before you could be effective. I didn’t expect that your psychological quality was already so good, and you saved Guo Caitang. Guo Caitang, you have to commit yourself to express your gratitude.” Feishi said with a smile.
Mo Fan does not have any experience or resume to apply for this position. In fact, their application requirements for the demon hunting team must have killed more than ten monsters. If Mo Fan is from another department, elite teams such as the demon hunting team will definitely not recruit, and even fire departments will not. After all, the demon hunting team is fighting monsters in the city, and most of the other hunters who want to defeat them will die, and their demon hunting team will not be able to defeat them, It is likely to affect the defenceless citizens of the city.
The responsibility of the city demon hunting team is even greater, and the members must of course be the elite among the mage hunters.
Considering the rarity of Master Lei and the strength of his skills, their demon hunting team is willing to spend the first half of the year cultivating a novice who knows nothing. Mo Fan is absolutely right in everyone’s eyes and may not be able to fully release their skills when encountering monsters.
Who could have imagined that just now, he lightning completed the Thunder Print skill, and the reaction speed and skilled orbit control made their demon hunting team impressive!
In particular, Guo Caitang aggressively reprimanded Mo Fan, a rookie at the beginning. Who knew that at the crucial moment, the rookie saved her, and her mood suddenly became extremely complex.
“Alright, Li Wenjie, Feishi, you two go check the canteen. If there are no demons left, the rest can be left to the police. I hope that girl is still alive,” Xu Dahuang said.
Search and rescue of this kind of thing requires a large number of personnel, and the demon hunting team is mainly responsible for cleaning up the hidden dangers. Next, let Feishi and Li Wenjie together with the police to search for the missing Lin Yun’er.
It’s just that after a week, the chances of the girl surviving are very small.

Mo Fan was about to leave when suddenly the little loach dropped and gave out a sound of trembling.
“Is there a crippled soul?”
Mo Fan was delighted and hurried to the body of the giant eyed scarlet rat.
A faint blue light, like a firefly, appeared on the giant eyed scarlet rat, as small as a candle fire, and was slowly drifting towards the pendant on Mo Fan’s neck as if called upon.
Everyone else was busy with other things and didn’t notice this scene. Mo Fan smoothly sucked the remains of the giant eyed scarlet rat into his own little loach pendant.
The Little Loach Pendant has the ability to automatically collect residual souls. The last time you killed the Youwolf beast, you also absorbed the residual souls of the Youwolf beast.
Unfortunately, it seems that what is needed for the small loach pendant to truly grow up is a more refined spirit than the residual spirit. I don’t know if these residual souls will have any effect when collected. I still need to go back and study them carefully.
In addition, both the Magic Association and the Hunter Alliance sell mutilated souls, which can cost about 10000 yuan. If enough mutilated souls are collected to enable the little loach to grow, then it is necessary to use the money earned by demon hunting to buy these mutilated souls. The top priority is to allow the little loach to grow into a spirit level, so that they can 100% upgrade Huozi to Huozi in a year? Burst!
“Hmm?? There seems to be some changes in the stars of the Thunder family, can we say…” Suddenly, Mo Fan realized that the stars of the Thunder family were extremely excited.
Their jubilation is similar to the change of the original fire system stars, which change was precisely to make Mo Fan’s fire? Did the burning turn into fire? Burn the bone.
In other words, Lei Yin will soon be promoted to a level!!!
Before, I had been practicing in meditation, and the Thunder Starlings had not moved at all. Unexpectedly, today’s rapid release of their reactions had transformed them. I wonder if it was the same desire to become stronger after experiencing this battle, or the effect of just absorbing the residual spirit?
“Huozi has reached the level of Burning Bones, and I don’t know what the effect of the particularly overbearing Lei Yin at the first level is when he reaches the second level. It’s amazing!”!!

To Mo Fan’s surprise, this is the first time he has completed a task and unexpectedly received a commission at once.
The school has spent a total of 200000 yuan to get the city demon hunting team to handle this matter. Mo Fan takes 10% of the money. After all, he is a newcomer to the team. Generally speaking, most newcomers receive an internship salary, and the commission is only a symbolic one. Considering that Mo Fan is a special Lei department, coupled with his outstanding performance today, the team has directly transferred Mo Fan to full employment.
10% is a full 20000 yuan, which is equivalent to the income of my father driving outside for nearly half a year!
“Mo Fan did not bother with this money, but carefully saved it for a rainy day.”.
Speaking of it, this is Mo Fan’s first bucket of gold. The danger is a bit more dangerous, and the remuneration is indeed higher than Mo Fan expected. This is much faster than those teams that hunt monsters outside to earn money. No wonder so many people have to sharpen their heads to join the urban demon hunting team.
Mu’s Manor
The azure blue private swimming pool rippled with layers of soft water waves. Mu He, wearing a swimming cap, was swimming from the water to the shore, lying moist on the reclining chair under the sunshade, and then glanced at the female private swimming coach with a tan skin next to her, casually glancing over her to reveal her half rounded chest.

“Crunch Crunch Crunch Crunch”
Mu He was about to speak, but he noticed that the water in the pool was slowly covered with a layer of cold frost, and the surface of the swimming pool quickly condensed.
“Don’t… I’ll swim later.” Mu He had a headache and didn’t say that the entire swimming pool was like winter, which made him laugh and cry.
“Uncle He, my father asked you to come over,” said a tall, thin man with a particularly gloomy expression.
“Yuang, your ice stardust is getting stronger and stronger. How’s your cultivation going?” Mu He said pleasantly.
“Progress is a bit slow,” said the young man named Yu Ang.
“You’re still called slow…” Mu He smiled bitterly. “Other people are only in the level 1 state of Ice Creek now. You have mastered Ice Creek? Coagulation. With your cultivation speed, you can definitely reach the level 3 state of Ice Creek in less than two years. Ice Creek? Coverage is a large area of ice spread, not to mention a small Fire Department student. You can freeze a large area alone!”
“Two years? It’s still too long,” Yu Ang muttered to himself.
“You are always not satisfied with your cultivation. In fact, you are already much better than your peers. Admittedly, there is still a certain gap between you and Mu Ningxue, but Mu Ningxue is too special. You should know that your father, Zhuoyun, has a grudge against that boy. After a year, you will naturally eliminate that boy, and presumably he will give you a big gift.” Mu He said with a smile.
“I didn’t even take that clown seriously,” Yu Ang said.

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