Chapter 62 Di Sheng Quan

Yuang diligently cultivates for himself. Although his adoptive father Zhuo Yun arranged a magical duel for him a year later, Yuang really didn’t take this matter to heart.
“You go ahead first, I’ll be there in a moment,” said Mu He.
Yu Ang nodded and walked towards the master room.
Through an artificial garden, Yu Ang stepped into a chic little courtyard.
In such a big manor with a European style as its main melody, there appears an ancient tea house, which still looks a bit strange.
“Father, I don’t quite understand why you arranged such a boring duel for me.” Yu Ang sat aside and said to Mu Zhuoyun.
“If you only invite some upper class people, family members, and people of the same generation as you to your bar mitzvah, it will seem very monotonous. There are not many opportunities to gather the entire Bo City famous people in one place at a time. If there is such a duel section in this bar mitzvah, many people will have a different outlook on you. There are some things that my older generation is not suitable for interfering too much, so you can live by yourself “The strength of the people who have conquered the elders and peers present and established some of their own authority will be much smoother for you to control the power of this city in the future.” Mu Zhuoyun took a sip of tea and said with foresight.
“Then you should also arrange a more suitable opponent for me,” said Yu Ang.
“At first, I thought it would be a bit of a joke to arrange such a small role for your bar mitzvah, and I’m considering any more appropriate arrangements. But now it may not be that way, and even it may be a good secret fight between me and Deng Kai and Zhu,” said Mu Zhuoyun.
“What do you say?” Yu Ang asked puzzled.
“Your opponent, Mo Fan, has mastered the second level of Huozi, and the speed of cultivation has exceeded all of our expectations. It is not a small role that can achieve such cultivation results in just one year. He is now the most outstanding student in Tianlan Magic High School, and has received the attention of Deng Kai, Zhankong, and Zhu principals. Now, even if I want to use some means on this boy, these people may not make me achieve my wish… Really “I was surprised that the driver’s son’s accomplishments were not at all slower than those of the outstanding disciples of our great families, if he weren’t so uninteresting.”. “As for the matter between me and Deng Kai, you don’t need to know for the moment.” Mu Zhuoyun sneered and said.
“In that case, it may be a lot of fun.” Yu Ang seemed relieved.
“If an opponent who is too weak appears on their own bar mitzvah, they are not giving themselves prestige at all, but rather allowing this rat generation to take advantage of themselves, and they simply do not reflect their strong strength over their peers.”.
One of the most important things in the Mu family is the initiation ceremony for the younger generation. The initiation ceremony can be described as their most solemn ceremony. If the young are strong, the family is strong. It is always inappropriate for the older generation, who have already mastered the power of Bocheng, to jump out and show off their power. If the younger generation’s children rule their peers with an overwhelming advantage, wouldn’t it also reflect their absolute strength of the Mu family?
Mu Ningxue is in the imperial capital, in a higher field.
In this Bo city, there must also be outstanding young magicians with big flags, right?
Yu Ang is a very good successor in charge, and Mu Zhuoyun wants to carefully cultivate him to gain a foothold in Bo City.
Whether the future road can be smooth or not depends naturally on how this begins. Other children’s bar mitzvah ceremonies can be handled internally, but Yuang’s bar mitzvah must be grand and grand, and guests must be entertained to make a big splash!
Mo Fan is a little unexpected.
It’s just a stepping stone on the growth path of young superiors like Yu Ang!
Of course, the resourceful Mu Zhuoyun wouldn’t tell Yu Ang that spending so much resources to cultivate and recommend him. No matter how beautiful and powerful he will be in the future, he will only be a stepping stone for another person. This person is his Mu Zhuoyun’s biological daughter, Mu Ningxue!
Mu Ningxue is the most perfect successor to Mu Zhuoyun. However, the pool of Bo City is too small, so it is only necessary to cultivate a true confidant and take control of the inherent wealth of Bo City.
“Don’t worry, I will open the Holy Spring of Bo City to you on the day of the bar mitzvah, and you will have a whole week of cultivation time inside. This week is enough to make your cultivation progress by leaps and bounds, and you don’t need to pay attention to Bo City peers at all!” Mu Zhuoyun said kindly and peacefully.
“Father, is that holy spring really so magical?” Yu Ang asked with a gleaming gaze.
“Of course. You should know that this holy spring is equivalent to a star dust magical device that has been strengthened by an unknown number of times. It not only alleviates cultivation fatigue, but also allows cultivation speed to gallop under the nourishment of this Bo City’s holy spring. Whether you meditate or control in the holy spring, it is perfect. The holy spring cannot be opened without opening it. Once you enter it, you must concentrate on it “Because this is probably your best chance to attack a middle level mage.” Mu Zhuoyun said.
“Medium… medium? Am I still a bit far away?” Yu Ang said in some surprise.
“If you hadn’t entered the Holy Spring of Earth and were a bit far away, it wouldn’t be necessary to get this opportunity.” Mu Zhuoyun touched its eight piked beard and said.
“Father, how did this holy spring of Bo City come from, and why is it so effective?”
“The Di Sheng Quan has a great history, and you don’t need to know it. What you need to remember is that the Di Sheng Quan is a perfect opportunity to cultivate only once in a lifetime.” Mu Zhuoyun didn’t go on further.
Yuang also nodded heavily.
Whether to break through the initial stage and step into the middle level mage that countless people dream of, this holy spring of Bo City is crucial!

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