Chapter 63 Strange Events in the Old Block

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Mo Fan remained practicing for the rest of the summer vacation.

City demon hunting teams are not very busy jobs, they often adjust their own pace of life.
After completing two demon hunting rewards with the demon hunting team, Mo Fan should be considered completely out of the novice realm, and more able to calmly release skills in the face of demons.
Fighting and cultivating go hand in hand, but Mo Fan finds that the growth speed of Stardust is accelerating.
The growth of the stardust naturally led to the transformation of the stars. On the day of the beginning of the third year of high school, Mo Fan successfully transformed the Lei-generation stars.
Becoming brighter and brighter can transmit stronger Thunder magic power, and the skills used will naturally change.
“Next time they have a mission with the demon hunting team, they will definitely be surprised.” Mo Fan sat in the classroom, feeling particularly happy.
Now its Thunder Seal and Fire Zi have reached Level 2, which is far faster than the students around it. If you can cultivate your skills to Level 3 before graduation, it will be even more perfect!
It is said that when the stars metamorphose to level 3, they are closer to the middle level mage.
Mo Fan also doesn’t know when he can reach the middle level mage level, but he will definitely use every means to make himself stronger!!
Life at school is still the same. After experiencing experience, the temperament of the students has significantly changed. In addition, with the upcoming magic college entrance exam, those ordinary and casual students are particularly diligent and frequently appear on the training ground.
Mo Fan himself is not going to the training ground.
Playing a human puppet has a fur effect. He now directly converts this meaningless training and practice into real combat, fighting monsters face to face, which improves the effect much better than playing a puppet on the school playground!
“Brother Fan, have you noticed that Zhou Min, the class leader who has been very proud and charming since his training, is particularly kind to you?” Zhang Xiaohou whispered in Mo Fan’s ear.
“Do you have any?” Mo Fan asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Of course there are, and sometimes I sneak a peek here.”
“Isn’t it because I’m handsome?”
“If you want to say that, I can’t help it, but if it’s because you’re handsome, she won’t be mean to you at the beginning of school. She’s mean to everyone, but when she comes to you, the whole person has changed, just as clever as the little sister next door.” Zhang Xiaohou said.
Mo Fan is now attending classes in the morning, practicing in the afternoon, and wearing a uniform to maintain the peace of this city at night. There is no time to speculate on the minds of young girls. Moreover, he already has the heroic spirit to save thousands of young girls from suffering, occasionally capturing a few young girls’ hearts… Isn’t it particularly normal!
“Look, look, she’s coming to see you… Tut Tut, Brother Fan, I’ll withdraw first.” Zhang Xiaohou is a qualified and good teammate, and some friends are really stupid like pigs, so they have to be light mages there!
Mo Fan raised his head and found that Zhou Min was really coming towards him.
Looking at her small appearance, she was a bit pitiful and hesitant.
Zhou Min is still quite adrift, with clean, shoulder-length black hair, a delicate face with the pride that many girls have. He is naturally fierce and distanced from boys on weekdays, but in fact, his warm heart cannot be concealed.
“Mo Fan… Are you free tonight?” Zhou Min walked over and asked in a very low voice.
It seems that I still need to consolidate my level 2 Thunder Print skill.
Zhou Min, Zhou Min, as a monitor, you should be fully engrossed in your studies. How can you be so quick to move your heart? We are all high school students who want to sprint for the college entrance exam. This year is crucial and affects their future. If you are distracted by puppy love, it will not be good for anyone!
So Mo Fan nodded and said to Zhou Min, “I’m free!”
Zhou Min immediately smiled and said, “Wait for me after school. I’ll tell you something very important.”

“No problem.” Mo Fan nodded, wondering whether to ask Zhang Xiaohou to prepare a box of small umbrellas for himself in case of emergency?
After school, a large group of students rushed towards the school gate.
Zhou Min kept his word and waited for Mo Fan at the back door of the school.
As Mo Fan approached and was about to speak, Zhou Min said mysteriously, “Mo Fan, I don’t know if I should talk to you about this, but I don’t know who would be more suitable.”
Upon hearing this, Mo Fan felt a bit confused.
“Well, my grandmother’s family lives on Rongshu Street, which is an old urban area that is about to be transformed into a new community. During the summer vacation, I went to live with my grandmother, but I frequently heard the noise from the nearby construction site, as if there were engineering teams working on it, but I asked people, and they all said they wouldn’t work at night… Grandma always said, ‘You have something in that big old urban area that is going to be ruined. I asked my grandmother to move, but she didn’t want to.’ “I’m leaving there, so I hope you’ll accompany me and see what’s going on. Otherwise, leaving my grandmother alone there always makes me uneasy. The night is really a bit scary.” Zhou Min said earnestly to Mo Fan.
After listening to Zhou Min’s description, Mo Fan was stunned.
Engineering earthquake??
A while ago, there was a canteen earthquake in Nima, and there will be an industrial earthquake. This Bo City will be damaged by playing.
“Isn’t it a giant eyed scarlet rat again?” Mo Fan thought.
“Giant eyed scarlet rat? This is a demon. There shouldn’t be such a thing in Bo City, right?” Zhou Min opened her small lips in surprise.

The last time Zhou Min faced the fear of demons, he still had lingering palpitations.

“It’s not strange. I heard from the Hunter Alliance that the giant eyed scarlet rat has recently followed the mating season and frequently jumped out of the dark corners to flee.” Mo Fan has already taken it for granted.
If he were still at school, Mo Fan would feel like Zhou Min that the city is 100% safe and there can be no demons.
But in the city demon hunting team, Mo Fan also has some experience and insight.
How to put it?
Xiao Zhou Min, you’ve really found the right person. My other identity is Bocheng City Management. Because I only manage the demons in the city, I’m more professional!!
Alas, I can’t charge a commission this time, and it’s not a bad thing to buy a girl’s heart. Let’s go and have a look!
When we arrived at the old banyan block, as Zhou Min said, this block had already been demolished and looked like it had just experienced a serious earthquake disaster.
Dust permeates this heavily demolished neighborhood, filled with temporary construction site walls and potholes. The partially demolished house remains there, a seemingly disfigured wreckage that has just been built but not yet formed.
It is said that the old banyan tree block is intended to be built into a new commercial area, but the investor is seriously short of funds. As a result, there is a broken wall in this Expo City that even the government does not know how to handle.
Most people have already moved out of this block, and some homeless people will reluctantly find some dangerous buildings to temporarily live in. The rest are elderly people who are still unwilling to move out, such as Zhou Min’s grandmother.

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