chapter 69 Medium Level, Storm Wave

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Xiaoke was already stunned.

She clearly guarded the captain Xu Dahuang with water defense skills, why did the one-eyed demon wolf tear open the captain’s chest!!!!
“Team… Captain!!” Guo Caitang was also dumbfounded.
Can one ignore fire? Burst, one can directly tear open the water Royal? Guarding Cyclops, is this really the demon they deal with on weekdays???
“Xiaoke, run quickly!” At this moment, Feishi shouted at Xiaoke.
When Xiaoke woke up with a start, her entire body seemed to be immersed in ice water, and she felt the endless cruelty and ferocity in the pupil of the Cyclops.
Its next goal is itself!!
“Lei Yin? Crazy plan!”
When everyone fell into a state of panic, purple lightning tracks covered Mo Fan’s head.
Raise with one hand high and grip with the palm of your hand!
Suddenly, all the lightning imprints turned into long lightning python whips, which frantically lashed the ferocious one-eyed demon wolf, causing him to split his skin and flesh!
Each time the whip of lightning strikes, a series of subsequent arcs immediately penetrate the body of this brutal one-eyed demon wolf, entering its muscles and bones.
And the original Leiyin? “Python marks are different. Once multiple lightning marks, such as whips, are hit on top of each other and leave lightning marks there, these marks will transmit electric arcs to each other, continuously electrocuting the target creature.”.
The Cyclops howled in pain.
Perhaps its powerful, thick muscles and steel body can withstand fire? The powerful destructive power of the explosion and the frantic urge of Lei Yin may only have caused it some skin injuries, but its muscles are absolutely unable to withstand the paralysis of electric shocks and the constant conduction of electric arcs in its boiling body.
“Thunder! The creature that relies solely on physical power, the Cyclops Wolf, is most afraid of thunder magic!” Guo Caitang exclaimed at this moment.

“This… this is a Level 2 Thunder Seal!!” Feishi also looked a bit surprised.
When their demon hunting team was somewhat helpless, it was unexpected that the new member who had not been in the team for a long time would come forward.
The most important thing is, when did this boy cultivate Lei Yin to the second level!!
The one-eyed wolf itself is undergoing a transformation of its muscles, blood, and bones. This change makes the one-eyed wolf directly possess the terrifying combat power of nearly advanced success. At this time, nothing is more effective than the perfect thunder magic that specializes in exploding muscle creatures!
Even though it was a Level 2 Thunder Seal, the domineering power of the Elemental Leader was still fully displayed at this time. In addition to the strong restraint of the Thunder Seal, the Cyclope Wolf actually seemed to be shaking and limping all over.
At the other place, Mo Fan, standing far away, took a long breath.
Fortunately, the level 2 Lei Yin is indeed effective, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.
“Go on, Fanmo, go on, your thunder marks make it impossible for its muscles and bones to continue growing. As long as we can restrain its advancement, we will be saved!” Guo Caitang said hurriedly.
Mo Fan nodded.
Once again, the tracks were connected, and the purple lightning marks appeared on Mo Fan’s head.
Although Level 2 Lei Yin is still a bit rusty, there is no room for any mistakes when life is at stake.
The lightning whip once again frantically lashed the one-eyed wolf with a slightly deformed body. This frantic whip not only once again had the effect of suppressing the one-eyed wolf, but also showed signs of retraction for the one-eyed wolf with a slightly swollen body and growing bones.
“Good job, Fanmo!!”
“Return it to its original shape, return it to its original shape!”

The crowd couldn’t help but be excited. For them, Mo Fan’s Lei Yin saved the lives of all members.
“The paralyzing effect of Lei Yin cannot last forever. After the muscles and bones of the Cyclops adapt to the electric shock, it may expand again!” Guo Caitang shouted to remind the public.
The control effect of Lei Yin cannot be infinitely continuous, which Mo Fan himself is particularly aware of.
Anyway, after delaying for some time, Mo Fan felt that he had done his best, at least allowing Li Wenjie to successfully drag Xu Dahuang to a safe place. As for whether the captain Xu Dahuang was alive or dead, it’s hard to say.
With a howl of wolf, the one-eyed demon wolf finally adapted to the paralysis of the thunder seal, and the energetic monster once again released its wild beast breath.
“No, it’s going to change again!”
The faces of the crowd changed again, which meant that their lives were all suspended once again.
Seeing this behind the scenes, Mo Fan knew that he was really powerless.
Currently, we can only withdraw, and our own Lei Yin has bought some time for those innocent people, which can also be regarded as saving some lives.
“Evil beast, you won’t die yet!!”
A solemn and incomparable high drink immediately echoed above the old street.
Seeing no one, Mo Fan felt a huge elemental force gathering in the mid air, with countless mists of water vaguely falling on his cheeks.
“Whoa whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

Mo Fan raised his head and was stunned to discover that a terrible wave appeared in the air at some point!!

A turbulent wave in the air??
Mo Fan couldn’t believe his eyes, but this surging storm did indeed roll over the old roof, and then hit the one-eyed demon wolf like water breaking a dike.
“Storm wave? Drive out!”
With this sacred magical sound, the raging tide of water directly overthrew the Cyclops and turned them into a flood that immediately filled the entire old banyan street.
All the banyan trees were almost washed down, and the walls of the old house collapsed. The originally irascible one-eyed demon wolf had no room to struggle under the storm and flood, and was washed alive from the center of the street to the end of the street!
“Medium… medium level water system magic!!” Xiaoke’s entire face turned red with excitement after seeing this scene!
Storm waves!
This is the middle level skill of the water system. Looking at the wave that is enough to fill a street, Xiao Ke, who is also a water system mage, feels that the whole person is going to faint with excitement.
Middle level, the dream middle level, when will a small magician like myself be able to reach it.
The storm wave was shaking and tumbling in front of us, but it didn’t even roll over to anyone else. What everyone could see was that the storm wave swept the Cyclops down like a dragon, almost sweeping down this old street!
Mo Fan is also watching this scene, and his heart is also surging at the moment!
Medium level magic, this is medium level magic, too strong!!!!

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