Chapter 68 Guarding the Block

“Whoa whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”
The branches and leaves of the old banyan tree danced wildly, and the fallen leaves and broken branches fell in disorder.
“Yuang, hurry up, release another layer of ice vines!” Guo Caitang immediately realized something and hurriedly said to Yuang.
“No, the breath is too strong for me to breathe,” said Yu Ang.
Mo Fan also felt the wild animal’s wild spirit pounding like the sea waves, accompanied by the one-eyed demon wolf’s long chanting up to the sky, and the wild breath of the huge waves continued to roll over, causing the houses in this old block to shake.
“Advanced, this guy is being pushed by us, he’s forcing himself to advance!”
“Sucking in the energy of Di Sheng Quan, it already has the capital to advance, and we must stop it. If it succeeds in advancing, Yang Zuohe may not be able to subdue it if he arrives!” Xu Dahuang’s face was extremely ugly.
Xu Dahuang is also the first time he has encountered such an advanced demon in the city demon hunting team for so long.
Demons in the advanced stage are not terrible, but the most terrible ones are successful ones, which are not something that beginners like them can resist!
And once it massacres, the people of this urban area will be devastated!
“No, we can’t stop it. We’d better hurry to escape here before it’s advanced yet,” Li Wenjie said with a pale face.
The speed of the successfully advanced demons is not what Li Wenjie can handle at all. Everyone present must die, and it doesn’t take more than 10 seconds for the successfully advanced Cyclops to be able to kill all of them!
“What nonsense did you say? Turn around and see what’s behind you!” Xu Dahuang said angrily.
This area is abandoned due to the presence of the construction site, and this old banyan street is also in a state of demolition and relocation. However, beyond this old banyan street, it is a commercial block with flashing neon lights.
There are families sitting in the hall watching TV, girls preparing small gifts for the Qixi Festival, old couples taking a leisurely walk, residential buildings, shops, entertainment venues, squares
Where do these people have a little self-protection ability??
It is certain that as long as they turn around and leave now, the Cyclops who have completed the advanced stage must urgently need a large amount of food, and those people are food.
There are indeed magicians in this city who are stronger than their demon hunting team. However, middle-level magicians cannot always be vigilant. Even if they arrive here as quickly as possible to eliminate this one-eyed demon wolf, they cannot avoid the unbridled slaughter of the one-eyed demon wolf during this period of time.
Xu Dahuang may not be able to calculate how many lives will be lost.
“Although that little bastard is very annoying, he did a remarkable thing today. The one-eyed demon wolf that is about to advance was discovered in time, which can be regarded as avoiding a bigger disaster. However, there is no need for us to say so disheartened. It has not yet advanced and achieved success, and we can stop it!” Guo Caitang said with a mournful smile.
Xu Dahuang is no longer planning to run.
To be honest, Mo Fan admired the spirit of the captain of the demon hunting team.
“Feishi, prepare for the ground wave? Slow down. If it gets rid of the ice vine, it must not be allowed to run,” Xu Dahuang said.
Feishi nodded.
His palm thumped against the concrete floor, and suddenly there appeared underground ripples on the surface that looked like ripples in the lake water. These ripples moved in one direction, forcing the frozen one-eyed demon wolf to move away from everyone.
However, the effect of Ice Vine cannot continue for too long.
A stream of boiling heat begins to forcibly evaporate the surrounding ice and frost into water, even allowing the water to boil.
“This guy is really advancing, his body and blood vessels are boiling hot!” Feishi said with an uneasy expression.
Li Wenjie clenched his teeth and didn’t know what to do.
To put it bluntly, once the one-eyed demon wolf is successfully promoted, none of them can survive, or even prevent the monster from entering the bustling commercial district.
Staying here is just waiting to die.
Moreover, the advanced signs of this one-eyed demon wolf are quite obvious. Why should we stay here and wait for death??
“It’s about to break free!” Li Wenjie said in a cold sweat.
It’s over. It’s too late to run now.
Xu Dahuang, Xiaoke, Feishi, and Guo Caitang have no intention of leaving.
Mo Fan is also watching this one eyed demon wolf at the moment. He can clearly see the transparent muscles of the one eyed demon wolf, and the blood vessels inside the muscles are clearly visible. They are hot and hot, and they quickly flow through the body of the one eyed demon wolf!
The skeleton of the Cyclops is crackling, and the bone in the shoulder position actually grows directly from the muscle, turning into a sharp shoulder bone corner.
Its giant like backbone is also growing, penetrating through the muscles of its back, and its bloodstained bones suddenly transform into spines full of spines. The bleak moonlight falls, making it even more ferocious and terrifying!
“Fire? Burst!!”
Xu Dahuang finally lost his composure and threw a whole flame of anger at the monster.
The flames exploded in front of the one-eyed demon wolf, and the fierce tongue of fire suddenly engulfed the one-eyed demon wolf, reddening the entire street.
The heat wave suddenly filled the old street, and the old banyan trees burned under the explosion of the flame, and began to spread towards the old buildings.
The people in the old building had already fled, and the houses on both sides were in a mess after the explosion.
Such fierce power must also be able to inflict certain trauma on the Cyclops.
When the fire finally dissipated, suddenly a figure, still covered in flames, flew out of the explosion location, knocking everything away along the way
“Captain, be careful!” Feishi shouted.
Xu Dahuang’s face was suffused with fear.
Bear it a fire? After the explosion, this one eyed demon wolf was safe and sound!!
“Ground wave!!”
Feishi’s desperate casting skills.
It controls the surface of the earth and wants the undulating surface to pull the flying Cyclops back. However, the Cyclops’ speed is really too fast, and the pulled back waves cannot have much effect!
“Uh woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo!”
The one-eyed demon wolf, who was still burning with flames, jumped up and opened his chest with power. His outstretched arms and claws crossed a cold awn in the dark, reaching towards the captain Xu Dahuang.
“Water King? Guard!”
Xiaoke completed her orbit at the time of crisis, and several water ribbons quickly woven into a water garment armor that fell on the captain Xu Dahuang.
The sharp claw swept past and fiercely passed through the water imperial guard.
A piece of blood mist sprayed, and a long crack appeared on Captain Xu Dahuang’s body, which made him look as if he had been directly ripped open!!!

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