Chapter 67 Advanced Demon Wolf

“Great, it’s the demon hunting team,” said Zhou Minru, who was reborn.
Mo Fan stopped talking nonsense and quickly evacuated here while the Cyclops Wolf was frozen.
As soon as I ran out of this street, I heard Guo Caitang using Bluetooth earphones to say to the other team members, “Have you notified Fanmo? This is a one-eyed demon wolf in the advanced stage, and without accident, it was the guy who stole the Holy Spring of Earth with those giant eyed scarlet rats. We have no problem dealing with giant eyed scarlet rats, but the combat effectiveness of the one-eyed demon wolf, which has received great benefits, is much stronger than ordinary demons. Without thunder, it is difficult for us to control it!”
“It turned out to be this bold beast, and my father has been offering him a reward for a while, and today we caught him here.” The tall, thin, and somber man standing next to Guo Caitang said, “Just in time, today I Yuang and your demon hunting team killed this beast.”
“Let’s not rush forward. First, use the ice vine to suppress it from a distance. It seems that it just hit something and hasn’t regained consciousness. Otherwise, our ice vine may not be able to freeze it, or we should wait for all our team members to arrive, especially the Lei mage. The Lei family is the best choice for dealing with a powerful creature like the Cyclops!” Guo Caitang said seriously.
“Oh? Listen to you.” Yu Ang nodded, and he also connected the orbit of the ice system and stood in the distance to continuously freeze the Cyclops. It seemed a bit relaxed. Yu Ang looked back at Mo Fan, who had fled with his female classmate, and said, “Who is the guy you called the little bastard? Do you know him?”
“It’s Mo Fan, the lawless guy who cursed Uncle Zhuoyun,” Guo Caitang said, gritting his teeth.
“He’s Mo Fan, hehe.” Yu Ang couldn’t help but smile contemptuously.
I thought this guy was so powerful. He turned out to be like a scared old dog when facing monsters. It was really funny. It seems that at the beginning, it was rumored that he had killed the Youwolf beast through training. It was indeed the luck of the dog, even if he had not killed it at all. Those people in the post station love to talk nonsense.
Is it really necessary for such scum to appear at your own bar mitzvah?
Alas, without considering this non mainstream character, we need to think carefully about what to do with this advanced one-eyed demon wolf.
“Mo Fan, what are you going back to do?” Zhou Min ran with her grandmother all the way to the crowded block.
“The phone fell there.” Mo Fan ignored Zhou Min’s questioning and hurriedly killed him back.
As he ran, Mo Fan pulled out his stylish hooded sweater from his flat schoolbag and smudged his face with crayons, just in case he needed another mask!
“Ya, American heroes are heroes who instantly transform into heroes who save the city when their clothes are torn apart. Their cross dressing is too outdated.”
In fact, Mo Fan just changed from the Fire Department to the Thunder Department. Fortunately, during his schooling, he never forgot his identity as a Holy City Steward, so he carried all the props with him.
After playing the brave male classmate, I should become a city messenger, but I don’t know whether it’s cool or funny.
Speaking of it, the man standing next to Guo Caitang is Mu Zhuoyun’s adopted son, Yu Ang. The entire Yin and Yang people, at a glance, know that he is not a good bird.
The one-eyed demon wolf who stole the Holy Spring of Earth??
What is Dishengquan? How could a normal one-eyed demon wolf become so terrifying.
Mo Fan is completely different from his first experience. If he were standing in front of a Youwolf beast, he could really cope with one or two, but the one-eyed demon wolf is obviously much stronger than the Youwolf beast
Recently, there have been earthquakes everywhere, and there are many crazy giant eyed scarlet rats. Are they all related to that holy spring??
Forget it, let’s not think about it so much. Hurry to kill back and maintain peace on the earth.
It is said that mutant monsters generally explode good things.
When Mo Fan returned to the old banyan block, the other members of the demon hunting team had already arrived.
“They can be said to be on standby 24 hours a day, as long as there is a situation, they must arrive at the scene as soon as possible, which is much faster than the speed of the police.”.
“Brother Fanmo, you’ve come quite quickly!” Feishi grinned as he saw that Mo Fan had already arrived.
“Don’t be distracted, this advanced one-eyed demon wolf will kill us every minute.” Captain Xu Dahuang said seriously.
“Hmm. Fortunately, today we have an additional helper, with two ice mages present, which can greatly limit the movement of this one eyed demon wolf,” said Li Wenjie.
Guo Caitang and Yu Ang are both outstanding disciples of the Ice Family. Their ice vines, stacked together, have frozen the one-eyed demon wolf across a radius of ten meters. Although the one-eyed demon wolf has not been completely frozen, it takes much slower to move.
This ice vine has a penetrating effect. The longer you stay in the ice vine area, the more rigid your muscles and bones will become. It is most suitable for dealing with Cyclops, which rely solely on strength to fight.
However, small problems also exist.
There are some conflicts between the ice system and the fire system itself. The main killing ability of the entire demon hunting team lies with the captain Xu Dahuang, but Xu Dahuang has only one fire? The explosion is likely to shatter the ice vines of Guo Caitang and Yu Ang
Therefore, there is currently no other better way to control this one eyed demon wolf.
“I have already called for reinforcements, and Yang Zuohe of the Magician Association is heading here. Before he comes, we will keep a check on him and don’t try to kill this one-eyed demon wolf.” Xu Dahuang appeared very experienced.
Fire? Explosions can indeed seriously damage this one eyed wolf, but this is not safe. If this one eyed wolf still has combat power, it will be difficult to control it again, especially if it cannot escape to other residential neighborhoods!
“Yang Zuohe, who is the middle level water system mage?” Xiaoke’s eyes flickered and his face was filled with adoration.
“Well, with him, we can safely kill this one-eyed demon wolf, otherwise if it escapes, it will cause incalculable casualties to the public,” Xu Dahuang said.
“It’s true, but our ice vine is not sure how long it can last. This one eyed demon wolf has strong power. If our ice vine can be promoted to level 3, it will never be able to break free in this case.” Guo Caitang said.
“It’s okay, and we’re here,” said Feishi and Li Wenjie.
“Do I want to take action?” Mo Fan looked at the crowd who had a complete plan and asked.
“You’re on standby. Your Level 1 Thunder Seal may not be able to hurt it, but the muscle paralysis effect should play a crucial role, as long as this one eyed demon wolf has a hint of breaking free from the frost… Hmm, something’s wrong, how does this guy’s breath become stronger?” Xu Dahuang changed his expression.
The old banyan tree block was filled with a cold air, but somehow the inexplicable wild beast breath turned into a raging storm sweeping through the block with the one-eyed demon wolf whose legs were frozen as the center.

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