Chapter 66 Bone Shield Help

“Mo Fan… Mo Fan… what should we do? We can’t run away.” Zhou Min turned pale with fear and hid behind Mo Fan like that.
This is an old block in the dead of night, with few people living in the ruins of the construction site. At this time, the one-eyed demon wolf had rushed out of the construction site, and ran straight along the somewhat muddy street. Under the shadow of an entire piece of old banyan trees, only a shadow mat could be seen rolling past.
“You hurry up and take your grandmother away, I’ll hold on to the goods!” Mo Fan said to Zhou Min.
“No matter how much you run, you can’t run the one-eyed demon wolf with four legs running wildly. At this moment, Mo Fan once again realized how important it is to have displacement skills.”.
“How can you delay…” Zhou Min said with a trembling voice.
“Don’t waste so much words,” Mo Fan shouted.
Although Zhou Min is also a fire magician, how can she be so angry? Burning has no effect on this large Cyclops wolf. The signal has already indicated that one of your demon hunting team mates is nearby and should be able to support it.
Finally, Zhou Min was not grinding and ran quickly to the houses in the old block.
However, Mo Fan underestimated the kindness of this foolish girl. She not only informed her grandmother, but also wanted to save those elderly people who still lived in the old neighborhood.
Mo Fan frowned when he noticed that many elderly people still lived in the old block.
If it hadn’t been for today’s discovery of this thing, I’m afraid these old people would have become the food of this one eyed demon wolf.
Finally, the one-eyed demon wolf rushed over, only 20 meters away from Mo Fan.
I’m afraid the Cyclops can cross this 20 meters without even needing a second.
It has to be said that the demon is much more terrifying than the school description. The psychological pressure of this one-eyed demon wolf rushing over is no less than that of a car flying into it. In other words, ordinary people will only stay in place.
“I told you not to chase after me. If you still chase after me, I will be unable to get the best equipment!” Mo Fan stared at the one eyed monster wolf flying over and cursed wildly.
“The scolding returned to the scolding, but Mo Fan didn’t give up and be captured.”.
The sickle shaped imprint of the mind locking the spiritual world suddenly burst into a faint light of the soul on Mo Fan’s body.
Just in front of Mo Fan, the faint light traced at an extremely fast speed, depicting a three-dimensional diamond shaped shield that was several points higher than a human being.
When the faint light was at its strongest, the light in front of Mo Fan materialized into a blue and black bone shield with sharp edges and corners.
Magic gear, Sickle Bone Shield!
The sickle bone shield was suspended in front of Mo Fan’s forehead with a faint light, very suddenly.
The large one-eyed demon wolf didn’t even realize that there would be a sickle bone shield, and if it wanted to directly crash Mofan into meat sauce, it couldn’t even stop
For the reason of bowing his body, the one-eyed demon wolf hit his head against the Bone Scythe Shield, which made a violent shudder. First, he bounced the one-eyed demon wolf with a huge impact force over a distance of ten meters, and then he also bounced Mo Fan, who was protected under the shield, out.
After withstanding the fierce collision of the Cyclops, the Sickle Bone Shield immediately turned into fragments of light and disappeared into the air, while Mo Fan slid backwards down the concrete floor of the street like wearing skateboarding shoes.
There was a dull pain in the chest.
Mo Fan immediately felt a pang of retching. Although the Sickle Bone Shield counteracted the strongest impact of the Cyclops, Mo Fan still felt like he had been hit hard in the chest by something.
“What a strong beast!!”
Mo Fan was secretly surprised.
The quality of the Bone Sickle Shield is very good, and it is not a problem to withstand the full force of the demon’s attack safely. However, the one-eyed demon wolf also suffered a collision force when it collided with Mo Fan, which shows that if this force directly collides with him, his bones will definitely be broken!
The one-eyed demon wolf fell on the street, and his head was even more bloody.
“It shook its head and climbed up, holding on to the wolf’s head like a human with one claw, which had knocked it into a daze.”.
“Can you stand up? Is your body made of iron?” Mo Fan saw that the Cyclops Wolf had not lost his mobility at all, and his chin was about to fall to the ground.
Is it because the demons I have seen before are too weak, or is this one eyed demon wolf particularly strong? If it were because the previous Dark Wolf beast and the Giant Eyed Scarlet Mouse collided like this, the bones would have to fall apart!
Run, run!
While this guy is still shaking, hurry up and run without stopping.
“Just running doesn’t work, it can catch up right away. Take advantage of this to give it a thunder seal and let it lose its mobility for a while!”!
At such a time, Mo Fan dare not hide his strength any more. Let’s see Lei Genre when Zhou Min sees it. It’s not too difficult for this girl to keep quiet.
Taking a deep breath and relieving the pain in his chest, Mo Fan was ready to control his own orbit of the Thunder system.
“Ice vine? Coagulation!”
When Mo Fan had just taken control of two Thunder stars, a woman’s charming drink came not far away.
The cold air suddenly filled this old street, and the air drifted down without any sign of flying frost
These flying frost forms a command, and they quickly gather at the feet of the Cyclops, condensing all the ground around the Cyclops into ice.
These flying frost will spread, spreading along the powerful legs of the Cyclops, but in a few seconds, the Cyclops’ lower limbs will condense into ice sticks.
If the Cyclope Wolf is in a high-speed state, the ice vine may not be able to freeze it immediately, but the Cyclope Wolf is still in a dazed state, and when it wakes up, its lower limbs directly freeze, making it very difficult to move forward!
Mo Fan’s heart was filled with joy, and when he turned around, he saw Ling Bing, a woman with long legs and wearing a pair of black and purple jeans, standing at the street entrance. The white ice star orbit still shone a little light around her body, making the ice mage even more beautiful.
“Caitang!!” Mo Fan was delighted.
Don’t forget that she saved her life with Lei Yin at the beginning, but this time, she made a timely move to save her Lei Tie who was pressing the bottom of the box.
“Little bastard, why are you here?” Guo Caitang looked at Mo Fan with some surprise.
Mo Fan, how could Guo Caitang not know this guy? Guo Caitang will never forget watching himself take a shower with a group of small children in a group, and he hates him to the bone.
“You know, this guy caused a one-eyed demon wolf, and Guo Caitang would have hesitated when he just took the shot. Theoretically, both the satyr and the demon wolf should represent the moon to destroy them!”!
“I… I was having a tryst with my female classmate here, and you came just in time.” Mo Fan immediately retreated to the distance to meet Zhou Min and her grandmother.
“Hurry up, our demon hunting team is already around here.” Guo Caitang said without any good temper.

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