Chapter 65 Brother Wolf, Good Gathering and Good Separation?

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“There are some vagabonds living here, and the vagabonds’ lives have never been included in the police’s demographics. This one-eyed demon wolf is very cunning, hiding in an abandoned construction site, and then relying on the vagabonds who won’t be noticed to make food. If it weren’t for our discovery, I don’t know how many people would have become its rations.” Mo Fan snorted coldly.

Zhou Min is too scared to speak. Originally, she just came here with an attitude of searching for the root cause. Who knew that she would encounter a human eating demon directly? Even if the entire Bo City has a population of nearly one million and people die every day, it doesn’t mean that living people will be eaten by monsters lurking in such places. It’s terrible, all of this is terrible!
“Speaking of Zhou Min, do you think this one eyed demon wolf is a bit different from what our teachers described?” Mo Fan stared at the offending animal from a distance.
Zhou Minna still has the heart to think about this issue. She is now thinking about how to escape from this construction site without being discovered, and then immediately inform the Hunter Alliance of the terrible news.
“Its body size seems to be about two sizes larger than what the teachers described, and it is not an ordinary one-eyed demon wolf,” Mo Fan continued.
Zhou Min is going crazy.
Can we find a way to escape from here first? How can Mo Fan be so bold!!
Mo Fan himself quickly realized that Zhou Min was just a proud little girl in school, and there was no point in discussing this scary scene.
“You leave here first, call the hotline of the city demon hunting team, and by the way, ask the police to disperse the residents and homeless people around here.” Mo Fan said to Zhou Min.
“What about you?” Zhou Min asked.
“I’m watching it here,” said Mo Fan.
Zhou Min looked at Mo Fan like a monster.
“I’m also a senior three student. Why did this guy completely fail to respond to this scene? Normal people are scared to pee in their pants, okay?”.
On second thought, Zhou Min suddenly realized that Mo Fan, a super pervert, had killed the Wolf Beast, and it seemed that demons could not cause much fear to him.
Strange, this strange.

“I… I have already notified you,” Zhou Min whispered.
Mo Fan was puzzled and casually asked, “How did you inform me… my grass!!”
Suddenly, Mo Fan realized that something big had happened.
“Uh woo~”
Not far from the floor, the one-eyed demon wolf slowly turned his head while eating. The pair of lanterns and one-eyed demons directly locked Zhou Min and Mo Fan in this position.
In an instant, the air solidified.
Even hiding behind a brick wall, Mo Fan and Zhou Min could feel the awesome killing intent unleashed by the ferocious one-eyed demon wolf.
A gust of night wind blew past, with a strong smell of blood, and just like that, it hit Mo Fan and Zhou Min on the cheeks.
Zhou Min was already foolish. How could she not have imagined that the one-eyed demon wolf would suddenly discover the whereabouts of the two of them and gaze at the one-eyed one, as if the entire person had fallen into the abyss of fear, unable to move any more.
“Grandma, didn’t your mother teach you that monsters have the ability to sense mobile phone signals!” Mo Fan grabbed Zhou Min and rushed towards the outside of the construction site in a flash of lightning.
The most unsettling thing about creatures in this world is that they have the ability to sense signals from magical technology devices. So if you mute and send a distress message to the city demon hunting team, it’s like sending a mobile phone GPS location to the demon’s brain, and it’s exposed in a second!
The one-eyed demon wolf also realized that his whereabouts had been exposed, and his body suddenly bowed down, transforming into a coyote that saw the food and flew directly towards Mo Fan and Zhou Min, with terrifying speed.
Fortunately, Mo Fan and Zhou Min were at a distance from this guy, otherwise the moment they were discovered, they would have become a night meal for the Cyclops.
Mo Fan ran extremely fast, connecting the stars as he ran.

This technique was learned by him several times when dealing with demons with the demon hunting team. If a magician stands in place and connects to the star orbit like a fool, and the demon randomly grabs a piece of material and throws it at your forehead, you will die!
“Fire? Bones burned!”
One hand grabbed Zhou Min’s wrist and ran wildly, while the other hand gathered a hot flame.
The moment he jumped up and jumped over a pile of cement bags in front of him, the flame on his hand was thrown at the one-eyed demon wolf who was chasing him!
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”
Fire? The speed of the fire caused by the burning of bones was very fast, and in an instant, the waste wood stacked there was ignited. The high temperature and heat forced the Cyclops to not easily cross.
Mo Fan’s fire is not naturally thrown at the Cyclops, who are as agile as the Giant Eyed Scarlet Mouse. Their robust limbs allow them to jump between the ruins with unparalleled agility. Mo Fan’s skills are not yet accurate enough to accurately hit the Cyclops in a galloping state.
The purpose of this bone-burning flame is simple: to form a wall of flame that blocks the pursuit path of the Cyclops.
However, the power of action of this one-eyed demon wolf was far beyond Mo Fan’s imagination. He saw the powerful hind legs of the one-eyed demon wolf violently step on the ruins, and his body jumped up, even directly leaping over the burning flames of the burning bones.
The Cyclops fell heavily on the ground, rolling up dust.

Once again, the Cyclops locked in Mo Fan and Zhou Min who were fleeing. With a fierce step on their hind legs and a bow on their body, the Cyclops turned into a rampaging artillery shell and chased them all the way. Along the way, all the construction wood, small sand dunes, and mud trucks were hit and flew to both sides!

Mo Fan looked back and couldn’t help but scold.
“This one-eyed demon wolf is so abnormal and fast that his body is so strong. Even if he was hit by him like this, he would not have died. I’m afraid he is much stronger than any demon he has encountered before.”.
Fortunately, I and Zhou Min were relatively far away from it just now.
I will be outside the construction site soon. It should be safer to go outside.
“Bang!! Bang!! Bang!!”
Like foam, the outer temporary wall of the construction site was directly smashed by the strong body of the Cyclops. Mo Fan and Zhou Min, who had just escaped to the old street, turned around and found that the Cyclops were still chasing. The whole person was silly.

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****”The Cyclops Wolf, I’ve all entered the tower, what are you going to do?”???
Mo Fan previously thought that the one-eyed demon wolf was a bit intelligent and knew to hide in an unoccupied construction site and steal food from homeless people. Therefore, he reasoned that the one-eyed demon wolf dared not easily go to the block. Once found, it would become the target of the entire search. However, the one-eyed demon wolf was completely mentally retarded and directly chased out of the construction site.
Brother Wolf, you can’t bear to walk around in broad daylight. Although it’s evening and there aren’t many living people in the Old Street District, eventually someone will see you and report you… Why don’t we get together today and break up after this corner? No one is allowed to turn around.
Mahle Gobi, if you still chase me, don’t blame me for being rude!!

- my thoughts:
(Mahle Gobi and ****)These are all swear words with Chinese characteristics
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