Chapter 4: The First Day-I


I woke up to the beeping of my alarm clock. Since I was accustomed to waking up at the same time every day, I had not considered purchasing one when I was at home. However, I bought it on the day of my departure when I was buying my daily necessities because it was on sale that day.

But I have to say, the mattress in this dormitory is of top-notch quality. I haven’t had such a good sleep in a long time. As I woke up and went to the balcony, the magnificent view of the sea came into my vision, which had not been visible at night.

Today’s 5th August. I put on my tracksuit, laced up my shoes, and put on my headphones before heading out for a walk. Since I had arrived in the evening, I decided to take a stroll around the apartment to get a better look. It looked even more enormous than it had looked in the evening. There were several guys who were taking a walk just like me. Some were engaged in conversations with each other. I attempted to greet a few of them, but they seemed to stare at me without any response. However, this was not a new experience for me as I have been subjected to such looks during my early years in middle school when I first joined.

After returning from the walk, I noticed some food materials kept outside the door. Not mine only, I saw some of them lying in front of other doors also. While others might have been picked up already. It also had a letter written on top of it which described-

“The breakfast food materials will be left outside the door daily. Please collect them.

You can also collect it from SFS to avoid Mokab charges.”

“Mokab… What could it be?” I thought while taking the supplies inside.

Maybe we are going to be informed about it in the academy. However, wasn’t this academy intended to be free of charge for all? What could it be? Is it a kind of new currency?

I prepared my breakfast, then proceeded to take a shower before sitting down to have my meal. It took me nearly 15 minutes to complete my daily morning routine. The room had been cleaned thoroughly prior to my arrival yesterday, so I did not have to worry about any cleaning tasks. After that, I proceeded to wear my uniform which was packed in the paper package I opened yesterday. It also included an identification card bearing my name, which is mandatory to carry at all times. The ID card also functions as a gate pass and needs to be scanned before entering the premises.

“It’s strange,” I thought to myself as I put on the uniform. “So, it wasn’t a coincidence last night.” The uniform fit me perfectly, even though I couldn’t recall providing my body measurements in the application form.

I checked my watch, it was showing 7:45 am.

“Alright, it’s time to go.”

I stepped out of the room after wearing my shoes. The academy was not far away, as it could be seen from the gateway of the dormitory. After walking a few yards, I stumbled upon a purse lying in the grass of the footpath. It doesn’t contain any cash but rather some cards containing the school ID card.

“Hmm…Chris Orden. He’s also in the same section as me?”

I kept the wallet, with the thought of returning it in the academy. However, I encountered him sooner than I had anticipated.

Upon arriving at the entrance of the academy, I noticed that two individuals were engaged in a verbal altercation.

“Did you have to do this on the first day? And what’s the point of carrying so many cards together?”

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“I told you, that I was in hurry. And please stop screaming at me, so that I can remember where I dropped it. Also, if you hadn’t distracted me on my way, I probably wouldn’t have dropped it in the first place.”

“Oh. Is that so? If your mom hadn’t begged me to take care of her precious tadpole. I wouldn’t even had to see your face.”

“Haha, that’s some fine words coming out of mouth of a guy who’s got four eyes.”

“I dare you to say that again about my glasses you fuc-…”

The guy next to him grabbed Orden’s collar.

I decided to step in quickly, as the fight was getting fierce.

“Oh, you want to hear it again? Were my words that sweet?”

“Excuse me! Are you Chris Orden?” I tried to barge into their quarrel.

“You know me? Well, I am. What is it?”

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“I think, this belongs to you. I found it on the footpath while coming here.”

“Wait, let me see it again.”  He opened it to see all cards available in the wallet. “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much, god.”

He quickly walked ahead with a sense of excitement.

“Hey! Thank him, idiot!” He then turned towards me. “Anyway, thanks man, for returning his wallet. Well, my name’s Chris Orson, his cousin. Nice to meet you. May I know your name?”

He raised his right hand toward me for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you too, My name’s Zohan.” I said so while shaking his hand.

“Well, where did you find it? I mean, any specific place in the path, like near the signboard or the turn away?”

“I think, it was somewhere near the coffee shop.”

“Is it?” He asked with anger in his eyes.

“I guess, yes…” I replied while trying to look away from him.

“Hey! Wait, you bastard Orden. It wasn’t where we had met. I am going to rip your legs apart today.” He walked quickly towards the entrance door, and so did I.

“It’s right from upstairs on the 3rd floor.” The receptionist was having a conversation with Orden.

“Thanks, ma’am.” Orden replied.

“Oye, Orden. We are going to have a serious talk at lunchtime. Don’t you f***ing dare run away.” Orson walked to him with a serious expression on his face.

“I will be waiting for you, my dear.”  Orden said in a cute and humorous way, trying to taunt Orson.

“I think you need beating right now, you piece of sh*t.” He went closer to him.

“Hold on both of you!” I tried to stop them.

This time I stopped both of them from having a fight. Seriously, holding down these two is much like trying to stop both stray dogs from biting each other. However, the verbal abuse didn’t stop, and it continued until we reached the classroom. The whole classroom was having chat with each other. But as we entered the classroom, their eyes shifted toward us, most of them girls.

“Damn… He’s hot!”

“Has he dyed his hair? I don’t think so. His seems more natural than I do.”

“He’s handsome too. From me, it’s 10/10.”

“Let’s ask him for his contact later.”

“Share it with me too if you get it.”

Nope, particularly towards me, like always.

“Thanks ladies, But I am busy right now.” Orden replied while waving his hand toward them.

“No one’s even asking for you, moron. The lady-killer is just behind you.” Orson said while seating him on the second-last bench.”

“Come on man. You really had to interrupt me, when I am enjoying something.” He seated beside Orson.

“I know it was for him. But you know, what it is for anime watchers? Literally heaven!” Orden said while lost in his dream world.

“And he snapped again from reality. Hey! wait man. Where are you going? Sit with us.”

Orson pulled my hand to sit together with them when I was trying to sit on the last bench. I didn’t resist. After that, they continued their chat. After some time, both brothers shifted their discussion topic toward me.

“Do you go to the gym? Orden asked.

“Nope” I replied.

“Workout? At least at home? Orson asked.


“But your body seems more than so-called ‘sometimes’.” Orden said annoyed.

“Hey, Orson. How many girls do you think he got?”

“How many you say. Hmm…”

At that moment, I observed Xina entering through the classroom door. As soon as her gaze met mine, she offered a smile and waved at me. I reciprocated her greeting by waving back. I didn’t know she had also got same section as mine.

“Seems like bro’s already got one. Hey! Who’s she?”

“What?” I asked surprised.

“The name of your girl, gentleman.” This time Orson asked.

“My girl? Well, she’s a friend of mine, you can say.”

What’s the meaning of my girl? Anyways, I replied to them with a basic answer.

“A friend you say. Hmm…” Both began looking at me with doubt.

“What do you say, friend-zoning?” Again both started talking with each other.

“But both of them seem serious about it.”

“Hmm…Might be a passionate start.”

Both of them agreed on that last reply. But I couldn’t understand a thing they were talking about.

5 minutes later, the bell rang. It was an indication of the time 8:30, meaning the start of class.

A female teacher entered the class with a book in her hand. She was wearing a black suit with glasses in her eyes. Just after arrival, she started giving her introductory speech with excitement and a big smile on her face.

“Good morning students. My name is A. Kenshi. You can also call me Kenshi ma’am. From today onwards, I am your class teacher. Hope you would have liked the classroom and you would have also made some new friends. From today onwards you all are the students of class 1/B. So please try to get along with each other and enjoy the fresh start of high school. So let’s start today’s Physics class.

Ah! I completely forgot about the important thing. The principal is going to give an introductory speech to you all tomorrow morning at  8:30 am. So, please come prepared. And our principal is a little strict, so don’t be afraid of him when you greet him closely. That speech can also make you want to go back home. But you won’t be able to.

Oh, What have I started talking upon? Haha. Anyways let’s start the class” She ended it by laughing it off.

I don’t know if I noticed it correctly. But while talking about returning home, she was serious for a moment.

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