Chapter 5: The First day-II

– – –

5th August,

11:05 am,

School Canteen

It was lunchtime. All the students had assembled in the canteen.

The food items that were being served were of exceptionally high quality. Furthermore, the canteen room was incredibly spacious, despite accommodating the total strength of 200 students present.

As the academy had recently commenced operations, only first-year students were in attendance, resulting in a friendly atmosphere among the peers. Even students from foreign nations attempted to engage in conversations with each other, despite not being fluent in English language.

But, I had completely opposite plans regarding making friends. And had thought of spending my days alone, just like I had done in middle school.

“Pass the salt bro! Are you fu**ing daydreaming?” Orden said while shrugging my shoulders. “Hey, four-eyes, pass it.”

“Put it in your ass, tadpole.” Orson said while passing the salt.

“Thank you very much for your kind words. It means a lot to me.” Orden said while taking the salt.

I don’t know how the hell I ended up sitting between these two. All I did was return the wallet. And they won’t even let me get up from here.

Well, I should try once more.

“Excuse me.” I tried to get up.

“Hold up, bro. We know you want to go sit with her, but why not spend some time with us? What’s the hurry?” Orden said while chewing his food.

“Yeah, you have whole day after the classes. Be lovey-dovey with her at that time.” Orson continued.

“Sitting? With whom?”

“Look at this brat, trying to be all innocent. The one who is sitting right there.” He points his finger right behind me.

It was towards Xina once AGAIN.

She caught me watching her and gave me a smile once A G A I N !

In return, I waved my hand towards her to greet her, O N C E A G A I N !

A perfect Deja Vu.

I don’t know why they keep connecting me to her every time.

Anyway, I made up my mind again to get up from there.

“See, I am going to bring another sandwich, and after getting it, I will-“

“Am telling you he is going to take diversion from there-“


“Ok. Ok. We are watching.” Orson replied.

They burst out laughing as I walked away from there as quickly as possible. Seriously, I don’t understand why I am stuck into this mess.

I went over to the caterer to get another 2 sandwiches.

“Here is your order. Have a good day.” The caterer said after handing me the package.

“Thank you.”

Finally, I got my requirements. As I was coming out of the line, a voice startled me.

“Long time no see.”

And I knew who he was. I had never wanted to meet him again in my life.

I didn’t look back at his face.

I went up to my table where I was eating and kept my lunch tray.

“Take care of my tray until I return.” I left while saying so.

Orson tried to ask.

“At least tell, where you go-… And he left.”

I knew where he was going to meet me. As expected, he was in the restroom, currently washing his hand in the sink. No one was present in that place at that time, except for him. As I entered the room, our eyes met briefly before he quickly looked away and focused straight ahead in the mirror.

I proceeded to the urinal to use it prior to commencing our talk.

“Somethings never change, like our usual meeting place, isn’t it?” he said, deciding to start the conversation.

“Just like your real face, hidden behind a mask, talking and smiling just like a normal person. Cain Marcus.”

He laughed and replied.

“You know what Zohan?”

While cleaning his hands with a tissue paper he continued.

“We are both examples of that. And I believe, you are an even better example than me.”

“I am not in mood to remember those stuff. Anyway, tell me, what are you doing here?”

“In this prestigious academy to stud-“

“Don’t give me those lame excuses. I know you better than anyone. So, tell me the real reason.”

He paused for a moment and then spoke,

“You have to guess it by yourself. But I think you may have already guessed it.”

While stepping out of the door, he added a last line.

“However, you will be able to discover the answer ‘briefly explained’ within the next 24 hours.”

He left, and so did I.

The bell had already rung, and all the students had left. Orden and Orson were still waiting for me.

“Come on bro. At least tell us how much time it will take.” Orden said.

“Even Xina was worried, waiting for your return. It had come to the point where we had to convince her that you had gone to buy some refreshments for us and that we would return with you.”

“Really? But why would she do something like this?” I asked.

“Woahhhhhhhhhhh. Look at our boy getting worried.” Orden began trolling me again.

“It’s nothing like that. You all are misunderstanding something.”

“Hey Orson! didn’t I told you he’s totally into her. Bro’s even blushing.”

“Shut the f**k up, dumbass. Wasn’t I the one who told you that.” Orson countered.

This time, I didn’t say anything because telling them to stop only makes the situation worse. Also, I don’t have the energy like them to hold a debate for matters like these. Finally, I returned to class with them.

As I returned, Xina took a glance at my face and quickly started texting something on her phone.

Teacher had not arrived yet.

I sat down on my class desk with a text message popping up in my phone. I checked my phone, and it was from Xina which described-

“Where were you?”

I looked towards her. She was angry and was instructing me to text my answer.

– – – – – – –

Meanwhile on the other side-

“Hey Orson, Hey!”

“Hmm…?” Orson was busy surfing his phone.

“Shh…, look there.” Orden instructed Orson to look towards Zohan watching Xina.

“Just enjoy the show.” Orden smirked.

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– – – – – – –

I texted her back-

“It was urgent. I mean, for restroom.”

“But your friends told me you went to the nearby convenience store.” She texted back.

S***! I had forgotten that they had told different reason to her.

“I mean… there also. I had gone to both the places.” I hurriedly texted her back.

My phone flashed with another text on my phone

“Is it true?”

“Yes, it’s true.” I replied to her text message, even though it was a lie, but there was still some truth to it.

She was still looking at me with doubtful eyes.

But why is she worried about me just for going restroom.

“Why are you worried about me?” I tried to ask by texting her.

She flushed a bit, and facing opposite direction from me she texted back.

“Its nothing.”

I was going to text her back, but then only.

“That’s enough bro. Even the rest of class is chatting about you both.” Orson whispered in my ear.

I diverted my attention to notice the whole class watching and gossiping about us.

“Alright class. Math class is going to start. Please stop chatting.” Prof. J. Richard said as he entered the classroom for his 2nd period of the day.

– – –

5th August,

2:06 pm

Road to dormitory,

“First day of school after a long break really does feel tiring. “

“Going to sleep for straight 6 hours, after reaching home.” Orson agreed with Orden.

As I had anticipated, we are walking the dorms together. At this point, I have realized that there is no escaping from either of them.

“I don’t know when happiness is going to step in my life.” mourned Orden.

“Not in this life, virgin-weeb.” Orson countered.

“Oh? Is it advice from a dating professional? who still got no bit*hes?”

“At least better than a 24×7 screen-stuck weeb.”

“Still, who got glasses in eyes?”

“STOP! Can’t you both stop arguing for a second.”

I had to stop them again. Sometimes I think my role in being with both of them is just to stop their continuous fights.

“Zohan, listen bro. I gotta ask something. Which one of you made the first move. I mean who started the conversation?” Orden asked.

“What are you talki-“

“Listen bro. Long story short. Which one of you started the chat Xina or you?”

Again about both of us?

“Well… she started it.”

“Hey Orson, didn’t I tell you she would have been the one.”

” Wasn’t I the one who told you that, dreamy a**hole.”

“Hear me out, you both are gravely misundersta-“

“Come on bro, you are too shy for being a playboy. You got to make some moves on her.” Orson interrupted.

“Yeah, absolutely. Even during lunchtime, she kept an eye on you. She even knew that you were following a blonde-haired guy.” Orden said.

Only allowed on

I froze for a moment at the staircase.

“Sh..She told you what?” I stuttered a bit.

“Just what you heard. But DAMN… she really has got some good eyes. Even though we were watching you, we couldn’t realize you following anyone.” Orden paused for a moment and continued.

“By the way, what was the reason for you following someone?”

“Idiot! Can’t you realize? She was just doubting him.” Orson interrupted him.

“Even for a guy? Thats too much. Bro, you gotta calm her down before she goes crazy. Anyway bye, we have reached the 2nd floor.”

“Come to meet me at room 4578, if you need something. Bye.” Orson bid me goodbye before leaving the elevator.

The elevator became completely silent, with me standing there alone.

It reached the 3rd floor within a few moments. I entered my room, changed my clothes, washed my hands and face, and sat down in the nearby chair.

How? There’s no way it could have been found bn a normal person’s vision. It isn’t possible at all unless the person knows beforehand that both of them are going to meet each other. Even for Xina to be completely focused on me doesn’t make sense at all because there’s no chance she would focus on both of us. And knowing him from earlier for her isn’t possible at all. Then how? How?

– – –

5th August,

12:05 am

Road to SFS center

A student is walking down the Dormitory road towards SFS(Solitary Food Service), through his phone’s GPS help.

“Grr..(Stomach growling)

F**k you Twaz, if I had known you had eaten all my snacks from my fridge, I would have beaten your ass in the evening only.

I will see how long you keep your door close. If you ever come in front of my eyes again you ain’t gonna survive.

F**k. Its cold, I even forgot to bring my jacket.”

Just then he spots a silver haired girl coming from opposite direction, staggering on her way.

“Damn…she’s beautiful, but why is she limping. She is also carrying something in both her hands.

Hmm… She even seems hurt.

I should ask if she’s fine,”

as she comes just near him, he tries to ask

“Excuse me. Are you fine. Do you need help?”

She was not even fazed. She was walking ahead just looking straight with a serious expression on her face.

“That was scary. She didn’t even respond.

Wait a minute, a… ghost?

F**k, I should hurry.”

He began running until he reached the food center.

“Sir, huff.. huff.. Can you give .. two, no five packets of chips?”

“Sorry, sir. But our today’s sale has completely finished just a few moments ago.

And the sale has been completely restricted for the next day, by our chairman. “

“What? Wasn’t this supposed to be 24×7 open and completely free of charge. But… why?”

“It’s an order from the headquarters, so we can’t do anything. The principal of the academy will make an announcement about it tomorrow.”


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