Brenner’s eyes relaxed and he stretched his hands up to take a sip of coffee.

“Detective, Both you and I know that the environment that people live in affects them. Of course, for me, I have someone that keeps me in check. After all, In psychology, we always need a third party to overlook any experiment. But you don’t look like you have someone to keep you In check when working with a murderer.”

Hearing all this Aiden burst into laughter, He rarely met anyone outside who could talk to him as an equal, other than the Hounds from the police department.

“I agree, after working in this department for a while. You’re bound to have a few screws loose, is just part of the job. But there is no need for you to worry, we also have a third party that will look over our conduct.”

Brenner smirked and stood up from the table, he slowly stretched out his hand to give a firm handshake to Aiden.

“I do not mind helping you guys, as long as It does not restrict my freedom.”

Aiden welcomed him warmly

“Did you manage to get what you wanted?”

Aiden grinned from ear to ear after he heard his handler’s voice. 

“ Of course, I did handler. He even said he wanted to be a Hound like me.”

The handler slammed the phone causing a feedback to ring in Aiden ear before he could hear the frustration of his handler asking him whether he was dumb.

Aiden wanted to tell her it was a joke. But before he could continue, He got an earful nagging and their pledge. 

Once the handler settled down, she started sighing. She does not know how she is going to report this to her superior. 

“Erm handler.”

“Not another word from you.”

“Is not that, I just wanted to tell you I was kidding.”

Hearing this the Handler just hung up the phone, tired of dealing with Aiden nonsense. 

Aiden thought to himself that maybe he had taken it too far messing with the handler like that and promised to apologize to her the next time if he remembered.

Jessica waved to Brenner to attract his attention. Before running and came to a stop in front of him.

Jessica smirked and looked at Brenner. 

“So, Mr popular. Where did you go, Did you find a secret girlfriend or something like that?” Jessica’s eyes sparkle.

Brenner just shrugged it off and humour her a bit.

“Yes, and she has the most gorgeous eyes I have seen.”

Hearing this Jessica’s heart sank. She tried to hide her expression by smiling and congratulating Brenner on finding someone he liked.

Noticing how Jessica’s tone becomes slightly lower. 

Brenner just chuckled, seeing this Jessica was confused as to why Brenner was laughing for no reason.

“Why are you laughing like that, is so creepy.”

“No, Is just that you think i went on a date.”

Jessica’s face was flush red from embarrassment. 

“ So where did you go?”

“Of course not, I went to meet Detective Aiden. He just wanted to offer me to work as a part-time investigator for them.”

Jessica’s face darkened as she remembered the time Brenner got stabbed.

Brenner slowly caressed Jessica before he started pinching her cheek.

“There is no need for you to worry.”

Jessica pushes Brenner’s hand away from her cheek. 

“Can you not do the part-time? I’m scared the next time I see you, It would be on your deathbed.” 

She slowly approaches Brenner and hugs him.

Brenner was surprised Jessica was behaving like this. After all, they had known each other for quite long. She was someone who rarely showed her weak side in public.

He slowly patted her head until she calmed down. 

“Are you done sulking?” Brenner looks down at Jessica

“I am. HIC after all HIC you probably still plan on doing it.” Jessica pouted 

“I’m sorry, I know it’s selfish of me.”

“Just promise you will be safe.”

Brenner turns his head away to avoid Jessica’s gaze. 

“I promise.”

Jessica put both her hands on Brenner’s cheek turning his head to face her

“Look at me when you say that.”

He hated lying to Jessica no matter what it was about still he reluctantly promised Jessica that he would be safe. 

Hearing that Jessica let go of her hand. 

“Seeing how you are so compliant, tonight’s dinner is on me.”

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Brenner chuckles with a retort.

“Aren’t you saving money for another trip to an art event?”

“Do you want a free meal or not!”

Brenner did not continue to tease her and just followed her.

“Damn it. Next time I’m not allowing her to drink alcohol.”

Only allowed on

Brenner was carrying Jessica on his back to her house.  He slowly laid her down on the bed to tuck her in.

He sat down beside Jessica’s bed and reminisced as he looked around the room. He slowly talked to Jessica who was still out cold.

“Remember when we were younger? Your parents would always scold us as we made a mess in this room. We often spend a lot of time together, In the end. I end up developing feelings for you. You slowly became my sun in this god-forsaken world. As much as I would want to confess my love for you, I’m always worried that I may put you in danger because of the path I’m walking.”

Brenner closely approached Jessica, Her perfume scent was subtle but it aroused Brenner. Unable to stop his urge, he slowly leaned in and kissed Jessica on her forehead. Realizing what he had done, He left Jessica’s house to calm his mind. 

He knew that it was nothing much.  But to him, it was still taking advantage of Jessica when she was at her most vulnerable. 


A message disrupts his stupor for a moment. The message was from Aiden which told him that there was a murder case and they needed his help.

Brenner texted back telling him that He needed to contact the hospital before he could help out. To his surprise, Aiden immediately replies telling him that the government has already asked the hospital and they are okay with him helping them for a few days.

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