They move quickly. Brenner thought to himself. If that were the case he needs to play more of a passive role and be more careful when dealing with the hounds, especially Aiden.

He sighs letting out all his breath. “It’s finally moving along.”

From afar both Jessica and Brenner saw Aiden waiting in front of the hospital.

Realizing that Aiden had come to get Brenner, she said goodbye and left the two of them alone.

“I didn’t expect you to be here to get me.”

Aiden just laughed as he told Brenner that he forgot to tell him where to meet and the time so he needed to be here.

“So where are we going?”

“We are heading back to the police HQ for now so we can get the file on our next mission.”

Brenner was looking around the Police HQ with Aiden guiding him around since he would be working with them for a while. 

Once they were done with the tour, Aiden stopped in front of an office. He knocks softly on the door, waiting for permission to enter like a good dog waiting for its owner to come to pick him up.

A low and husky voice gently permitted them to enter the room.

“Yo Captain Vic, I brought the part-timer to help us out.”

Vic looking at Aiden’s childish attitude gave out a sigh of disappointment.

“Why can’t you behave in front of the part-timer.”

He then continued to greet Brenner 

“Is nice to finally meet you, Doctor Brenner, I heard so much about you from Aiden. I have high expectations from you, seeing how Aiden always talks highly about you.”

“Thank you for the compliment sir, may I know how I should  address you?”

“I’m Captain Vic you can call me Vic. Sorry to cut this short but I need you to interrogate this murderer, could you do that.”

Brenner knew that Vic was testing him to see how good he was. After all, who would wait 12 hours with the murderer, inside the interrogation room without producing results? Not only that Vic seems too calm. Normally they would have 24 hours to work with, but seeing how they wasted 12 hours. It immediately reinforced Brenner’s thought that this was a test.

Brenner calmly accepts Captain Vic’s request and asks him for the files relating to this murderer. 

Once Brenner left the room Aiden looked at Captain Vic with a weird look, It was like a puppy looking at their parents trying to figure out what was going on. Noticing Aiden’s Curious stare he asks Aiden what he wants.

“Just curious, why are you testing Brenner Cap?” as he looks at Captain Vic with innocent puppy eyes.

“There is no need to know Aiden.” Vic tried to shrug Aiden off. Sadly that did not work instead Aiden continued to pester him.

Slowly getting more fed up, with Aiden’s continued pestering. He told Aiden that, yes he has seen his report on Brenner from his handler. His approach of letting him as a part-time is good since we keep a potential murderer close by allowing us to stop it from happening if Brenner does become one. Especially one with Intellect that rivals you can’t be left unwatched. Who knows what kind of destruction he can bring? If he is the enemy that knows our organization It would also restrict his movement a lot. Still, we need to know how good he is so I prepare a test for him.

Seeing how Captain Vic managed to think that far Aiden was impressed. He knew that Captain Vic used to be a hound. But he rarely saw him in action. His eyes started to sparkle up wanting to ask more questions.

“Aiden is best you follow Brenner to see how he is doing at the moment.” Aiden sulked as he wanted to know more about Captain Vic’s thoughts but he reluctantly acknowledged his order and went to Brenner.

“Man, I’m growing too old, seeing how I am spoiling all the Hounds like they are pups.”

Brenner enters the Interrogation room only to be surprised that the person inside, is one of the pawns that the white chapel set up.

The person inside gave a predatory smile towards Brenner.

Only allowed on

“Who sends this twerp in.” He laughs hysterically seeing the situation even though he was being interrogated.

“Twerp, do you how dangerous I am?” The person continued eyeing as if he were looking at prey

Brenner calmly looks into the murderer’s eye

“Yes, I’m aware. You kill 2 people and make them into human fillets to eat them.”

“So you do know, being here without a Hound is like a death sentence. Even though my right hand is cuffed to the table that does not mean I can’t kill.” The murderer stood up from the table and swung his left hand towards Brenner.

Brenner felt a gust of wind from his right cheek. He continues to ignore knowing full well Aiden was there to stop the Murderer’s hand from reaching him.

“You can let his hand go now Aiden.”

Hearing this Aiden released the murderer’s hand.  Only to sigh at Brenner’s Behaviour.

“You should at least try to dodge that when it was flying towards you.”

“There is no point since I heard you enter the room.”

Aiden cleared his throat to ignore what Brenner just said to him. While Brenner continues to look through the file in front of the Murderer.

The Interrogation room atmosphere was heavy with the Murderer looking at both Aiden and Brenner. Making sure none of them was out of his sight. He was worried that they had already caught on that he was working for the white chapel. Cold sweat slowly rolls down his spine as his eyes still trying to figure out what Aiden and Brenner are doing here.

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The silence in the room was broken when Brenner looked at Aiden 

“Aiden just curious, what is a hound?”

Both the Murderer and Aiden were stunned for a moment.

The Murderer looks at Brenner with frightful eyes, He realizes when the hounds are not here he becomes careless.

“I’m not sure myself, why do you ask.” Aiden feign 

“I heard from this murderer that without a Hound here is like a death sentence.”

Aiden eyes suddenly fixed on the Murderer, feeling the eye-piercing gaze the Murderer’s body started to feel numb from fear. Sensing the Murderer’s body language, Brenner smiled with an innocent look. He knew that the murderer would give them the information on the white chapel with a small push.

“Hey mr murderer, it looks like you’ve seen a ghost. Do you need me to leave?”

Hearing What Brenner said the murderer frantically told him that there was no need for him to leave. He was worried that if Brenner left would the Hound torture him.

“You know I need to leave at some point I can’t stay with you for long.”

Hearing those words the Murderer’s heart fell into despair knowing that he was only prolonging the inevitable.

“How about this, if you tell me information about the Hounds I think we can guarantee your safety.”

Brenner’s words sounded so divine, just like a devil slowly seducing its prey.

The Murderer felt hope again and trusted Brenner’s words. He slowly tries to tell them about the Hounds. But he halted and said that Hounds are what we call police in our organization.

Brenner was not surprised that he did not tell them about the Hounds, They would only receive a picture of Hounds that the white chapel knew. Not only that a Hound is currently in front of him. If he wanted to survive he would hide the meaning of Hounds and betray the white chapel.

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