“Your Organization?” Brenner looks at the murderer with a curious look as he tilts his head to the left. He continues to pry about the organization of the Murderer. The Murderer hesitated to talk about it as he was worried about the consequences of the white chapel. He slowly spills all the information he knows about them.

“Sorry, that’s all the information I can give.” The murderer looked at Brenner hoping he could give him a way out from the place.

Although Brenner smiles at the Murderer, the Murderer does not smile back being so afraid of Aiden who is behind Brenner.

Brenner turns to face Aiden 

“I think that is all we can get for now, although we can’t be sure he gave up all the information he knew. But is still a good amount of new information.”

Aiden nodded in agreement affirming that they had acquired an important piece of information that could lead them to an organization that knew about the Hounds.

Before they could continue, Brenner went up to Aiden and put his arm around his shoulder.

“Come let’s go, we promise this guy that we will let him go if he ratted out his organization.”

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Aiden reluctantly accepted what Brenner said. Before Aiden left the room his eyes were staring coldly at the murderer. Like it was asking him to watch his back.

“Brenner, I understand that you plan to use him as bait for the organization to kill him since he leaked their information out but you do know that he is still a murderer right?”

“Of course, I know that but no matter what you guys can place some people on  him to make sure he does not bring harm to others right.”

Aiden sighed and gave up. In turn, he told Brenner that yes the police department could but it could end up killing some of their cops in the process since there are multiple serial murderers in the organization.

Brenner continued to walk out of the police department and told Aiden, I’m pretty sure you guys have that covered somehow since you guys do this kind of thing before right?

“Whatever, Since you are done you planning to leave?” 

Brenner nodded to Aiden comments and continued saying. 

“I’ve done my job and completed the test. I will leave the rest up to you guys since that is not my department.”

Aiden could not be bothered anymore since holding Brenner back would just be a waste of time. All he could do was prepare for the Murderer to be released and capture the serial killer from White Chapel.

Once Brenner confirmed went back to the police HQ building he took out his phone before grabbing a cab back to the hospital. Brenner knew the White Chapel would kill any traitor, He suddenly gave a twisted smile as he slowly texted something on his phone. The cab driver seeing how twisted and unsettling Brenner’s smile was started to sweat in fear. Once in a while, he would look at Brenner to make sure he did not do anything to him.

Aiden reported to Captain Vic what they found, which isn’t a lot but it shed light on an organization called white Chapel which made it much easier. Although they could not get more information from the Murderer other than knowing how they got their information from the higher-ups and how they knew about the Hounds.

“Are there other things we can get out of Him, Aiden?”

Aiden just shook his head and told Captain Vic that this was just a pawn that white Chapel used as a sacrifice. 

Captain Vic nodded. In his head, He thought that whoever was running this organization was one hell of a scary person a serial killer like him was used as a pawn. How scary is this person?

Aiden stops Captain vic train of thought. 

“How did Brenner do on the test?”

Seeing how Aiden was curious about Brenner’s result he just casually told him that, Brenner did an amazing job using everything he had in his arsenal to make the Murderer fess up all the information he needed. In fact, I would want if I could I would want to to be trained as a hound.

Aiden Interjected with a tiny smile that slightly raised his mouth upwards. Under Captain Vic’s watchful eyes, he picks up on Aiden’s smile. 

“I understand why you want him to be a hound but he is too dangerous. We need to know if he can be fully trusted before we recruit him as a hound. Other than that, If you got nothing to do I will put you and another Hound on watch with That Murderer that Brenner promised to let him go.”

“Alright will be back soon.”

Aiden was wondering who he should grab for help when he saw Evelyn who just came back from a mission.

Not thinking much he just grabbed her by the back of her collar and told her she needed her help.

“Let me go Aiden, I just came back from a mission.” Evelyn tried to punch Aiden but to no avail, as Aiden was way better than her in close-quarter combat.

“Stop lying you came back so late, as you were donating and helping out the orphanage so you rested enough. I need your help now.”

Evelyn gave up and turned into business mode with a money sign coming out of her eyes.

“So how much are you going to give me?”

Aiden just gave up and told her that he would see how once the mission came to an end but is definitely at least a $10k

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Once Evelyn had calmed down, Aiden told Evelyn what was going on.

In her Mind, Evelyn was shocked at how much the Hounds already knew about the White Chapel. Evelyn was sweating cold sweat as she was worried, she hid her nervousness with her poker face making sure Aiden did not notice.

As Adien and Evelyn were slowly following the murderer they let out. They found at least three different people tailing him, and not long after they all went to the alleyway one by one.

Both Aiden and Evelyn started to wear a mask to prepare for a fight if there was a need even though it was broad daylight the situation was dire and they needed more information about the White Chapel.

The moment they Turned the Corner, They saw how the murderer they let go as bait was brutally murdered by the other three.

The three that stood on top of the murderer’s body looked at Aiden and Evelyn who was at the end of the alleyway as they slowly approached them.

The three of them whispered to themselves that they got unlucky as they met two hounds in broad daylight. Knowing that their fate was sealed two people bit their tongues which ended up killing themselves swiftly except for one.

Both the Hounds were surprised and looked at the last person with caution. They still need to capture him so they need to be careful.

Seeing how the two Hounds were being careful of him he laughed.

“Hounds of the police department there is no need to worry I know you guys are trying to get information and I am here to give it to you guys per order from the higher-ups. First information.”

As the person was talking Evelyn and Adien tried to capture him to keep him alive as they quickly took a step further is were halted by that person facing them.

“If you guys move, I would need to end myself.”

Hearing this both of them stop in their track looking at him. 

“Don’t worry I will keep my end of the deal as it is my order. The first information is that we have 6 Higher up. The second information is their code name, The biggest person in charge in White Chapel is called the Doc. The other 5 With the most kill to the least is called Jack the Ripper, Killer Clown, Blood Countess, Green River Killer, and Lavinia Fisher.”

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