“Juke, pay attention. Camera rolling in 3,2,1 action.”

[Which part was this scene again]

Juke looks around, trying to collect information on what he should be doing.

“And cut, good job Juke, keep up with your performance.”

Juke slowly walks out of sight from the camera, confused with what is happening. 

In the buzzing tent where all the actors were gathered, waiting for their scene to be shot. A beautiful girl was staring at Juke, from a distance.

She watched Juke every movement. The moment when Juke started to relax she pounced onto Juke.

“Woah, Selene, be careful my coffee might spill onto you.”

Selene did not bother with what Juke was saying, she just indulged in hugging him.

“Juke, from one actor to another, how are you so good with acting with different personalities?”

“I’m not so sure, It just happened.”

“Boooo, talk about talented. Juke can you close your eye.”

“Sure, but what’s the point of closing my eyes?”

“So I can slap you for your natural talent you have in acting.”

Juke’s body froze up for a moment, before he opened his eyes he felt warmth and short breath on his lips.

All kinds of Intrusive thoughts suddenly came to his mind. 

Juke moved back, his face dyed red.

Seeing how Juke reacted to her kiss, Selene broke into laughter.

“I guess even when you act aloof you also have a cute side.”

“Selene, we are still on set.”

“I know dummy, but if I have not done that, would you know of my feelings for you and would you even answer to my feelings honestly.”

Ernesh kept quiet not knowing what to tell her

“There is no need for you to answer me right away, but tell me what you think of me by today.”

Juke immediately went to the toilet after seeing how Selene needed to shoot a scene.

[Can I really date her? I scared that thing might go wrong and i might hurt her]

“SELENE, SELENE pay attention.”

“Sorry Director”

“Are you ok? Your face is quite red, do you have a fever.”

“It’s fine Director, let’s continue with the shoot.”

“Selene, go take a break, with your current condition we are not going to get any good shots.”

Selene left quietly to hide behind a wall. 

[AHHHH, how can I behave like an amateur. Not only confessing on set but because of that confession I could not even act properly]

[Is not my fault that Juke is so dense when it comes to his love life. But why do I have to act on impulse? What if he does not reciprocate my feelings.]

A warm and fluffy cloth fell onto her head. 

“Selene, for now focus on your job. I promise to answer you after today’s shoot.”

Only allowed on

Juke uses the towel that was on her head to wipe off her sweat. 

Selene’s body jerked up from how different Juke was behaving.

“Sorry, I will contact the director for the shoot first.

[Why was Juke behaving so direct, he was always an air head. Is this a good sign?]

[I told her that I would give her an answer after today’s set. Arrh why must I say that I still have not even decided on an answer yet.]

Juke eyes subconsciously turn towards Selene.

[Has her stage presence always been so impactful? Has she always shone so brightly?]

“Cut, good job Selene.”

Juke went up to Selene to help her. 


“Damn it, Selene. You need to stop crushing on me for fun, especially when I’m holding a bottle of water.”

Selene giggled and gave a mischievous smile. 

“Is it not my fault that everytime I throw myself at you, you respond by catching me even if you’re holding a cup?”

“Yea yea. Get off me.”

“Not until you give me an answer.”

Juke’s face turned cold, he slowly put Selene down gently.

“I still have half a day before I give you my answer.”

“Booooo, in that case I will go find someone else to talk to.”

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Selene turn away to head back to her manager

Seeing how Selene was casually talking to her manager , Juke heart felt a squeeze in his heart. 

[This is weird, why am I suddenly feeling annoyed from seeing Selene talking to a guy?]

[Is c@_se you L()^e her]

Juke turn back, Feeling a chill down his spine. 

[I must be Tired. Seeing how I am hearing things.]

“Good job everyone, is a wrap. we are done for today.”

Before Selene have the chance to find Juke, she felt a her hand being tug

All she could feel was the wind running through the air as she followed along.

Selene’s hair stops fluttering in the air, the moment Juke stops at a nearby bridge.

With the golden hour shining on Selene, Juke thought to himself how beautiful Selene eyes were.

The tension between Juke and Selene was getting heavier by the moment.

“I…I. I Lovvve”

“You Love me right”

Selene cuts in with not hesitation

Juke’s face turns red. Seeing how Juke turned away from her Selene took the chance to continue teasing him.

“Juuuuuke~ ,why are you turning away? Are you perhaps embarrassed”

“No, I fine”

Selene grabbed Juke’s face with both her hands.

“You know, sometimes you’re the bravest person I know. But when come to your emotion you always run from it”

“I’m not asking you to trust me outright, instead how about slowly letting me in”

A warm smile and sincere word, melt away all of Juke worries and his cold heart

Juke moves forward to embrace Selene tightly. 

” I will try to open up to you. That I promise you.”

Selene gently pushes away Juke’s body to separate her body from him with a sign of satisfaction.

“How about we go on a date tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow? We have work to do tomorrow Selene.”

“I know, but we have the morning to go on a date”

“won’t we be in trouble if we are late for our scene”

“That’s fine, you got that cover right? Juke~”

Selene smile mischievously 

“I see you’re throwing all the problems at me again.”

“It is not my fault that my boyfriend is so reliable.”

Juke’s face slowly turns redder as Selene teasing continues with no end insight.

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