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Hi and thank you for your interest in reading my novel! This is my first original novel that was inspired by many Japanese novels I read, so there will be many influences from Japanese novels (for example: style and suffixes). If some of you felt familiar with this novel, it’s not just your imagination! I also published my novel on several other platforms.

Since it’s my first series, I hope that I can improve with time and please pardon any flaw this novel might have. Regardless, I hope you will be able to enjoy this novel! Feel free to drop some comments and happy reading ^^


[ Cell Donor Consent Form]

Name : Reinst Carnatia Grabberton

Age : 13 years old

Cell to be donated : stem cell – (all checked).

By this contract, I allow the use of my cells for those in need if anything were to happen to me.]



I stared at the form I just filled. All perfect. Now, time to sign it for submission.


“Ara, such a young lady. Did you come here with your parents?”


I looked up at the auntie talking to me: she wears a white coat, glasses and is holding a bunch of papers against her chest. Likely a staff from the Cell Donor Foundation.


“Yes. They are in the pharmacy over there.”

“Really? But why would they let you fill the form by yourself then…?”


I gazed right at her, in the eyes, full of courage and determination.


“We’ve had a discussion. They told me that this is my decision, and that I had to be the one doing it all.”

“Oh… Alright then.”


She readjusts her glasses and returns to her occupation.


Hmm, in any case, it was a blatant lie~☆

Tee~hee~ ( ◞・౪・)

Not like she will know anyway. Plus, this is no big deal.

I just did what I could to hide the fact that I am weird.


Eh? What part of me is weird, you ask?


It can be really weird for someone as young as me, to decide on my own that I sign myself as a cell donor. Yep, it’s not my parents’ command. After all, what I told to the auntie before was a lie, you know?

Nobody my age would think about it– since it’s similar to thinking about death.

I would rather spout that lie rather than being suspected and labeled as weird. I’m tired of that kind of labeling.


” Wait a second.”

“!!” Her voice stopped my movement.


No, please, no more trouble. I am already 13 years old, which means the country already acknowledges me as an adult, right?

Riviera country, my beloved…, nah, just kidding, I feel no love whatsoever towards the condition of my birth. But I feel lucky enough to be born in a country where adulthood is acknowledged as soon as 13 years. In the history books I read so far, it’s said that the acknowledgement of an adult is given after one turns 18, 16, or even 21. It depends.


I turned around to look at the auntie. Got to be polite, right? Eye contact, eye contact~

“Yes, Auntie?”

“Do you have a minute?”

“Uhm… sure,” I started to approach the kind-looking Auntie, reluctantly.

Please, I hope this is not a problem…


“Auntie just wants to give the best of regards to you and your parents. My, what great parents, to have the heart to teach their children the importance of charity and donation. Even so, Auntie would like to pray that nothing befalls you and your kind family before the right time,” blabbered Auntie with a cheerful face.

“Ee… thank you, Auntie!”

And with that, I dashed off outside.

Okay, I hated the talk earlier. The talk built upon a lie.


What great parents? Truth be told, I would have preferred to be an orphan. Not like it will make any difference. Oh well, let’s end another countdown to my death, shall we?

Haha, just kidding.

But seriously, I wonder, how long will I have to live this unsatisfying life?

Regardless of how unsatisfied I am with my own life, now that I signed the cell donation’s form, I would like to believe that my existence would be of any use to people in this world.

Be it that I can finally live up to my mother’s expectations (which is very hard… based on past experience) and obey every order given to me by my family, or perhaps my cells can save others. After all, I am quite “unique”.


Cell donation.

In this world of magic, even illnesses that render cells dead is present. Besides managing your body function, cells also work as mana transmitter for magic. Which means, cells have their own affinity to magic. To cure those illnesses, cells transplants are needed. People without any affinity for magic will be able to accept the donor who has no affinity as well. No matter the age difference of the donor and receiver, the cells can be transplanted as long as they have the same magic affinity. Only some important cells can be transplanted, and once it succeeds, it can regenerate the other infected cells to be healthy.

Pretty efficient, eh?


Okay, getting back to my “uniqueness”… it is just that, my magic affinity—my attribute is rare.

But it is not something to be proud of. My magical capacities—my mana— is not that strong.

Besides that, my family comes from a knight’s lineage. We are proud of our sword-wielding ability rather than magic—even though being good at magic is definitely a plus.


So, let’s count!

Weak magic? Yes, I have it!

It’s one point then.

What gender am I? A girl!!

My family values… boys over girls, as the title knight would be related to boys! (Why are boys stronger than girls? *sigh*)

That makes it two!! Two disappointment for myself, already.


So, my uniqueness is nothing to be proud of. Rather, the magic I am having an affinity with is seen as a sinister element of magic. People often discriminate and look down at me due to my attribute. And, that is the only magic I can use, too, due to my low mana…


Basically, I am a disappointment~ ★

If I were to rate my level of being a disappointment, it would be… ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

★ Being a girl in a family that values boys.

★ For having a bad luck in my attribute and mana capacity.

★ Not being attractive enough and for being so unloved by people around me.

★ Having a mind that only thinks of death.

☆ (white means not a disappointment!) Being born as a noble.


As of now, I am worth nothing. But I intend to at least worth something, before I die. And that is why I submitted that cell donor form.

I look up at the sky and notice at how it’s still bright outside.


Since I went through a complicated process of getting the permission to wander off alone, let’s not waste it!

Shall I take an aimless wander around the town until it gets dark?

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