Chapter 1: SI-7

Year 2016, 1st of July, Nighttime.

Z Nation’s Ir Airport.

There were two men wearing black suits and sunglasses that held an eastern woman in custody as they walked towards a helicopter.

The woman had exquisite looks and a cold expression. Her simple and refined face didn’t have a trace of emotion or fear. 

Her lips were dull in color as they weren’t applied with any lipstick. Her mouth was curling up as she gave off a chilling smile while her delicate chin was lifted up slightly. 

Those pitch-black eyes of hers were looking in the direction of the nearby helicopter

Her escorts were fully armed and those eyes under the sunglasses were cautiously looking at the surroundings while being on guard against her.

A trace of mockery flashed across Xiao Qianhan’s face. 

Was there a need to be so cautious against her? Didn’t she already lose all her chances to escape?

She was a special agent from the Z Nation’s SI-7. One month ago, she had been ordered to conduct a mission in Y Nation. Without any mishaps, just like her previous missions, she completed her task. 

But to her surprise, this mission was a trap that was arranged by the Y Nation and her superior who was also her most trusted boyfriend, Jiang Ze.

(TL Note: SI-7 is also a name for WoW’s Stormwind Intelligence. In this novel, it is just like a special intelligence unit)

Her most trusted boyfriend was actually a spy that had been infiltrating the Z Nation for all this time!

The flawless trap had turned her into the SI-7’s traitor and it was supplemented with human testimony and material evidence. This was the first and only time she had come to a cropper and it was in the hands of her most trusted person! 

After negotiations with Z Nation, they had no choice but to hand her over to the Y Nation.

The main purpose of escorting her to the Y Nation was to use various interrogation methods to force her to speak of the confidential information about the SI-7 as there were things that Jiang Ze didn’t know. 

Even though she was his subordinate when missions were being conducted, she was still commanded by the SI-7’s top echelon. There was some confidential information that Jiang Ze couldn’t get hold of.

To prevent Xiao Qianhan from escaping, they had injected her with drugs along the way. 

Right now, she was no different from an ordinary woman and didn’t have any strength to escape. Despite the case, they were still very cautious.

Suddenly, there was a change in circumstances!

All of a sudden, there was an ambushed gunshot sound that passed through the airport underneath the dark clouds.

The pilot of the helicopter had been killed in a single shot, the special service’s leader of the Y Nation beside the pilot was also shot dead.

The two individuals escorting Xiao Qianhan immediately responded.

Under a hail of bullets, Xiao Qianhan felt as though she saw a trace of hope.

However, the hope turned into despair in the next second!

The two individuals beside her had fallen at her feet. Xiao Qianhan’s eyes looked straight and saw Jiang Ze walking towards her along with a colleague that had worked with her before.

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Jiang Ze walked in front of her and his handsome face didn’t have any expression. It was so cold as though they were strangers.

In the past, he had repeatedly said that he would love her for eternity. But he was actually so heartless and had used such a ruthless method to frame her.

The person that promised to love her for a lifetime was so heartless and ruthless!!

The moment Xiao Qianhan saw him, her chest was suddenly assaulted with a ripping pain.

The feeling of being betrayed and deceived was actually so unimaginably painful!

“Qianhan, don’t hate me. You are just too foolish!” He yelled out in a deep voice.

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Xiao Qianhan’s back straightened and her complexion was rather pale. She bit down hard on her lips and laughed softly without saying a word. She knew that she wasn’t going to escape today and since she wasn’t able to survive, she was going to drag Jiang Ze to death with her!

When Jiang Ze pointed at her chest and shot her, he was also shot and had fallen.

Jiang Ze’s eyes were filled with disbelief as he turned around and looked at his most trusted subordinate that he brought along.

Why? Why was he shot?

“The Y Nation used five million USD to bribe you, but I used all my wealth to bribe your subordinate. I want you to taste the betrayal that I have suffered… Jiang Ze, even in death, I want to stomp on your corpse!”

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