Chapter 3


[5 years after]

Cedric stood atop the parapets of the Knights’ Keep, his gaze sweeping across the vast expanse of the Kingdom of Ardenia. Below him, the capital city of Valoria bustled with activity, its streets alive with the hustle and bustle of merchants and travelers. The towering spires of the Royal Palace loomed in the distance, a testament to the grandeur of Ardenia’s royal heritage.

As the morning sun bathed the city in golden light, Cedric felt a surge of excitement swell within him. This is the kingdom of Ardenia, his home, and the land his family has served for generations.

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From the humble villages of the countryside to the majestic castles that dotted the landscape, Ardenia was a realm of beauty and wonder, steeped in history and tradition.

At the heart of Ardenia lies the magnificent capital city of Valoria, a bustling metropolis bustling with life and activity. Its towering citadel, adorned with banners bearing the royal crest, overlooks the sprawling cityscape below.

Market squares bustle with merchants hawking their wares, while cobblestone streets wind through a maze of shops, taverns, and guild halls.

Dominating the skyline of Valoria is the imposing Royal Palace, a sprawling fortress of stone and marble that serves as the seat of power for the kingdom’s ruling monarchs.

Its towering spires and intricately carved facades speak to centuries of royal heritage and tradition, while its grand halls and opulent chambers bear witness to the pageantry and splendor of courtly life.

Perched atop a windswept cliff overlooking the sea is the Knights’ Keep, a formidable stronghold that serves as the headquarters of the kingdom’s noble knights.

Its massive battlements and towering ramparts stand as a testament to the valor and courage of Ardenia’s defenders, while its training grounds echo with the clash of swords and the thunder of hoofbeats as aspiring knights hone their skills in the arts of war and chivalry.

Cedric pushed aside his thoughts and turned his attention to the task at hand. Today marked the beginning of his journey at the prestigious Knight Academy, where he would train to become a knight worthy of his family’s legacy.

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Ardenia, the Knight Academy stands as a bastion of honor and valor, its towering spires reaching toward the heavens like beacons of hope in a world fraught with darkness. Founded centuries ago by the legendary knights of old, the academy has served as the training ground for generations of warriors, each bound by the solemn oath to uphold the virtues of courage, loyalty, and chivalry.

Descending from the parapets, Cedric made his way through the bustling streets of Valoria, his heart pounding with anticipation. The Knight Academy awaited him, a beacon of hope and honor in a world fraught with peril.

As he approached the towering gates of the academy, Cedric marveled at its imposing facade. The stone walls rose high into the sky, adorned with banners bearing the emblem of the knights—a shining sword against a field of azure blue.

Stepping through the gates, Cedric found himself in the heart of the academy, where knights in training honed their skills in the courtyard. Swords clashed and shields rang out as aspiring warriors sparred under the watchful eye of their instructors.

Cedric’s pulse quickened with excitement as he took in the scene before him. This was where he belonged, among the bravest and noblest warriors in all of Ardenia. With determination burning in his veins, Cedric set forth to embrace his destiny as a knight.

With the clangor of steel and the shouts of squires and instructors, Cedric felt a sense of purpose stir within him. This was the path he had chosen—the path of honor and chivalry that had been laid out before him since birth.


As the instructor’s voice boomed across the courtyard, commanding the new generation of squires to line up, Cedric felt a surge of anticipation mixed with nervous energy. The moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived.


“Line up, youngling!” the instructor barked, his tone commanding obedience and respect. The cadence of his voice echoed off the stone walls of the Knight Academy, punctuated by the clatter of armor and the shuffle of feet as the young aspirants hurried to form ranks.

Cedric, his heart pounding with excitement, fell into line with his soon-to-be fellow squires, his eyes fixed on the instructor at the head of the formation. This was the moment he had been preparing for—the first step on the path to knighthood.

He stole a moment to collect his thoughts. He glanced around at the faces of his companions, each one filled with a mixture of determination and apprehension mirroring his own.


“This is it,” Cedric muttered to himself, his voice barely audible above the din of the courtyard. “This is where my journey to become a knight begins.”


At that moment, a flashback washed over Cedric, transporting him back to the quiet moments of the morning before the chaos of the day had begun.


He remembered the words of his father, Sir Geoffrey, spoken with pride and conviction. “You are my pride, Cedric,” his father had said, his voice filled with warmth and encouragement. “Give it your all, son. This is your dream, to become a knight, and I have every confidence in you.”


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Cedric’s mother, Lady Elizabeth, had embraced him tightly, her eyes shining with love and pride. “We wish you well, Cedric,” she had whispered, her voice soft but filled with unwavering support. “Good luck. We will always support you and be right here waiting for you.”


The memory of his parents’ words filled Cedric with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. He would honor their faith in him, he vowed, and he would give his all to become the knight he was destined to be.


With his parents’ words echoing in his mind, Cedric straightened his shoulders and focused his gaze ahead. The journey ahead would be long and challenging, but with the love and support of his family guiding him, Cedric was ready to face whatever trials lay ahead.


After the processing was completed, Cedric found himself among a sea of soon-to-be squires, all gathered in front of a grand stage within the Knight Academy’s courtyard. The air crackled with anticipation as instructors, clad in their traditional garb, surveyed the assembled students with discerning eyes.


At the forefront of the stage, one instructor stepped forward, his presence commanding the attention of the crowd. His voice, firm and resonant, cut through the murmurs of the gathered squires, drawing all eyes to him.


“Welcome, young squires, to the Knight Academy,” the instructor began, his words ringing out with authority. “Today marks the beginning of your journey towards knighthood, a path fraught with challenges and triumphs.”


As he spoke, the other instructors stood solemnly behind him, their expressions a mixture of pride and expectation. Each one bore the insignia of the academy, a symbol of their dedication to the noble cause of chivalry.


“You stand before us as the next generation of knights,” the instructor continued, his gaze sweeping over the rows of eager faces. “In the days and months ahead, you will be tested, challenged, and pushed to your limits. But know this—each trial you face will only serve to strengthen you and mold you into the warriors you were meant to be.”


He paused, allowing his words to sink in before continuing. “Here at the academy, you will learn not only the art of combat but also the values of honor, loyalty, and sacrifice. You will come to understand what it means to defend and protect, to stand as a shield against the forces of darkness that threaten our kingdom.”


The gravity of his words hung heavy in the air, a solemn reminder of the responsibilities that lay ahead. Cedric felt a surge of determination welling up within him, a fierce resolve to prove himself worthy of the title he sought to claim.


“As you embark on this journey, remember that you do not walk alone,” the instructor declared, his voice ringing with conviction. “Your comrades will be your strength and your allies in the face of adversity. Together, you will face the challenges that lie ahead, and together, you will emerge victorious.”


With a final nod, the instructor stepped back, his words lingering in the air like a solemn oath. Around Cedric, the other soon-to-be squires murmured in agreement, their eyes alight with determination.


As the welcome ceremony drew to a close, Cedric knew that the real work was only just beginning. But with the guidance of instructors and the camaraderie of his fellow squires, he was ready to face whatever trials awaited him on the path to knighthood.


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