Chapter 2

The warm light of the sun awakened Alan, lying on the ground. As he checked the wounds on his body, which had somehow healed, his expression remained calm, as if not surprised by this condition.

“I’ve fallen asleep here again. Besides, I don’t have a place to take shelter. The new Count won’t allow me that luxury,” he mused to himself thoughtfully.

Alan got up from where he was and started walking along the outskirts of the city. He thought hard about how to earn an income for the day. However, his concentration was broken by the growling sound of his hungry stomach.

“I’m hungry,” he complained.

Suddenly, a horse rider passed by swiftly near Alan, while the rider shouted.

“Out of the way, make way for the young Miss of East Kanstein!”

Those words changed Alan’s expression, and without much thought, he started running towards the group of soldier escorts. However, his effort was stopped by several alert guards.

“Stop! What are you doing?!” one of the guards yelled.

“Please, I want to meet her!” Alan pleaded, trying to convince them.

“Only specific people can meet the Miss!” the guard replied sternly.

“Alisa! Alisa! Is that you?!” Alan called out hopefully.

However, his call only triggered the guards’ anger, who immediately attacked him ruthlessly.

Inside the elegant horse-drawn carriage, a young noblewoman sat with a serious look. Her long blonde hair was adorned with beautiful ornaments, creating a graceful appearance. She sat next to an old man with a long beard wearing a luxurious suit.

However, the silence inside the carriage was disturbed by the commotion outside. Alisa became curious and peeked through the slightly opened curtain window. But the old man sitting in front of her quickly diverted her attention.

“What is it, Miss Alisa?” the old man asked anxiously.

Alisa was disturbed by the sound of someone calling her name from outside.

“Alisa! It’s me, Alan! Have you forgotten our promise from 5 years ago?!” Alan’s loud voice could be heard.

Alisa opened the curtain window widely, allowing Alan to see her from below while his body was pressed by the guards. The guards stood silent and shocked by the incident.

However, with an emotionless expression, Alisa threw a shattered locket outside. With a look of disgust, she closed the carriage curtain again.

“Is he the son of the previous Count? How pathetic. Even now, an insect looks better than him,” the old man said with a tone of pity.

Alisa remained silent without showing any emotions.

“Let’s continue the journey,” commanded the old man beside Alisa. “We cannot waste much time here. The engagement with the new Count’s son must be finalized soon.”

“Of course, Uncle Lukas,” Alisa replied with a flat expression.

Alisa’s carriage continued their journey while the guards threw Alan to the side of the road and returned to their ranks.

Alan lay on the ground, staring at the shattered locket with a shaken feeling. Some people looked at him with sympathetic eyes, while others laughed at his actions.

“Huh, what is he doing?” a spectator asked in wonder.

“Perhaps he forgot he is no longer a noble. Hahaha,” another replied mockingly.

“Miss Alisa used to be his fiancée,” another commented.

“That’s just the past, right? Now she is the fiancée of the new Count’s son,” another added.

Alan bit his lip hard, causing blood to flow on his lips. His feelings were shaken hearing those remarks. He couldn’t believe his current life, even his own fiancée had discarded him.


In a luxurious room, the walls adorned with beautiful chandeliers and a fragrance that evoked desire wafted through the air.

In the center of the room was a large bed covered by a thin fabric like a mosquito net. A woman’s scream broke the silence of the room, and then everything went silent again.

The sound of a knock echoed throughout the room. A middle-aged man inside the mosquito net threw off the blanket and walked naked towards the door.

At the door, two maid servants carried a robe, while behind them, a thin man with protruding teeth looked anxiously at the middle-aged man.

“Young Master Snowden, I have important news for you,” said the thin man, Rikey, hesitantly.

Snowden looked at Rikey sharply as two maid servants dressed him in a robe.

“What news do you wish to convey?” Snowden asked sharply.

“Sir, this morning I saw Miss Alisa’s entourage has arrived in the city,” Rikey answered cautiously.

Snowden nodded, realizing the importance of this news. “I must prepare immediately then.”

However, Rikey’s expression indicated there was something more.

“It’s just, Alan, the former Count’s son, caused a disturbance in the middle of the entourage,” Rikey added anxiously.

Snowden fell silent, and in an instant, his hand was around one of the maid servants’ necks in front of him. The servant started convulsing before eventually stopping moving.

Rikey and the other maid servant gasped, frightened at Snowden’s cruel action.

“I said to bring the best robe,” Snowden hissed as he threw the frozen body of the servant.

“Call Commander Harve. I’ll show him who the current Count’s son is,” Snowden commanded Rikey firmly.

Yet, Rikey still hesitated. “Young master, isn’t that boy the Count’s plaything? Wouldn’t it be a problem if-“

“No problem,” Snowden interrupted coldly. “My father always listens to my wishes. So leave quickly before your head hangs on the wall as decoration.”

Rikey swallowed hard, trembling as he quickly left the room.

Snowden smiled with satisfaction. “Alisa, soon I will make you mine,” he muttered to himself with desire.

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Alan walked limping, his body feeling heavy and tired. His hands felt increasingly heavy with each step he took. His blank stare turned to the river, then to the shattered locket in his hand.

“Alisa, why have you changed as well? Is it because I’m now nobody? Or do you also believe the Count’s accusations against me?” Alan mused as he stared at the locket beginning to be wet by his tears.

Slowly, a horse rider approached Alan, his hand firmly gripping the hilt of a sword ready to be drawn. The rider’s sharp gaze pierced into Alan’s soul.

“Alan Wilhelm. The Count has ordered you to go to the ancient tomb today,” said the rider with a cold voice.

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Alan fell silent, his heart pounding upon hearing that order. He felt a wave of fear coursing through him. “So now they want to kill me. After torturing me for a year?”

Several soldiers began to gather around Alan, they were ready with complete weapons and full armor. Alan felt despair creeping within him, but he had no strength to fight back.

Alan slowly walked towards the horse rider, all the troops ready to act in this tense situation. However, the rider smiled thinly as Alan surrendered to be handcuffed.

“Good decision, Alan Wilhelm,” said the rider with a satisfied voice.

Resigned, Alan was dragged by the soldiers towards the forest in the direction of the tomb. They marched in formation, with their commander leading on horseback, followed by two guards with large swords, handcuffed Alan, and four soldiers behind them.

A young soldier approached Alan with a mocking smile. “You really are the former Count’s son?”

Alan remained silent, showing no response.

“Everyone’s talking about you. Are you a thief, murderer, robber? Seems like the previous Count’s family was proficient in those areas,” the young soldier taunted cynically.

Alan turned to him without expression, but inside, he felt a burning rage.

Suddenly, their commander stopped, his face showing interest. “What’s this?” asked two soldiers beside him.

A large stone monument loomed high in front of them, carved with various strange symbols unknown to them. Alan felt a weird vibration when looking at the monument, as if it was a door to a new life.

“We’ve arrived, Alan Wilhelm. Your destination is in front of this monument. Soldiers, push him through it!” commanded the commander firmly.

Alan felt his heartbeat quicken, and resignedly, he was pushed by the soldiers through the mysterious monument. It felt as if he had entered a gateway to his unforeseen destiny.

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