Chapter 4

Alan groped around in desperation, trying to find something to help him survive. Unbeknownst to him, his hand grabbed the end of a spear and stabbed himself to extract poison from his blood.

Blood began to flow, blurring his already dark vision. But with full determination, Alan tore his clothes and tied up his wound to stop the bleeding. Despite his deteriorating condition, he did not lose the spirit to survive.

“Poisoning… almost… dead,” Alan whispered with gasping breaths.

His dim vision caught a glimmer of light near the head of a nearby wolf. Struggling, he crawled towards the light, then carefully using the broken end of the spear, he extracted something from inside the wolf’s head.

As he tried to take it, the light suddenly disappeared and entered Alan’s body. He felt a strange energy flowing through him, quickly healing his wounds.

“Wh… what’s happening?” Alan muttered, shocked by the changes in his body.

Slowly, he stood up, feeling his body lighter and refreshed. Even his hunger and fatigue had gradually disappeared.

However, a faint sound diverted his attention. He turned his gaze, only to find a rotting human hand emerging from the ground, followed by the terrifying body of a living dead.

“What is this?” hissed Alan, fear striking his heart as the undead attempted to rise from the ground.

In desperation, Alan quickly responded to the undead by swinging the chain in his hand, hitting the undead’s head until it spun 180 degrees. However, that attack wasn’t enough to stop the undead, which kept advancing towards Alan.

Quickly, Alan tried to remember information he had once read about the Undead. He realized their main weakness was against light magic or holy water. However, he had no access to such resources there.

As another undead attacked from behind and grabbed his left leg, Alan began to feel despair. He struggled to free himself, but the undead’s grip was too strong for him.

“My left leg feels like it’s going to break!” Alan whispered in pain.

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Persistently, Alan tried to fight back, kicking the undead’s head that clung to his leg. However, it only managed to slightly crack its skull.

As dozens of other undead began to approach, Alan felt increasingly cornered. He continued to struggle, using every strength he had to survive.

Suddenly, in his desperation, Alan felt a strange power emerging within him. Quickly, he used that power to fight off the attacking undead, destroying them with strength he never knew before.

“Damn, I can feel this power!” Alan thought in surprise.

With newfound courage, Alan leaped towards the undead, using his newly discovered strength to destroy them one by one. Each time he defeated an undead, he tried to absorb the light crystals emanating from their skulls.

Although he felt exhausted, Alan did not give up. He continued to fight, absorbing strength from the undead he defeated, while more undead emerged from the ground to attack him.

In a seemingly desperate situation, Alan fought to survive and used his new power to counter the threat facing him.

Slowly but surely, the number of undead dwindled to only 25 remaining. Meanwhile, a dark aura began to seep out from Alan’s body, creating an increasingly grim atmosphere.

Suddenly, Alan swiftly pulled both chains to the ground, then with a smooth and decisive movement, he swung both his arms crosswise.

The remaining undead immediately lunged towards Alan with a half-run. Thin black smoke slid from the tips of Alan’s chains, striking towards the undead with lightning speed, until their ends appeared to merge into the shadow.

A massive explosion occurred, producing fine dust that flew around.

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As the dust settled, Alan stood erect atop a pile of shattered skeletal debris. Several scattered crystals began to glow faintly, before finally floating and merging into Alan’s body.

“It seems I’ve managed to absorb the monster crystal energy and integrate it into my magical core,” Alan whispered, his eyes glowing with satisfaction. By focusing on the object he held, he felt the flow of mana now available for use in battle.

However, Alan’s gaze turned to the chains that began to deteriorate in his hands. He recognized that every material has its lifespan. He acknowledged that the chains would soon break. His mind wandered to the need for finding a more durable replacement weapon.

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