Chapter 00 – Song of Sienja

Song of Sienja

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On the golden grasses

Equine thunder passes

In the land of wheat,

Cider and molasses.

Upon the wooden road,

Remove my traveled load

Within the sweet-smelling

Sienjan tavern abode.

Only allowed on

Therein greets me a host

Of smiles and brown toast

Of honey and laughter

And stringed music to boast.

Bright eye and sturdy hand –

The people of this land;

Quick to love and vengeance:

The Sienjan woman and man.

Lo, Tielemark!

Kingdom of stone and wood.

Your log is hewn with axe,

Beam and pillar’d building.

Raptors soar above you,

Aloft on outstretched wing.

Alas! Alone you dwell –

The Hill and Valley King.

Among the Sienjan vales

and hills are many tales;

To share is to befriend,

And lack a friend who fails.

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