Act 4

“Next time” What does she mean by that? 

Ready to confront her over that this time he opened his eyes in the same room again and just remained there without doing anything. 

*After what felt like a few hours–  

– ????: “I just talked with the doctor, looks like you can be discharged soon” 

– Who are you? 

– ????: “He told me you had memory loss, don´t worr-” 

– Just answer my f****** question 

– ????: What do you mean? Did something happen? She asked warily. 

– This is our 38th time meeting 

– ????: So, you remember me? She asked looking like she was getting ready to do something. 

– Planning to kill me again? I don´t remember if it was my 3rd or 4th loop but you said something along the lines of “better luck next time” It didn´t click with me until my last death that maybe u were in on the whole thing. 

– ????: Oh, it´s just that? I was worried you remembered your past again for a bit. She said with a sense of relief in her voice.  

– My past? Does that have something to do with why you keep on killing me? 

– ????: Honestly, you really are something else. I didn´t think you will keep your memory of every death so clearly in this space, is it because of them? 

– Them? Are you talking about the silhouette that appeared after my first death? 

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– ????: Silhouette? So, they did interfere?  

– Who are they? And what does this all have to do with my past? Why do you keep killing me? 

– ????: You don´t need to know that but since this is the case now, I guess I will have to be more brutal. 

Before he was able to say something before, he noticed thorny vines coming out of bed he was laying down on and starting to deform as it wraps around him making him unable to move. 

  • What are you doin- 

Suddenly the thorny veins wrap around his neck and enter his mouth where it circles around his tongue and seemingly started to bloom into a rose like flower while absorbing his blood. 

  • ????: I didn´t want to dirty myself too much while doing it but it doesn´t seem like I have much of an option. 

She approaches and sits beside him while a knife seemed to appear out of thin air in her hands.  

  • ????: You know it´s quite hard to remove someone´s skin, so usually they will either pin the person out in sun until they are badly sunburnt or put them into scalding hot bath. Unfortunately, I don´t have enough power in me to create an artificial sun. 

While already in pain and unable to scream cause of the veins and flower being attached to his tongue, upon hearing her words and realising what else was about to happen to him he started struggling even more trying to move his body and get out of the bed but the more he moved the more the thorns and veins dug into his body. 

  • Struggling in no use for you, it will only make things worse for you. 

Despite her words he keeps on struggling more and more while there seemed to appear a transparent wall around his bed as boiling hot water starts coming from the bottom and filling up, until it finally reaches him and submerge his whole body in water as his skin turns red and his struggling getting worse and worse while the rose like flower starts wailing.  

This continues for another 15 minutes until the water and the wall completely disappeared, but he still couldn’t stop struggling as the sensation of his entire body burning continued with his skin getting redder and redder. 

  • It looks like your skin is tender enough now. 

She moved closer to him and removed the veins around his neck before starting to make gentle scores around the neck while making sure not to cut his throat and then slowly started to pull away. 

The moment she started to pull his struggling became more and more frantic it was as if it was fish frantically searching for water. He felt every as all his nerves attached to skin were getting pulled and the excruciating pain that came with it. 

The veins dug deeper and deeper along with his frantic struggling until they finally dug into his bones and started absorbing every but of blood and marrow.  

The flower turned crimson red as it kept getting more and more beautiful the more it absorbed, and the women kept cutting and pulling more and more of his skin. 

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*After 4 hours 

 Pieces of skin were thrown on the ground next to the bed reaching up to a chair, upon which sat a woman holding a knife looking at a beautiful red flower and nothing else left. 

  • F***, that took longer than I expected 

He opened his eyes to find himself in the same dark place again laying down on the stage unable to hear or make out anything around him, but before he could even start looking around to check for anything he couldn’t help but start trembling and screaming while moving his hands all around his body as if to check if his skin was still there. The pain of his death was still as clear as day to him. 

*7 hours later 

– pant pant 

After what felt like hours on end his trembling starts to finally slow down as he decides to check the area sound him. 

He gets up from the stage and looks around unable to make out anything, but one thing was for certain this place was definitely some sort of theatre or at least it looked like one. 

As he was about to step outside of the stage he noticed the same silhouette from his first time, standing high up on the top left corner behind the seats. 

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