Act 3

  • Pant Pant 

He breaths heavily as he wakes up in his familiar hospital bed yet again. Still in shock he just stands up and runs to the washroom and locks himself yet again. Just panicking and checking his body over and over again until finally calms down. 

“Maybe I should pretend I know her this time” he said to himself. 

Finally, after calming down, he thinks of multiple ways to deal with the issue and finally with an idea in mind he picks himself up again resolved to get over it now. 


When he gets back to the room, he sees Kahhy talking to the doctor. 

  • And how was there no one watching him? And u call this a hospital? 
  • I understand you are upset miss but please calm dow- 

Before the doctor could finish his sentence, the door opens to show a young man in his twenties, wearing patient attire while looking shaken and nervous. As soon as Kahhy looks at him her eyes seem to brighten as if she had just found her light again but before she could even say anything the man runs towards her and hugs her with his hands visibly shaking. 

  • Kahhy, I am sorry… 

Without saying anything the women hugs him back as if holding onto the last hope she had and did not let him go even after he stopped hugging her. 

  • I see, it seems like he has some mild amnesia but other than that he seems fine. He should be able to get out of here soon. 


Upon hearing that Kahhy looked overjoyed. 

  • How about we go to that restaurant afterwards and have some butter chicken, you used to love it. 
  • Yea, sure babe. 

After chatting a bit Kahhy leaves to use restroom and comes back. 

“Looks like I might just make it out of here this time” He thinks to himself. 

After she comes back, she closes the door with a hand behind her back and sits beside him with a smile on her face.  

  • Oh, by the way babe I´ve been wondering something for a bit now. 
  • What is it? 
  • Who are you? She asks calmly. 
  • What do you mean? It´s me, your bf…. 
  • It´s just you know, I never had a bf but you know what? I did have a husband who also had amnesia and died in an accident. 

Before he could open his mouth again Kahhy quickly moved the hand from her back and stabbed him in the neck with a small knife.  

  • Sorry, better luck next time tho. 

Filled with pain and agony he held his neck until his vision faded again and he found himself back in the mysterious space with the same things happening again but this time the murmurs were louder. 


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“Nevermind, I will just be friend this time” He thought 

  • I never had many friends. 


“Ok, husband then” He thought 

  • I only ever had a bf 
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“Relative”, “Just be nice”, “Not say anything at all”, Etc….. 


He tried over 36 more times just for it to all fail and with him ending in same dark space with murmurs getting louder each time over and over. The only different thing was the fact that after the first time he never saw that silhouette again. 


However, while dying for the 37th time he felt a little different when he heard the murmurs. 

For the first time, as if it was imminent he thought to himself “If only I could just disappear” he just felt a desire, a craving to just simply not exist anymore. He did not want to particularly die, he just felt the immense pointlessness of all his actions so far. He just felt he did not have it in him to continue any longer, everything just felt so painfully meaningless. 

However, in the moment of utter helplessness the words “Sorry, better luck next time tho” came to his mind.  

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