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Chapter 608 – Time Compression

§ 1000:1 compression is the limit for which Curator can maintain a wide ‘world’– out to continental size, say– at Huadean spiritual density. The simulation which Ceria and Oberon entered is an example of that, being a replica of all ten million square miles of the Southern Continent during the last millennium before the Elder-Demon war. Dear Readers. Scrapers have ...

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I have not used the Japanese web novel technique of "side stories" (a title sometimes mistranslated by fan translators as 'quiet talks') and it's pretty late to start, but technically, these were both Tiana, so they really aren't side stories, right?

I have considered, and may in fact, write some stories of that nature, stories in the POV of characters during their times outside Tiana's presence, but likely not until later.

By the way, I refuse to certify that my math was correct, calculating the equivalent time dilation in terms of light speed. But I'm confident it was within spitting distance of correct.

I continue to give no promises regarding a second chapter during the week. It looks like my work life will remain hell on wheels for some time to come. Not gonna lie, I've been looking at my retirement funds and speculating whether it would be enough.

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