Bonus: Legend of the Unyielding Liberator and Q&A

A year has passed since the events of the birth of the mythic class in Sword Kingdom. As with all things, the players moved on and the event became all but forgotten. Yet the player base for the game remained strong. One small nation was in the turmoils of conquest and victory. In a small town, a bard was adjusting his instrument as a Guardia youth came up to him.

“Play something.” (youth)

The bard sees the single copper the youth was offering and smirked.

“Very well.” (bard)

The bard quickly finishes his tuning before testing a few notes.

“This is the story of a noble young soul. A spirited heart. An undying will.

This is the story of a traveling spirit. A man sent by the gods. From his first moments, he was met with his future lovers’ mother. Then he challenged the sacred wolf before befriending a true prince…”

As the bard spoke he played his instrument and it was not long before the entire area was quiet to listen.

“…Then came the new era’s first war. The two became brothers, inseparable and unparalleled. Legends in the making. Then came the war. The inseparable became separated. The unparalleled were matched. A legend took their first steps. The name Berserker of Blood Plains was born. Believing his friend no more he lunged into the enemy ranks alone as the rest of the army ran in fear and fright. They say he slew over a hundred before he fell. They say a giant laid before him slain at the end….”

As he continued the crowd became larger, to the point of it was becoming noticed by the guard.

“… The last knight he was then called. Offered a place by the side of the warriors of the gods. He instead decided to continue the fight. He continued on and on, despite the blight.”

The bard then paused seeing the crowd that had formed and gave a small greedy smile as he kicked up his voice a notch.

“The last march of Eastguard, the last stand at Jork, the liberation of slaves, he bore an unyielding heart. Into the empire, our hero ventured. Search for his friend he began. The freedom of hundreds he secured. But fate did not reward him for his effort.

Into the tournament of the gods we come. Into the tournament of gods we find the hero again against the odds.

Here he first fights an Imperial pawn. He yields the first strike and the Imperial ran away. Friend and foe alike he stands tall. Friend and foe alike he is like a wall. Then comes the finals, a fight against an Imperial general. Then comes the fight, he would not yield, he would not falter, he will not fall.
Strike upon strike lands upon the hero. He being alive by a miracle. His loss all but assured. With one last drive. One holding the will of the people. One holding the thin rays of hope. Our hero made one last effort. Our hero had one last plea.”

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The bard pauses to build tension and suspense before striking his instrument to make a thunderous cord.

“Our hero stands true. Our hero came through. Our hero won the tournament, but fate held ill for him in the end. His one wish, his one desire, the return of the people of Eastguard will remain unfulfilled. But he will not stop, he will not yield, not till the liberation of all his people is fulfilled.

So our hero marched on. Through demon and dragon4dragonspecies and man alike. But that tale is for another night.”

The youth and the others cave applause to the bard before people started throwing coins into a bowl in front of the bard.


When did you start writing Karma Streamer?

I started in February of 2018, less than a month later I started releasing chapters.

Why are the chapters so short?

The reason the chapters are so short is that the constraints of my editor MasterOfCoin being unable to edit long chapters is one.

Another is because I did not have it in me to write hundreds of 2k word chapters.

A third reason would be I started writing KS on a whim. I only had up to the tournament of the gods in my head, and a few scattered events after it. Such as Astrid7Astridcharacter’s and KMega6KMegacharacter’s dragon wedding and the ultimate conclusion of the fight between Kieser and KMega.

Plans for a sequel?

Yes, there are plans for 2 sequels. One is a spinoff of the Streamer part of the story. The other is about Kevin (aka KMega) and Astrid after the prologue.

What is next?

My next novel is called Eye of Souls. It is about a gamer that comes to the world of a video game and possesses an amulet that is worn by a shaman dragonoid. The gamer is more of a guide (like a player of a video game) than actual transmigration.

How long have you been writing?

Since about 2007-2008

What’s the work that you find the most enjoyable to write?

Actually, that would be the novel that I had published back in 2012, but due to reasons, I will not talk about it. A few others are ones that I have not yet released or even named, and then there is Karma Streamer, which I used all my experience as a writer with the support of an editor to write.

What’s your writing process?

Have inspiration/idea for an event, write content around that event, build a story around these events. Honestly not a good process, but on occasion, it works.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

How do you come up with your ideas and writing style?

Well, I use to watch a lot of tv/movies and read many books. I would learn of something and try to think of how to use the event I just learned and make it my own. Which goes into my writing process. For example with David the Demon. I had watched an anime where an angel and a demon join an alliance and I thought… Wonder what would happen if they had a baby. And there DtD was born.

Any spoilers for the manga for us?

Sorry, I do not know how to post pictures in chapters.


Again thank you. The readers, the editors and everyone else involved. My next novel ‘Eye of Souls’ will be out on Feburary 5th, and I have plans to release a 30+ chapter epilogue of Karma Streamer around August. Till then, be well Karma Fans.

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Here is a bonus I wrote to commemorate the completion of the main story. In addition, there is a Q&A.

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