Chapter 160- World Chaos

There are three types of players in VR games; the empowered, the casual, and the pro. Empowered are people all about prestige that want to have their names known throughout the world. They are the elite of the elite that aren’t afraid to spend IRL money to get what they want. They are also rather business-like in regards to their gains and losses. Casual gamers make up nearly ninety percent of players. They just play the game to kill time and enjoy themselves. They don’t care about being famous, but they’re happy if it happens. There there’s the pros; complete fools for just a couple of coins. For KMega6KMegacharacter, he is a bit of all three.

Kyl, the King of Ravenroot and the leader of the Crimson Phoenix guild was truly angry as he solo decimated a low-level hunting ground. Not only his companion, but everyone’ in his entire guild, including the shadow members, were gone. All of the countries companions were traced back to a mercenary guild. However, before anything could be done, the gods made them vanish. Everything wouldn’t be so bad if just the companions left, but they took everything they could. Most of the other users used their companions as mobile storage; stashing their wealth and emergency gear on them. While they were offline, they ordered them to craft potions and conduct repairs, so the companions that vanished were very valuable.

A young cat demihuman sat in the corner of an alley with a scared expression on its face. For the first time in a long time, her mind was completely clear. Worst of all, she still remembered all the terrible things that were done to her. How long had she begged to be free? However, right now she didn’t know what to do. She grabbed her head in pain as she remembered what happened. During this time, several men blocked out the light from the end of the alley.

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She couldn’t help but have a fearful expression on her face as she looked at the three demihumans in front of her eyeing her like prey.


After screaming bloody murder, she hid her head under her arms and shook with fear as she repeated,

“Help me, help me, help me, help me….” (Catgirl)

The menacing laughter of the three male demihumans slowly came closer as she repeated herself, almost like a prayer.


The demihuman closest to her grabs her arm and the second one does the same with her other,  lifting her up from the corner she was in. The third one then grabbed her blouse and pulled it down, revealing her small chest. The demihuman that seemed like the leader started kissing and groping her as the other two started working on her lower garments. Just as she was about to lose all hope, the demihuman that was kissing her looked to be forcefully thrown away. The other two sprung into action to protect their leader, but they soon froze in terror after seeing the glare of a dragon4dragonspeciesoid’s bloodshot eyes.

“Help me, help me, help me…” (Catgirl)

The dragonoid placed his hand on the top of her head and gently rubbed her hair as he spoke,

“Take those three and throw them in prison.” (KMega)

After hearing the dragonoid give some guards an order, she felt herself being lifted up and quickly found herself in a princess carry.

“Are you hurt? I will take you to a cleric if need be.” (KMega)

Tears welled up in her eyes as she grabbed his neck and sobbed.

Most of the players on the island were trying to help the confused and afraid former companions, but one shadow guard of the Crimson Phoenix Guild had infiltrated the town to keep tabs on KMega until the recruitment party arrived. He was very surprised when he found KMega holding his guild masters half naked companion in a princess carry. He cool headily recorded him taking her all the way to the church and dropping her off so she can get some help.

The storm that KMega feared was coming faster than he thought.

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